"How To" Training Camp Players Guide: How to sign up for TC Games

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    Hey guys! @Bitetto02 and I are happy to announce the return of Training Camp Games! We think it will be a great opportunity for new faces in the league to showcase their talent and hopefully crack a roster spot!

    Let me give you the rundown of how TC games will work:

    • TC Games will be Sunday and Monday at 7:45est and 8:15est, hosted by @Bitetto02 and myself. These games will be listed with the LGFA games above the shout box as TC Blue vs TC Red.
    • Where do I sign up? Just click on the TC Blue vs TC Red match up, and it will take you to a new page, where you can sign up for either side, and the position you would like to play.
    • The games will appear in with the LGFA nightly games allowing you to have the feel of participating in LGFA events.
    • We will be keeping track of in game stats for those who participate.
    • Your stats from the game will appear under your LGFA tab on your profile. It will be listed as "Training Camp".
    • These stats will allow your management team, or other teams management, to "scout" your performance, and see how active you are.
    • Games will streamed through twitch and archived so managers can watch first hand how well you fit into the team.
    • Only TC players are allowed to sign up for games and you will get first dibs on the position you sign up for
    • If there are open spots we will try to fill them with management so you guys can get to know some of the Vets in the league. This will also allow us to host 11v11 games consistently so you guys get comfortable with 11v11 FIFA.
    • League rules currently enforce a 6'3 max height limit on FIFA 17, and we will also be enforcing this in our TC games.

    Every week @Bitetto02 and I will release our Players Association Scouting Report. We aim to provide an evaluation of players to further help you with your game, as well as to help you gain exposure with every team in the league.

    If you have any remaining questions PLEASE reach out to the PA team. We are here as a resource for all players in the league, and especially our TC player base. We want to see all of you grow and become a strong member of the community. Be it as a player or maybe even management down the line!

    We think this will be a great season and we are looking forward to meeting you new members!
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