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Discussion in 'Leaguegaming Basketball Association (LGBA)' started by Nekski, Nov 27, 2019.

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    Over the past couple days there has been a lot of banning and unbanning and I want to give everyone the information on top of what the action center said.

    What initially started with a ban for a demigod glitch, Cubs, led to two managers of Toronto, Coach and Tom, being banned as well because with the evidence that was at our hands at the time, it appeared that they withheld the information and used it in a malicious manner to blackmail Cubs.

    Upon appeal, it became evident, through more evidence, that more people knew about the glitching and it was further assumed that more people should be banned thus resulting in two more players being banned and a reducing of bans for Tom and Denham. All bans were then 1 season.

    Then even more evidence came forth showing that one of the players that had been banned had sent the information to staff, to which by poor word choice from that staff member, resulted in an assumption that someone was going to file an action center, when nobody actually did. With all this knowledge now then it was determined that no one besides the glitcher deserved to be banned since everyone involved tried to do the right thing and get the information to staff hands. Denham’s ban was then changed to a conduct unbecoming ban for how he went about bringing up this information in managers chat on top of other reports of non-responsible behavior as a manager. That Ban is for one season and comes with a No Management List until it is removed. Cubs has a 2 season ban and No Management List as well. These are the only two people punished in the entire situation.

    Overall the situation was very poorly handled by staff and I. There was a lot of quick to act decisions which in the moment were right but overall need to be slowed down in order to make the right judgment the first time and not have this happen where unnecessary people get banned for mistakes staff makes. I own up to that and will do a better job of conducting myself and staff going forward to ensure we minimize these mistakes.

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