Trouble Getting Signed-up?

Discussion in 'Leaguegaming Basketball Association (LGBA)' started by Nekski, Mar 11, 2019.

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    If you're a new member who is experiencing issues with getting signed up, has a couple features to enhance your experience which can also be seen as hurdles. They are for your benefit though and can't be skipped over.


    Our most common issue vetting. Vetting is required to ensure that members who have been blacklisted can not return to a league before their blacklisting is complete. So they have a few flags that come up and require members to be vetted before joining a league.

    If you are required to be vetted you must contact @LG McDonald via PM on the LeagueGamingwebsite. It's like a 2 minute process but it's required and can not be skipped over.

    Link Gamertag:
    With being associated in the ID@XBOX we are able to utilize many features straight off of this website like xbox messaging, profile pulling, or video clip and screen shot clips. Seeing as how this is a possibility and adds so much to your leaguegaming experience we require all members to have linked their account with their XBOX gamertag.

    If you are having this issue you simply have to go into your profile and link your gamertag. Usually it asks you to this upon signing up but once in a while guys pass over it.

    Shared Xbox Live Gold/Games:
    Xbox allows it's members to "share games/gold." While this is a great feature it causes a problem with guys who require vetting or linking a gamertag to an incorrect account. We will not be able to allow any guys who share games/gold in this fashion to participate in the LGBA. I apologize but it is just too time consuming to get these accounts vetted and linked correctly.

    If you have any questions feel free to message @Nekski or @I--Cross--I .

    Thank You all for participating let's get this season going on a good note,
    LGBA Staff

    If you are flagged for vetting send myself a message and I will get you through the process nekski#1063 (Discord)

    If your account needs to be verified here is the link to do so
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