Update on Josh Gordon's Charity

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    The response to Josh has been simply astounding!

    Yesterday's stream we averaged over 350 viewers, and over 4,000 views! 92% of which came from League Gaming!

    Josh has informed me that his medical bills exceed $4500 and with that I think you guys deserve an update!

    As of right now we have raised almost $700
    I am in the process of getting more streamers aboard for this cause as well. One of my fellow streaming friends who is good at social media, is setting up a facebook page in his honor!

    I have a meeting with the admins of team PPG (Perfected Precision Gaming) which is a stream team I'm in to get more streamers to join the cause.

    I also have 2 more meetings with two different Youtube Podcasts that I have gotten to know over the past couple years (as I used to be a YouTuber myself) to see if i can get on their podcasts and talk about this charity.

    The media team of the CHL is interested in interviewing Josh for a News article that I look forward to seeing.

    The last stream was a smashing success (even Bacon Country made an appearance) but I feel we can do a lot more.

    I'm going to reach out to another one of my longtime friends who not only is related to SSSniperwolf (but we won't use her as Josh hates her) but knows many current and former NFL players and see if he can get some interest as well (no guarantees but if it does happen that means NATIONAL exposure for League Gaming and more importantly Josh Gordon Himself)

    Every stream I do for the next two weeks will be for #TeamJosh

    I thank everyone who has sent their kind words and encouragement, and support to Josh and we will continue to push this.

    LG has proven to be #JoshStrong
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    Hey is there a link that you can give us to just donate direct versus waiting for a stream (sorry if I missed it, catching up on this topic). I'll also put it on the cover of the next Behind the Mask magazine.
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