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    Some of the most common questions staff and I receive on a daily basis are in regards to username changes. With our new stat system, more than ever before has it become EXTREMELY important to have accurate GT's in the user's profile. I am going to address some of these common questions below in a short post as well as touch on most of these updates via a video I put together today!

    Username Changes


    Username changes are ALL address in your profile, under "External Accounts".


    The PSN process is very simple. If you wish to change your Gamertag, click the "Edit PSN GamerTag"

    The system will allow you to change your PSN GT to an active PSN account. It will not allow you to change to any random name.

    The green button will then all you to change your LG Username to match your PSN GT.

    API Stats Support

    The League's new stat system REQUIRES USERS TO HAVE THE CORRECT GAMERTAG IN THEIR PROFILE! Ideally we want and need everyone to have their username's match their current GT to ensure that there are zero issues and disputes in the stats system.

    The new API has been put together to ensure stat verification is 100%, to minimize the site work on managers and to stat tampering is no longer possible.


    Video Review

    If you have any further account related questions please reference out Participation and Quitting Policy, then message @Tris10 @Ozzyng2 and @LG McDonald

    Reference Post, Participation Policy:

    Thanks for reading!

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