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    At this point in the season we are forced to play with the hand we have been dealt. Personally I still believe this will only be a temporary thing as I continue to push for change to EA to make our lives easier. Obviously I understand as well as anyone else the inconvenience it is to run league structured games via EASHL club challenge, but just like we did when we had to endure NHL 15 on the 360, or the Captain lag of NHL 16, we will push on again.

    Let's discuss the logistics and requirements to make this work:
    • Any club name can be used, it isn't part of anything function for the OCR
    • Ideally your club abbreviation is identical to the NHL, AHL, CHL or ECHL team you are representing.
    • If possible(if your club level is high enough) try and utilize the stock jerseys the team you are representing is using. Just makes the streaming aspect way better!
    • The timelines for game start times, forfeits, etc will need to be respect as best as possible. Obviously club challenge offers a different set of challenges that we aren't normally use to. Our rules are based off of a lobby environment, therefore we all have to expect and understand that this isn't exactly an ideal condition to start the season but we will need to make it work.
    • Communication is going to be key. I preach this all the time to everyone. This season will be no different. With us striving for 130 teams for S25, we have the most players signed up to play than ever before. If we work together and respect our deadline and try our best to make due with what the game has to offer we can still maintain the level of competition we love here.
    Frequently Asked Questions!

    #1 Can I use my other GT for League games so I don't have to leave my main club?

    Yes! You can! In order to do so you'll need to disassociate your current Xbox GT, then sign in via our Xbox oauth into your other GT. The issue you will see is if you are gold sharing your other account, you WONT be able to change your LG name to match that GT, due to the fact we always need a gold account to maintain your original account.


    By clicking on your username at the top of the screen, you'll be see the option for "external accounts". Your external accounts is what allows you to link your GT, twitch, twitter, etc.


    Step one would be to disassociate your Xbox account, then link your new GT. The screen to link your new tag is the same as what you would see on Microsoft, due to our Xbox oAuth.

    #2 Is the league aware of the issues with Club Challenge

    Yes, I have done some testing in preseason and have noticed that club challenge can be an issue at times. As stated above, club challenge is our only option at this time. Just like when we dealt with captain delay in NHL 16, until a fix is presented the league will allow two teams to come to terms whereby a game can be rescheduled. Keep in mind this is only for situations whereby club challenge isn't working, Xbox issues are occurring , or the EA servers are down.

    #3 What changes have been made to the stats system for NHL 17!

    If you haven't read this yet, please do so!

    #3 How will the ECU system work?

    The same as it always has, but I think we are going to have play it case by case and realize this may be more time consuming than what we have experienced before.

    #4 Will there actually be any changes made to the game to accommodate us?

    I've personally have had lengthy discussions with EA in regards to features required for LG and leagues like LG that are requirements in order to run a league. Based on some of the EASHL numbers, I personally believe we as a site contribute to a large portion of the 6v6 experience EA is use to. On average, I was told that ~250-300 EASHL games were played a night(on NHL 16). Well if you do the math, last season we had 120 Xbox teams, 72 PSN teams, thereby contributing to 192, 6v6 games a night and that doesn't include Pro Series, FNP or random games organized on the website. Its safe to say at this time, something is on EA's radar, and they have taken my suggestions under review. Unfortunately I have no timelines to go by, but if I am informed of something in the works that can be discussed by all means the community will be notified immediately.

    Any questions, please let me know
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