UTICA S11 WEST/CENTRAL Scouting Discord

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    Hello everyone, I am looking for all the best West and Central talent for our WEST line that I will be building... As any west player knows it feels like butter dangling and skating on that nice 15-20 Ping and all the east guys love trying to play on that 90-110 ping that we are used to having to play on.

    Utica is gonna be a force to play against... our NHL management has 15 Draft picks.. 7 of them in the FIRST ROUD. We will have some Nhl bids sent down to us and already have some really great players still signed to contract and a couple that will be resigned... Most managers don't have this luxury right out of the gate.

    Ontop of the serious advantage that our NHL team will be offering us I also have Jetsrock21 comin in as the AGM... if anyone knows him they know hes the GOAT... I just came off a deep playoff run with the condors... we lost to the almighty Americans in the finals. Congrats to them. Was sweaty as hell.

    So if you want to be a part of a contender and play on some slick 15-20 ping for most of your games join the discord and try out and get scouted. UTICASZN baby

    Please state your timezone and position and youll be given a role after.


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