Media [Video] NHL 20: Creating the Ideal Tuner for Competitive Play (Part 2)

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    Hi there,

    So I've been doing this video thing recently. I suck at it. But I am trying to get better. This video is by no means perfect, but gotta start somewhere.

    This video is part 2 of my "fix NHL early" series. You can find part 1 here:

    This video uses gameplay sliders to change the game in a way that I think that is a good step for both the VS community, but also the 6's community. The biggest problem with NHL's updates is that you never know what actually is changed in terms of numbers. Like in FPS' you can know what is changed by time, DPS or %. With this, it allows us to see that. Here is a list of all the changes made, in case you don't want to watch (please do):
    - Increased Attribute Effects by 10%
    - Increased Game Speed by 33%

    - Increased Skating Acceleration, Puck Carrier Skating & Agility, and Back skating by 10%
    - Increased Skating Agility by 20%

    - Increased all Shooting Power and Accuracy by 10%

    - Increased Pass Assist by 20%
    - Increased Max Pass Speed by 8%
    - Increased Saucer Pass Speed by 10%
    - Decreased Puck Interceptions by 6%
    - Increased Puck Control Rating Effect by 6%

    Puck Control:
    - Added Incidental Contact Immunity of 20/100 (original 0/100)
    - Puck Control increased by 15%
    - Deking Impact Decreased by 25%

    - Hitting Assistance Increased by 18%
    - Stumble Threshold and Fall & Stumble Fall Ease Decreased by 33%
    - Size and Speed Effect Increased by 20%

    Thanks for checking this out! Obviously the quality will improve, so bear with me while I figure out my stuff. Looking to do some more content for the 6's community in the future.

    ESHL Power Rankings Video:
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