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    Warding in Smite is 100% necessary in any competitive game and it is necessary for EVERY role to ward (not just the Jungler and the Support). Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the game and warding gets slack, it's just something you need to do. A tip I learned is even if you already have 2 wards (which, in case you didn't know, is the maximum you can have set per person) on the map, every time you recall, buy what you need and use whatever extra gold you have on wards. And yes, buying wards is more important than having those consumable slots filled with potions. Sentry wards aren't that important early game, except maybe for Gold Fury, but mid-late game when teams start grouping up, invading camps, and challenging Fire Giant more often, you should always buy a sentry when you can.

    Here is a Warding section of a Guide off of SmiteFire (click here to view the full guide). It is simple, down to the point, and should cover any questions you may have about warding.

    ** Note than all image examples are based on being spawned on the Order side. Locations are just reversed if you are spawned on the Chaos side. **

    [​IMG] Ward

    [​IMG] Sentry Ward


      • Wards cost 50 gold, and allows you to see normal enemy movement within 45 units. It respects line of sight and can't see through walls or stealth. Remains for 3 minutes or until destroyed (3 basic attacks). It is invisible to enemies and cannot be targeted unless Sentry Wards are used nearby. Can only carry 2 at one time, and only 2 wards of any kind can be active at one time from any one player.
      • Sentry Wards cost 120 gold, and does all of the things regular wards do, but ALSO allows you to see enemy wards, which allows you to target and destroy them. Can only carry 1 at one time, and only 2 wards of any kind can be active at one time from any one player.
      • When enemies enter the range of a friendly Ward, an audible *ping* can be heard, and a visual effect can be seen on the mini-map.
      • Wards are commonly used in most areas of the jungle, and even in front of enemy towers.
      • Sentry Wards are often used close to the Gold Fury and Fire Giant.

    DUO / SOLO


      • Green: Safe. Gives you a good view of the entrance to your lane to warn you of incoming ganks.
      • Yellow: Provides limited vision, but is a safe area to access, and ganks will often come from here.
      • Orange: A somewhat risky spot. This covers the most common paths through which a gank attempt is made. It can catch Junglers attempting to gank from close to their tower or around the bend closer to the middle.
      • Red: This provides you more vision of the enemy jungle, helping you keep tabs on the enemy Junglerand buff camps, but sacrifices some vision of the entrance to your lane.



      • Green: Safe, and keeps vision of the entrance to your lane so you can see incoming ganks. Also provides vision of most of the mid camp. If the purple location isn't warded, you may consider placing one of your wards here, to help overall vision for the team.
      • Orange: Risky, but allows you to clearly see when the enemy is going for the mid camps. This will help you steal the camp away from them, and still provide you vision of and entrance to your lane.
      • Purple: Extremely useful to ward in front of the enemy tower. This location gives you vision of a 4-way intersection and gives you ideas on overall enemy positioning and strategies. Almost half of all rotations pass through this point, as the two side paths provide the fastest and most convenient way to get to camps and objectives.

        Extra Tip: If they are sitting on the ward in mid, you know where they are. If their icons push further into the lane, you can assume they are pushing. If they go towards the right or left jungles you can make early calls on "Be Carefuls" or "Enemy Incoming" or you can assume they are doing their buff camps. If their icons move backwards towards their tower you can generally assume that they are going to one of the back pathways into the jungle, likely to clear camps. Having this ward in addition to the 2 side wards on those pathways out of the jungle is the best idea.


    This is a little less straightforward. Generally, you just pick up the slack that everyone else hasn't taken care of.

    Try to fill in the spots your teammates are missing. As a Jungler, you cover a lot of the map, so it's rather easy for you to ward the tough-to-access spots. If you ever see some place where you want to have a ward, just go place one the next time you're over there.

    If your teammates aren't warding, you have to prioritize. Keep the main objectives (Mid camps, Gold Fury, and Fire Giant) warded first, and then start doing other spots once you get that under control.


      • Green: Safe, and allows you to see more enemy movement at the cost of less vision of the objective.
      • Yellow: This provides the most vision of the objective. It is generally a good idea to put a Sentry Ward here to allow for counter-warding.
      • Orange: Slightly more risky, and gives more vision of enemy movement at the cost of less vision of the objective.
      • Red: Aggressive warding to watch enemy buff camps. If your team is pushing and winning all lanes, this might allow you to gank or steal a buff.


    As objectives start to crumble, the distance between safe areas becomes further and further away, opening up the game to a lot more random play. Players will be less likely to be found in their starting lanes, and there will be teamfights aplenty. Warding during this time really helps your team coordinate attacks, or retreat in an out-numbered situation.


      • Green: Safe spots. To allow you to push safely, this is the BARE MINIMUM you should have warded late game. If you don't know where the enemy is, don't push, especially not alone. These spots provide a good balance of revealing movement and objectives.
      • Yellow: Aggressive, and very useful. If you have these warded in addition to the greens, you can almost assuredly push lanes safely. Just make sure you have your eye on the minimap.
      • Orange: High Risk, High Reward. If you have these, the enemy can barely leave base without you knowing where they are. This allows you to spot people out of position, and crash down on them for a kill.
      • Red: Objectives. Just a reminder to use a Sentry Ward, especially on the Fire Giant once everyone has a full build.
      • Purple: Separate from others, as this is a key spot both when the Tower is up and when it's down. Great central spot to see enemy movement.
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    thank you for posting this. i hope anyone who reads this gets use out of it. it is frustrating to play a role and for someone to spam me to ward when they dont at all. so if you plan on playing on a team or ranked please take note of this ward guide.
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