Week 1 Overview and Thoughts

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    Every week we are going to do a write-up of the teams and how they have performed so far in the season giving the team grades and picking an MVP for each team.


    In first place are the Phoenix Suns with a 5-1 record. The Suns are managed by @HoodedRonin and @II_Jcross_II. The Suns seem to be a well rounded team leading the league in PPG, FG% (by a slim margin over Philly), and Steals. They are also tied with Portland for the second fewest PPG Allowed with Portland (also behind Philly). Not sure if they are just cherry picking or if they are just elite at taking those turnovers and creating points, but you must give these managers props. They took a uncertain team and shined some light on sleepers. Giving an MVP to this team is difficult as everyone is performing well, but the MVP that I would choose is @coolviper132 as he leads the team in scoring and steals while also having 6 assists per game. Overall I see this team making a good run as long as they stay good with trades, and the availability stays good.

    Grade: A-

    Next we have the Portland Trailblazers who are sitting at 4-2 right behind the Suns. Portland has excellent managers with @JJJACKSON and @thesophist10 These guys know how to build their team. Although in the draft they had a questionable pick with @Navyynick over @Jlm1410 and left me speechless. Although the draft pick has become the better choice as @Navyynick is dominating at the C position, averaging 4PPG with 20.5 RPG and 14 Assists per game which is unbelievable. Portland also has the 3rd leader in PPG with @NEWFIEBOY94 and he seems to be on the receiving end from @Navyynick. There is a clear MVP here and it is @Navyynick. Portland may have had an off week but I think the depth here is what is going to push them great distances, as I think Portland and Phoenix will meet in the Western Conference Finals.

    Grade: B

    In 3rd place in the West we have the Memphis (Vancouver) Grizzlies. This team is run by @XxTHEHITMANHEART and @SeanieMack . The Grizzlies are in 3rd place and are at 2-4, not the strongest start for the team, but with @XxTHEHITMANHEART running the team, the Grizzlies will find their way back to a positive record. This team got lucky when Portland passed on arguably the best PG in the league with @Jlm1410 and he has proven that he is dominant. The team however is 2nd to last in opponents PPG so these boys need to work on their defense. The pairing of @Jlm1410 and @JamesCoyle is magic however as both are averaging 15+ PPG and are doing the best they can with the team around of them. This team may be a sleeper team, and might be a team to not look over in the playoffs. The clear MVP is the 3rd overall pick in @Jlm1410

    Grade: C-

    In last place we have the Oklahoma City Thunder, and they are managed by @Gwanzie and @BarDownBrando . The first thing Id like to say is what happened here? After week 1 the team is at 0-6 and there are a few reasons. The obvious is that the availability is questionable, and it has caused the team to forfeit 3 games. If the team does play, they do have a gem in @young_c24 who is averaging 12PPG and 15 RPG. He has only played 1 game so we will see after this week. The MVP would be their PG in @BrightXI who is averaging 13.5 PPG with 5 Assists per game. I think this team should work their TC's and find a way to incorporate them.

    Grade: D


    In the East we have the Philadelphia 76'ers on top of the division at 5-1. The managers of the team are @Thorpe_Clan and @nickyP1999. The team has excelled in shooting the ball and scoring. The PPG leader of the league is @Thorpe_Clan with 33.5 PPG. Followed by @Twigs 23.5 PPG. This team from the draft looked great and made a few trades to build. The team is beatable as Boston did beat them, but dont get too confident as they know how to play from 1-5. The MVP from this team would be @Karlsson_MVP for averaging 16 PPG along with 12.5 assists. If this team stays consistent they will be a hard team to beat

    Grade: A

    The team in 2nd place in the East is the Boston Celtics, they are managed by @xGianTx and @Mikehockey8771 . This team is currently at 4-2 and they handed the 76er’s their only loss. This team excels on defense and forces turnovers with their lockdowns. @miles144k is currently in 2nd place in PPG throughout the entire league and he is the team's MVP. He is shooting 62% from 3 and is dominating for the team. The key thing with this team is that they either win big or lose big. They are persistent with their lockdowns, and they have the potential to be the top dawg team.

    Grade: B+

    In 3rd place in the East is the Toronto Raptors, this team is currently 3-3 and they are managed by @T_B_61 and @KaneL88I . This team has a few guys that are unknown to LGBA but they are shining. @scholz2k and @Coolboy-1_ are running the team with their 17+ ppg. Coolboy is almost averaging a triple double through 2 games, with 17.5 PPG, 8.5 RPG and 7.0 APG. Those numbers alone are the reasons why I believe he is the MVP of this team. This team is in a hard conference and they should make it in the playoffs. There are some questions about their point guard situation as they sent @ChyzNasty down for @CONCEITED1738 so we will see after this week where they will go.

    Grade: B-

    The team in last place in the east is the Milwaukee Bucks who’s only win came in a forfeit against the Thunder. The managers here are @isHooKon3 and @KillaPL . I'm not sure what is happening here, but there is definitely room for progress. The team is currently needing help with their availability and their defense. Overall this team has little potential and is going to need some help from their Tc’s. Some notable guys to watch for: @Qu4ntum_K1ghT & @DropOff . These guys are going to need to put their team on their backs. The MVP of this team is @DropOff who is averaging 16.3 PPG and 3.5 Assists. This may need a miracle to turn around and start playing, but hey miracles happen..

    Grade: D+

    Good luck everyone see ya next weekend;)
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    Without actually looking at stats...but 16+ ppg and 8+ apg.. against both top teams in the league gets no mention... that's what's wrong with these type of reviews no thought just a quick stat check... doesnt matter they played against good or bad teams.

    That's why your overview is garbage certain teams are only playing good players against top teams mean while their other players are playing hot garbage yet getting mentioned cause they can put up points against what competion is considered less than.rec center
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