Week 1 Teams of the Week

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    Week 1 East & West teams of the week.

    The main things I took into account were record (wins are more important than stats) 3 games played minimum and when people were close I looked at some of the teams people played against


    PG: Kingdeydey_ 3-0 Put up 36.3ppg and 9ast and 1.7stl, if you want to complain about something you’d basically only be able to talk about his shooting % that was 59% so it wasn’t bad but it’s the one thing that sticks out that he could improve.

    Honorable mention: DotNastyQ 2-2 man was balling, only reason I went with deydey over him was the W-L record.

    SG: CallMeFac 2-1 Was on the same line as DotNastyQ and put up 24.3ppg shooting 61% and a even better 62.2% from 3.

    Honorable mention: coreypotter 2-2 did a little bit of everything 12ppg almost 3ast and a little over 2stl per game and shot great from the field 72.4%

    SF: MiLLerTiMe1834 2-2 18.3ppg 2.3stl shot 62% from the field but definitely has to work on his 3ball %

    PF: Walt_Blessed4eva 3-0 9.3ppg 2reb 2ast 2.3stl ONLY 1 TO and shot 72.7% from 3 those are fantastic numbers out of a guy that isn’t a PG or C.

    C: Slym1212 3-1 14.3ppg 14reb 3.5ast 67.6 FG% solid week and was in all of the Heats wins week 1.

    Honorable mentions: BIGMIKECLICKBOOM and ComeCheckMe- both had great weeks as well keep up the good work big fellas


    PG: Mynameisnaj 4-0 Lead the Kings (6-0) with 40.8ppg 9ast 1.8stl he was on fire this week helping his team get off to the best start in the league

    Honorable mention: THEKIDDKEL 4-0 33.3ppg 10.5ast 2.3stl if not for Naj going crazy Kel would have been my pick leading the Wolves offence and team 5-1 to a good start on the season.

    SG: I-Thorpe-I 4-0 23.8ppg 8ast another key part in the Kings starting 6-0 great week for another one of the high priced guys from bidding.

    Honorable mention: Juniormontana304 2-1 had a solid week for the Blazers (4-2) 17pph 3ast 4stl good start to the season for montana and the Blazers

    SF: ONeill_5 4-0 14.3ppg 1.3reb 3ast 4.5stl and 84.4% from the field. He played like he was worth that huge salary he got and was the main key in a solid start on the defense end for the Wolves.

    Honorable mention: Furix24 2-1 had a bad first game of the season and then finished the week real strong including a demolishing of the hawks 22.7ppg 2.3reb 2.3ast 5stl. He’s only here because Oniell was 4-0 and if you take away the game against the struggling Hawks his week just wasn’t as good.

    PF: Parklock_ 4-0 15ppg 3.3reb 2.3ast 2.5stl 1blk 72.2% from 3 he did a little bit of everything for the Kings from that PF position.

    Honorable mention: MikeyThomas17 3-1 on the week but 3-0 at the PF position putting up some solid stats for the 5-1 Rockets 8ppg 8.5reb 2.8ast 2.8blks. Also thrown in RR_smooveJ 3-1 he had a good week for lakers.

    C: This one here was the hardest of all to pick, there was some dominant weeks by starting C’s in the west. After looking closely at stats and opponents I went with myself barely over Twitch-Dirk5. MpLs Anderson 4-0 19ppg 12reb 5.5ast 2.5stl 1.3blks 80% from the field. But honestly this is a toss up really with all these guys Twitch-Dirk5 4-0, DEMBURGHBOYZ412 3-1, Mac2135 3-1, BR_Skully 4-0 and Jlott612 2-1.
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    WOW you spelled my name horribly wrong
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    This needs to be addressed ASAP.
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    idk what numbers you looking at but JJ Cortez is clearly the best player in this league, and he showed it this week.
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