Week 2 Power Rankings

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    1- :team97: (11-1) After a 6-0 week 1 the Knicks followed with a 5-1 week 2 with a win over Kings last Wednesday who were the only other unbeaten team after week 1. Will see if they can keep rolling especially on the defensive end where they lead the league in fewest points against per game heading into week 3 when they will have a little tougher schedule depending on match-ups. Players to watch @Browness- @ONeill_5 @MpLs Anderson
    2- :team102: (10-2) Just like the Kicks they went 6-0 week 1, week 2 they stumbled a little bit but still had a good week going 4-2 only losing to the Knicks and Heat. Just like the Knicks they have to tougher schedule week 3 than the first two weeks, but if they keep playing how they have been I can easily see another good week ahead for the Kings especially with how well the scoring is spread out throughout there roster. Players to watch @NEWFIEBOY94 @nickyP1999 @xGianTx
    3- :team85: (8-4) The thing I'd say about the Pistons is consistency, they have gone 4-2 each week so far to start the season if they keep that up they will continue to stay ear the top of the East and easily make the playoffs. One of the things really helping them is they have the 3rd best offense currently. Players to watch @WetLikeKyleLowry @Simplyfaded34 @Splash-Its-Cash
    4- :team93: (7-5) The Bucks had a solid week 2 going 4-2 lead by @StayFarAway_ATR how put up some great offensive numbers last week. If they keep playing like this and can find a way to get a few wins from teams above them in the power rankings who 3 of there 5 loses are from they should be able to stay in the top 3 of the East. Players to watch @StayFarAway_ATR @F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT @Da24Truth
    5- :team81: (6-6) The Bulls are a team I've can say have let me down a little bit with back to back 3-3 weeks, there top line is good and can beat just about anyone, so its going to come down to can they put together a 2nd line via trade or TC guys that can help the first line get some wins. In a current Eastern confrence that seems very competitive they're going to have to do something to make sure they get into the playoffs. Players to watch @HoodieMerc @coolviper__ @Rifleman_Shots
    6- :team90: (6-6) The Lakers went 4-2 week 2 and are currently tied with the Blazers in the West with matching 6-6 records. I put them above the Blazers due to the fact they have been a little more consistant and they won the only head to head meeting so far this season. Looking at there week 3 schedule it could be a rough week for them depeinding on lineups or it could be a week they prove to the league they;re for real. Players to watch @Jay_412 @MintOverMango @Kingjeeze412
    7- :team101: (6-6) The Blazers were the only team in the league besides the Knicks to go 5-1 in week 2, if they can keep that up they will fly up the power rankings but more importantly the standings in the West. I'm assuming they might have found out some lineups that work unlike week 1 when they went 1-5, so lets see what team shows up week 3 if its the week 2 version the Blazers will be looking good, if its the week 1 version they could be in trouble. Players to watch @Rifleman_Chizz @Black_Mamba_5xs @Kingdeydey_
    8- :team87: (5-7) Rockets went 2-4 week 2 after a bunch of trades after week 1. On paper they have some solid players so maybe if they stop making all kinds of trades every week they will be able to find some chemistry and string together a couple good weeks and get back into the playoff picture. Players to watch @TTV-Thorpe7 @I--Cross--I @Thatsonnip
    9- :team92: (5-7) The Heat had a really rough week 2 going 1-5 with that one coming against the Kings which would make you think they could have some potential here but they're going to have to figure something out quick before they're at the bottom of the East. Players to watch @BIGMIKECLICKBOOM @DannyBoyCEO
    10- :team107: (4-8) Had a better week 2 going 3-3 compared to week 1 where they went 1-5. Had a couple nice wins over the Bucks and Lakers this week. They're going to need to keep the week 2 momentum going if they want to find themselves battling for a playoff spot in a tough Eastern conference. Players to watch @ckkg and @shervinz
    11- :team96: (2-10) Choosing between the Pelicans and Warriors for the last 2 spots was pretty easy since both only have 2 wins on the season so far. I gave the Pelicans a little better rating since they actually played the game in both of there wins. Still they need to figure something out soon before there season is a complete loss.
    12- :team86: (2-10) With only 2 wins on the season and one coming via a forfeit it was pretty easy to put these guys last, obviously something needs to be done roster wise in hopes of saving there season. Which can be done in a weak western conference but they better figure it out quick.

    I was bored at work so put this together real quick to try and get some activity in the forums, these are my opinions if you like them cool if not go complain to @CC13 he needs someone to talk to!!!
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