Week 5 Player Power Rankings

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    Player Power Rankings Week 5

    With some bans and a lot of player movement the landscape of the league has changed drastically in this past week. Here's a look at where everyone stacked up this week


    1. OG Grandpapa (4-0) OG came out of this week trying to get a monkey off his back finally going 4-0 after a buzzer beater against the blazer shut that door last week. He came out strong dropping 42 in a slugfest against Tom and continued his dominance throughout the week averaging just over 33 PPG this week.

    2. Im Tom (1-2) Tom had another stellar week this week although his record slipped a little this week he was excellent in every game. Needing ECUs against the Thunder and losing by 1 is tough but you can’t blame Tom after he dropped 27points and 11 assists. Then a tough matchups against the Nuggets that ended in a last second buzzer beater. It’s worth noting Tom was suspended for 1 game this week which held him from the opportunity to finish the week with an even record.

    3. XXshock242XX (4-0) Big week for Shock and the Bucks with him going 4-0 and knocking off an impressive Timberwolves team as well as conference rival Knicks and Sixers. Averaging nearly 20 ppg and 10 assists Shock was a big part of their success and is really making the Bucks look like a dangerous matchup come playoffs.

    4. VenomOnFire (1-1) Venom was the victim of circumstance this week. Having a FF against the raps didn’t help his record and he lost a close one to end the week against potential 1st round matchup Philly. He had a bit of a down week this week from what we’ve become accustom to from Venom but with the season winding up and the 1st seed in the east on the line look for him to turn it on week 6 and carry the momentum through.

    5. XRickoshay (3-0) XRickoshay has been helping lead the charge from the boys in Minnesota who have been one of the hottest teams in the league the 2nd half of the season. He knocked out the Kings twice this week which made the race in the west a whole lot tighter. The once unimaginable look for the Wolves to push for that top spot next week.


    1. BoolyOnFire (2-1) One of the biggest trapes of the season. Everyone knew where Booly signed up to play and he found his was there and has showed out in his 1st active week in LGBA averaging 24.6 ppg. Is he the secondary scoring threat the Nets need in games where Roitman or Venom are cold? It sure looks that way.

    2. EastxCoastxGoat (3-1) East keeps climbing up this ladder and is looking more and more like one of the biggest steals in bidding. He won a few HUGE matchups with playoff implications against the Knicks and Sixers this week. Although he dropped one against the Kings he finished off the week strong with a smackdown of the the Wolves.

    3. Pr0fit3 (3-1) Before all the talking heads jump on me for putting profit at SG as opposed to PF (he split the games at each position) he has played SG for EVERY OTHER GAME this season and has been killing it. With the East being so tight picking up wins against the Knicks and Nets were HUGE and although dropping the game against the Bucks isn’t ideal you can’t deny what he did the rest of the week.

    4/5. Witman x 19/Flems 606 (2-2 and 2-0) Ok I cheated here a little bit but I couldn’t decide on just one ahead of the other. Both players have had to take on larger rolls with their teams over the great purge of week 4 and both have responded positively. Helping their teams not only on the court by putting up points in crucial games but also in newly found leadership roles. Welcome to the managers chat fellas. (TBH I wrote this before I moved Squid to SF and had them at 5/6 and was too lazy to rewrite it)


    1. Im Just A Squid (3-1) Squid has been killing it on and off the court this week. Leading is team to having a 2 game lead in the playoff seeding for the eastern conference and beating potential 1st round opponent Brooklyn. There’s never been a question about Squids skill, instead its if his loyalty to his boys would be his downfall as its been in seasons past and with everyone clicking on all cylinders the Sixers look to be one of the more dangerous lower seeds in the East.

    2. Raynor (4-0) Raynor has been itching to get an opportunity after a tumultuous season after becoming a back to back champion here in the LGBA. He’s found himself a new home in Denver and is looking to make the most of it. He got his feet under him against the Bulls and then went red hot taking on Tom and the Raps in a slugfest and having 7 and 5 steals against potential first round matchup Lakers and Rockets. We all know Raynor plays his best basketball when the stakes are highest and the Nuggets are hoping that continues to be true moving forward. (Sorry Raynor, you're first in my heart)

    3. A Sniper (3-0) Sniper drops a spot although he has very similar numbers to Raynor throughout the week having to FF a game and not having an opportunity to go 4-0 drops him for me. That’s not a slight on Sniper but just a showing to how close these 2 were this week. He has been red hot this season and continued it with 2 wins against conference leading kings (averaging 29 PPG those games) which may have caused some of the drama in Sacremento.

    4. Easy Macaroni (2-2) Mac has split his games this week between SF and PF and overall has played more at SF so I’m going to keep him here. Mac is the definition of efficiency this week only missing 9 shots this whole week in 4 games while averaging just under 20 ppg. He is also tasked with locking down the opposing teams PG as the other 2 names on this list are and has been one of the best on ball defenders in the league.

    5. Dushi (1-2) I don’t typically like to put players on this list that go under .500 on the week but Dushi continued his breakout season averaging 20.3 ppg this week and chipping in on defense adding 3.3 SPG. He’s found a new home on the Raptors this trade deadline and now has his eyes set on a championship run.


    1. ll Bandana ll (4-0) Bandana comes out with his second undefeated week of the season. He shot a good percentage this week shooting 64% and helping the Nuggets win a big game against the Raps. He also had a big 21 point game with the Nuggets 2nd unit helping them beat a Knicks team that is fighting for their playoff lifes. His scoring numbers don’t jump off the page but really none of the PF really do and winning is one of the most valuable things you can do as a 4.

    2. EverythingIsNike (1-3) As I mentioned earlier I don’t like putting people under .500 on this list (which is why Nike is below Bands) but his stat line is untouched by the rest of the PF in the league averaging 14.5 PPG and 7 APG as well as 2.25 SPG. If he would have been able to steal one of his 3 losses he would have been the sure fire #1 player but I couldn’t look past him at #2

    3. Beta Evolution (2-1) Beta “OnFire” Evolution continues to be a staple on the Nets. There has been lots of similar priced OnFire clanmates shopped around the league this deadline but the Nets seem to really like what Beta brings to the court and its tough to blame them. Chipping in on offense when needed and getting a share in defensive stops (2SPG this week) Beta is looking forward to going to war with his teammates for the top spot in the East the rest of the way.

    4. Third I Opened (3-1) The 2nd Nugget to hit this list. Again all the PF’s have very similar scoring numbers so winning and defense really hold more value in this category than other positions. He did average 8.25 PPG and chipped in on defense adding 1.75 SPG.

    5. Longshot906 (2-2) The Sixers starting PF has seemed to have a tough time beating teams ahead of them in the standings but continues to beat the teams he needs to. They will be looking for big things for him heading into week 6. He shot 67% from 3 this week which is what the sixers need out of him on offense but on defense the team needs him to get stops. They are 7-1 in games he records 1 steal or more and 3-6 in games he fails to record one.


    1. Texans80MVP (3-1) Huge week for the Bucks lead by their owner. He has really come into his own as a top flight C in this league. A force in the paint and able to help his team get stops he is going to be an issue with a quiet Bucks team sure to be a tough matchup come playoff time.

    2. Its Froggy (2-1) One of, if not the best shooting C in the league Froggy can splash. He took advantage of the Nuggets gameplan of making literally anyone else besides Tom score and chipped in on the boards averaging 8RPG. The question about Froggy seems to be availability as he has only been able to play 4 games in a week twice this season, this may be because of FF but without being in the lockerroom its tough to know.

    3. Extreme888 (2-1) One of the most dominate rebounding C in the league. Extreme EATS down low. Him and Sniper seem to be a dynamic force on the fast break and will make teams who get caught sleeping pay. They’ve been in a few tight games against top lines that they’ve came out of on top and have seemed to eat up 2nd lines all season. His domination against perennial #1 C all season SpotJr (outboarding a traditional C by 10!) and holding him to 3-10 shooting is a real notch in Extreme’s belt this season.

    4. NikeOnFire (2-1) Nike continues to be a menace in the paint averaging 14.3 RPG this week as well as chipping in with a ton of stops. Nike knows his role and it is to eat boards and make life hell for other teams in the paint. He smashed former All-LGBA C Minichud Mason this week but also lost to potential 1st round matchup Sixers by 2. Im personally cheering for a Sixers/Nets first round matchup because I think the gameplay AND trash talking will be both most watch entertainment.

    5. Schizostone (4-0) Another Nugget on this list going 4-0 last week. 3 big wins against the Raptors and potential 1st round matchups Lakers and Rockets help the Nuggets battle back against the Kings for top spot in the West. Averaging nearly 2 BPG and 1.25 SPG as a non-traditional big are impressive and although his rebound numbers aren’t as impressive as some other bigs its worth noting that the Nuggets were only outrebound once this week against the Lakers who ran an oversized lineup.

    MVP Race:

    1. OG Grandpapa

    2. Im Tom

    3. Im Just A Squid

    4. VenomOnFire

    5. A Sniper 13
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