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    Not a ton to pass on this week.

    Clarification On Waivers

    Waivers is by far the most complex system we have in place. So complex that sometimes our programming can't completely support what the rules say. That is why it is very important for each and every manager to understand the rules prior to doing anything waiver related.

    Just because the system lets you do it, doesn't mean its a legal, legit move.

    #1 We don't correct waiver mistakes. The system is EXTREMELY clear and shows you the player selected prior to waiving that player. We want you to take your time and ensure each transaction you make is the correct one. There is no real excuse for a waiver mistake.

    #2 You can't claim your own player! The rules make it VERY VERY clear that you cannot claim a player you just waived. Once you real a player to waivers you are waiving your right to that player for 24 hours until the player clears or ends up being claimed by a new team, whereby you do not have rights to that player.

    Those are the two MAIN points I want to get across! Be sure to read the rules and be aware of how the system works. We are only weeks away from our "Conditional Waiver" period whereby you are ONLY eligible to send a player down / claim a player based on conditions outlined in Article Three.

    Reference Article Three for all info on Waivers!

    Maintaining Your LG Account and You as a Manager!


    I assume all of you got my PM plus say the Alert sent out yesterday in regards to second accounts, changing username ETC.

    Just so everyone is kept in the loop, LG has contacted PSN several times to try and setup an API for account verification. We have that ability for our Xbox League and wish to do the same for the PSN. I have tried many different avenues, tris has as well. If anyone of you have ties or contact with Sony by all means, please let us know!!!

    What I need from you guys is to be messengers for the League. I am pushing out a ton of valuable info, and I do require you all to ensure your players are informed of this valuable info! Take the time to read what I posted and help your players as best as you can when they have questions.

    That is it for this week, if you have questions let us know! If there is a topic you feel needs some league wide clarification by all means let me know!!!
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