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    Welcome to League Gaming FIFA Association (LGFA). Below are a few tips for you to not only enjoy your experience here on LG, but ensure you're understanding on how the league is operated.


    Become familiar with the rules of the league and the webpage. Learn your rights as players to improve your experience. This is something that will ensure you enjoy your time on LG and understand your rights as a player.


    How do i get on a team?

    You can help improve your chances to get on a team by using some of these tips:

    1. The shout box is a very useful resource for putting your name out there. Feel free to type in the shout box and engage with the community.


    2. Under LG Pick-Up Games Sign up for the position you want.

    3. Forums are an alternative way to get yourself noticed in the LGFA. You can utitlize this to make a post about yourself or comment on a team's scouting thread. Staff and Owner applications are available during the off-season here, too.


    What if i don't get on a team?

    No worries, you will be randomly assigned to a team Training Camp.

    Below is an example of what a chat box would look like when you're assigned or picked up by a team. Feel free to contact your management or utilize the Groups tab to talk with your team.

    If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact any staff listed on the staff list link below:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.