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    Hello everyone,

    FNM is a weekly YMCA style tournament we have here in the LGBA that everyone who signs up is placed in a player pool and drafted by owners on Saturdays @ 8pm Est.

    The owner then chooses his starting 5 and they go head to head with other teams in a single knockout Pro-Am tournament based upon a randomized bracket. The winning team will come away with a nice shiny trophy in their virtual trophy case as well as bragging rights for the week.

    I encourage everyone who is interested to sign up as EARLY as possible so we can select an appropriate amount of owners. These games are a ton of fun and an awesome way to spend a boring Saturday night at home playing organized basketball.

    If you have any questions please feel free to PM myself (@Schizostone), @Nekski, @CKxWhalefan26 or @Sportfreak114 and I hope to see you all on the court!
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