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Mid-season Review of WHL Central

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    WHL Central Quarter 2 Report - Mid-season Review of WHL Central.


    WHL Central Division Team Report
    Quarter 2 Report

    It feels weird knowing that half the season is in the books, but it’s true fellow LGCHL PSN players…4 weeks have come and gone. Now is the time for teams to fix their mid-season rosters and make those final adjustments to get themselves into that playoff spot. We will waste no more time as Quarter 2 Report is ready to go below!

    *** All ratings are similar to Quarter 1 report, just with less explanations! ***

    RANKINGS: Rankings will be based on a scale of 1-6 since there are 6 teams with 1 being the highest and 6 being the lowest. There will be 5 categories to determine the final tally with those categories listed below:

    1. Standings
    2. Team Stats
    3. Player Stats
    4. Quarter Report Improvement (none for Q1)
    5. Overall Team Organization / Management.

    So, let’s begin with category number one – Standings after Quarter 2.


    Looking at Q2 standings, three teams have pulled away from the rest of the division and look to be locks after week 4 for playoffs, and more importantly, to be the three top teams at the end of the season. Kootenay Ice is stuck in the middle, trying to battle for the last position for playoffs while two teams, Red Deer and Edmonton, are trending out of the playoffs with little hopes of making playoffs.

    With that being said, the following is the rankings via the standings (1-6 automatically get 1-6 ranking) – no changes happened from Q2 to Q1 comparisons after 18 and 36 games respectively.

    1 – Medicine Hat Tigers (51: +27 from Q1)
    2 – Calgary Hitmen (47: +26)
    3 – Lethbridge Hurricanes (45: +24)
    4 – Kootenay Ice (33: +19)
    5 – Red Deer Rebels (25: +12)
    6 – Edmonton Oil Kings (22: +10)

    Next up is the rankings for team stats in the WHL Central Division.


    The above picture shows the team stats for the WHL, but we will focus on the Central Division only. The Team stats ranking will be based upon the average finish amongst the teams in the Central Division – whoever has the lowest of all the categories will be ranked 1st and so on. Below are such results.

    1 – Medicine Hat Tigers (2.33: +1.00 from Q1)
    2 – Calgary Hitmen (2.56: -0.12)
    3 – Lethbridge Hurricanes (2.67: +0.11)
    4 – Red Deer Rebels (4.22: -0.66)
    5 – Kootenay Ice (4.44: 0)
    6 – Edmonton Oil Kings (4.78: -0.22)

    The next category to rank is the player stats which will be based upon the stats of the forwards, defense, and goalie in specific categories. This will also be included in the results after the rankings when we complete the team-by-team report. Here are the results comparing the teams together.

    1 – Medicine Hat Tigers (+2 from Q1)
    2 – Calgary Hitmen (-1)
    3 – Lethbridge Hurricanes (-1)
    4 – Kootenay Ice (+2)
    5 – Red Deer Rebels (-1)
    6 – Edmonton Oil Kings (-1)

    *** Top players will be featured during this week’s podcast posted on Sunday. ***

    The next category to rank is the Quarter Report Improvement where we compare the results of Quarter 1 to Quarter 2. The rank is based upon teams who made the best improvement in the rankings from Q1 to Q2 and ranks those teams, which is included into the ranking of Q2. (ALL other categories are included in these changes, so management is also included).

    1 – Medicine Hat Tigers – improved in three categories and +27 points
    2 – Kootenay Ice – improved in one category and +19 points
    3 – Lethbridge Hurricanes – went positive in one, negative in two categories and +24 points
    4 – Calgary Hitmen – went negative in two categories and +26 points
    5 – Red Deer Rebels – went negative in two categories and only +12 points
    6 – Edmonton Oil Kings – went negative in two categories and only +10 points

    Finally, the last category, overall team organization and management of the team.
    This will include the overall LG ratings of the culture of the team in general.

    1 – Medicine Hat Tigers (+1)
    2 – Lethbridge Hurricanes (-1)
    3 – Calgary Hitmen (0)
    4 – Kootenay Ice (0)
    5 – Red Deer Rebels (0)
    6 – Edmonton Oil Kings (0)

    So that’s the general wrap-up for the WHL Central Division. Oh wait…I’m almost forgot – everyone is waiting for the Power Ranking results based upon the above categories. Well, here are the results!

    1. Medicine Hat Tigers (1.00: +1.25 from Q1)
    2. Lethbridge Hurricanes (2.60: -0.85)
    3. Calgary Hitmen (2.80: -0.80)
    4. Kootenay Ice (3.80: +.0.95)
    5. Red Deer Rebels (4.80: -0.30)
    6. Edmonton Oil Kings (6.00: -0.25)

    When compared to the standings as of right now, we see that there is a difference between the standings and the Power Rankings index created by the WHL Central Division – the number at the end is showing the +/- versus the standings (number is in favor of the standings results).

    1 vs. 1 Medicine Hat Tigers (0)
    3 vs. 2 Lethbridge Hurricanes (-1)
    2 vs. 3 Calgary Hitmen (+1)
    4 vs. 4 Kootenay Ice (0)
    5 vs. 5 Red Deer Rebels (0)
    6 vs. 6 Edmonton Oil Kings (0)

    Finally, as a little added bonus, we will give our favorites in the WHL Central Division after Quarter 2 to make the playoffs and possibly make some damage beyond the first round. Below is a little write up about playoffs and general picture in the Central.

    Based upon the rankings that we have made, our predictions show (if nothing changes dramatically, but its very young into the season…) that the WHL Central can be broken into four sections or classifications towards the playoff race.

    Locked: These team(s) are in top three of the division and have played consistent hockey for the entire week / quarter.

    Lethbridge Hurricanes
    Calgary Hitmen
    Medicine Hat Tigers​

    Should be in: These team(s) are in the top three of the division and have separated themselves from the rest of the division, but still have some ground to make up with the locked teams.


    Work to do: These team(s) are in need of change to make it to the playoffs, whether it be chemistry, line play, or simple roster moves, this classification is on the outside looking to move forward.

    Kootenay Ice​

    Trending out: The team(s) are trending the wrong way and progressively distanced themselves from the rest of the pack…in the wrong direction. Expect a bunch of changes to be made during the week.

    Red Deer Rebels
    Edmonton Oil Kings​

    That’s it for us and the CHL WHL Central Division Media Team! Check in later this weekend for our weekly podcast as well as our hopeful top plays of the week – WE NEED CLIPS!!!

    Finally, we will conduct this quarter report like stated above every two weeks, so check back in for the Quarter 3 report in two weeks! Have a great 5th and 6th week in the CHL!

    “And as always, keep your stick on the ice!”

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