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Back from last season, with more content!

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    Wingels' Top 3 Prospects from EVERY CHL team + Prospect Rankings - Back from last season, but with much more!.


    Welcome to my Season 32 Draft Rankings. I did this last season to some high praise, so I’m excited to share this with you again. Last season I did my rankings, which was about 8500 words, in about 20 hours over the span of 2 days. This season, I’m looking to go more in depth and see more what goes into a prospect, along with statistics of course. I tried to watch VODs on as many players as possible. It’s hard with streams not connected and things not working, but I tried my best.

    Some things I am looking for:

    Thumbs! Thumbs aren’t as big of a deal as you may think, but having good skill can elevate a prospect to new heights, along with other factors on this list. In my opinion, the CHL is a lot more skilled than people give it credit for, it’s just that the upper leagues have much more of the other factors on this list.

    Hockey IQ. People may interpret this in many ways, but understanding where to be in certain situations and reading the play develop is something that you can’t always teach. Someone may have good thumbs, but unless you know where to position yourself to score/make the good play, points are going to be scarce in the upper leagues.

    As well, I have included a top 75 forwards, top 50 defenseman and top 20 goaltenders, based off my ELO Rating formulas, which went a bit of an overhaul since my last post.. Hope you enjoy! May of missed some things, and my top 3 prospects might not be the same positioning as my ELO ratings, so don’t take it to heart!

    Brandon Wheat Kings:
    lM TILTED 24 7 (D) 72.7 win%, 2-7-9 in 11, 25 SF, 3.27 GF/GM, 1.55 GA/GM

    While a small sample size, Tiilted shows good offensive capabilities, with a quick first pass and a good goal differential.

    Moe Cheeks 69 (D) 54.17 win%, 2-14-16 in 24, 25.4 SF, 2.63 GF/GM. 2.33 GA/GM

    Decent stats all around, has tendencies to chase the puck

    Hart x l79l (G) 18-15-2, 2.49 GAA, 83.8 SV%

    Calgary Hitmen
    Burnth3w0rld (F) 43.8 win%, 23-22-45 in 24, 61.6 SF, 3.04 GF/GM, 3.25 GA/GM

    I was surprised when Burn wasn’t drafted last season, but this season was a disaster for him. Burn has solid offensive capabilities, and can score, just had a rough year

    Vanny8891 (F) 36.4 win%, 18-32-50 in 22, 82 SF, 2.77 GF/GM, 4 GA/GM

    Exploded early on in the season, but slowed down a bit down the stretch. Very crash and bang player.

    TWINKYS FAN (D) 40.0 win%, 3-13-16 in 15, 30.2 SF, 3.53 GF/GM, 3.26 GA/GM

    A point a game is solid as a dman, had a positive goal differential on a poor team

    Edmonton Oil Kings
    BloodyRez (D) 73.7 win%, 1-13-14 in 19, 23.7 SF, 3.11 GF/GM, 1.95 GA/GM

    Very solid positionally, stays patient and doesn’t run around for hits. Struggles a bit moving the puck, and isn’t an offensive dynamo.

    Frag x Smab (F) 71.4 win%, 21-19-40 in 14, 78.4 SF, 3.64 GF/GM, 2.71 GA/GM

    The Frag Brothers live up to the QC stereotype of having good thumbs and love the skilled plays, not alot more to go off of unfortunately.

    Frag x Bouch (F) 87.5 win%, 8-4-12 in 4, 66.7 SF, 4.5 GF/GM, 2.5 GA/GM

    Everett Silvertips
    Murphy l35l (F) 63.0 win%, 20-21-41 in 23, 70.7 SF, 2.52 GF/GM, 2.74 GA/GM

    A bright spot on multiple bad teams, managed a solid season will a good winrate and good scoring factor.

    SeanBoswell97 (F) 64.3 win%, 5-9-14 in 7, 63.6 SF, 3.14 GF/GM, 3 GA/GM

    Above average win rate on a poor team. Decent production

    FerranteCesare2 (D) 60.4 win%, 6-21-27 in 24, 42.9 SF, 2.63 GF/GM, 3.29 GA/GM

    Ferrante is one of those sleepers that you wouldn’t expect on a team like the Silvertips, but I think he plays very solidly. His stats indicate that the offense runs through him, and it shows in his play. He isn’t extremely flashy with his thumbs, but is very patient with the puck, and has good vision and decision making. Sometimes needs to be more selfish and create more, especially with his lack of support. Found much better success in the WJC, going +13 and 3 pts per game as a dman. Won’t be a top pick, but could be a good value pick for any team.

    Kamloops Blazers
    PODube (F) 85.42 win%, 21-49-71 in 24, 77.2 SF, 3.83 GF/GM, 2.25 GA/GM

    PODube is a tough prospect to judge. For one, he has a very high point total, and a very solid winrate, making him no question to be a top prospect in this upcoming draft. When looking at his play, there isn’t a whole lot of dominance in his game. It’s more based off of plays and chemistry between him and his centreman. Alot of games his team isn’t dominating in terms of TOA or shots, and he gives the puck away too much at times. Could be a good AHL player when paired with players of his style, but could also struggle against high possession, trap style teams.

    Zee6o (D) 82.61 wiN%, 1-13-14 in 23, 20.6 SF, 2.95 GF/GM, 1.91 GA/GM

    Has a good win%, with solid goal differential. Tends to react rather than anticipate at times, and puts himself out of position at times.

    BossKatiebug416(D) 62.5 win%, 2-15-17 in 24, 23.3 SF, 3.04 GF/GM, 2.58 GA/GM

    Good stats in all categories, decent puck mover.

    Kelowna Rockets
    FreshMatic93 (F) 85.0 win%, 18-34-52 in 20, 64.2 SF, 4.05 GF/GM, 2.2 GA/GM

    Fresh is a solid utility player offensively. He is able to create his own space, while also being able to play the crash and bang game. Has solid thumbs and will play the cycle game when need be, Sometimes needs to take his ice and create more space for himself/his teammates.

    Its Tacky (F) 84.62 win%, 18-21-39 in 13, 75 SF, 4.0 GF/GM, 2.54 GA/GM

    Tacky is much like his linemate, in that he can create offense on his own, while also play the crash the net style. Has tendencies to lock himself into plays with the right stick.

    Rovert78 (G) 22-12-5, 2.25 GAA, 83.6 SV%

    Solid stats for a goalie, utilizes RVH and hug post well to cover the net effectively.

    Kootenay Ice
    KXL2 (F) 60.42 win%, 23-29-52 in 24, 62.7 SF, 3.46 GF/GM, 2.88 GA/GM

    Sometimes plays like a winger, sometimes like a centre. Not a fan of through the seam plays to get behind defense. Not a very flashy player, but has a nose for the net and will look for those gritty goals.

    ChiefAuggy (D) 60.87 win%, 2-8-10 in 23, 19.6 SF, 3.35 GF/GM, 2.35 GA/GM

    Decent stats for a dman, not a huge point contributor however.

    Nelson Yankee88 (G) 2-4-0 1.83 GAA, 85.6 SV%

    Small sample size, good stats in losing causes however.

    Lethbridge Hurricanes
    Grxffon (F) 45.83 win%, 26-22-48 in 24, 84.2 SF, 2.38 GF/GM, 3.25 GA/GM

    Grxffon may be on a poor team, but could be a good value pick. Has quick thumbs when need be, but will also create offense on his own and take the shot when he thinks it’s right. Great SF means that the offense runs through him, and given some better teammates, could be a solid player come S33.

    Laine IB (F) 54.55 win%, 18-27-45 in 22, 70.3 SF, 2.91 GF/GM, 2.82 GA/GM

    Decent all around, needs to be more self sufficient with his thumbs.

    Rage Rox (D) 60.42 win%, 5-10-15 in 24, 27.3 SF, 2.29 GF/GM, 2.5 GA/GM

    Gets the job done when moving the puck, but not an elite puck mover. Solid positionally, but will sometimes step and put his team in a poor spot. More of a depth pick,

    Medicine Hat Tigers
    L Gats x 12 l (F) 64.58 win%, 30-36-66 in 23,

    Good offensive stats, quick decisions with the puck, Gats came off of a solid rookie season and upped his production from last season. Sometimes takes himself out of position with his own movement, and needs to find a balance between making the simple play or the skilled one.

    Rileyaddicted (F) 61.90 win%, 27-27-54 in 21, 79.4 SF, 3.24 GF/GM, 2.81 GA/GM

    Riley has good skill with the puck and can be the go to guy on his line. He uses his skill to make space for himself and others, shown in his scoring factor. Sometimes leaves the zone early/breaks out like a winger when he’s a centre, so needs to find that defensive mindset as a centre, or let loose as a winger.

    Co co chris o 2 (F) 42.31 win%, 15-13-28 in 13, 77.8 SF, 2.77 GF/GM, 4 GA/GM

    Good points production, lots of goals against.

    Moose Jaw Warriors
    SchecterDamien (D) 43.18 win%, 2-7-9 in 22, 19.6 SF, 2.09 GF/GM, 3.39 GA/GM

    Decent winrate on a poor team.

    CptMorgan745111 (F) 39.13 win%, 19-12-31 in 23, 58.5 SF, 2.30 GF/GM, 2.96 GA/GM

    Above a point a game as a forward, which is a rarity on his team.

    TheBenchey (D) 46.15 win%, 3-5-8 in 13, 26.7 SF, 2.31 GF/GM, 3.62 GA/GM

    Decent point production as a dman, not great goals against however, on a poor team.

    Portland WinterHawks
    Thee Cheedz (F) 78.95 win%, 30-26-56 in 19, 83.6 SF, 3.53 GF/GM, 1.63 GA/GM

    Cheedz isn’t a flashy player with crazy thumbs, but he utilizes the space given to him very well, and knows how to make plays. Like to run the cycle game, and has good vision for his teammates and potential lanes.

    lambsauce47 (D) 78.26 win%, 0-13-13 in 23, 13.8 SF, 4.09 GF/GM, 2.04 GA/GM

    Lamb is very patient in all aspects of his game. Not an offensive juggernaut, but does not give the puck up alot when making the breakout pass. Will hold his post and his position very well.

    CrYiNCoRnDoG14 (G) 17-7-4, 2.25 GAA, 84.7 SV%

    Good winrate and good stats all around for a goaltender

    Prince Albert Raiders
    Bicktacular (F) 76.09 win%, 29-28-57 in 23, 68.7 SF, 3.61 GF/GM, 1.74 GA/GM

    Bick has that utility player archetype, as he’s able to slot into any style that you throw him in and he’ll find success. Not a high skill player, but can play skilled and can crash and bang as well.

    LemonYellowSun (D) 68.75 win%, 4-15-19 in 16, 38 SF, 3.13 GF/GM, 2.31 GA/GM

    Lemon has good first pass ability, and good first instincts. Good active stick and breaks up plays well with it. Not a huge puck mover, and doesn’t really jump into the offense as much. Needs to shrink his gap in the neutral zone, as forwards have easy entries into his zone almost every time.

    RINNE X l35l (G) 18-13-4, 2.66 GAA, 83.6 SV%

    Good movement and post play, somewhat of an active goaltender and may right stick slide with scrambles in front of the net.

    Prince George Cougars
    Dducas10 (F) 71.74 win%, 30-38-68 in 23, 63.2 SF, 3.8 GF/GM, 2.33 GA/GM

    Dducas has a great winrate and point production, while still having a good goal differential.

    Matty003 (F) 70.83 win%, 29-26-55 in 24, 64 SF, 3.58 GF/GM, 2.17 GA/GM

    Not very flashy, plays a simple game. Has tendencies to force plays too much.

    Wet Bikini (D) 75.00 win%, 0-5-5 in 10, 13.2 SF, 3.8 GF/GM, 2.6 GA/GM

    Not crazy offensively, decent first pass and positionally.

    Red Deer Rebels
    Caldsy (F) 70.00 wiN%, 21-30-51 in 20, 66.2 SF, 3.85 GF/GM, 1.9 GA/GM

    Shifty player, likes to use his LT to create space. Good point production but better goals against. Lot’s of games with 0-1 goals against.

    QUEBEC MONTREAL (D) 61.36 win%, 2-8-10 in 22, 16.9 SF, 2.68 GF/GM, 2.05 GA/GM

    Solid winrate, with good goal differential. Not an offensive defenseman however.

    zXPuNiShMeNTXz (F) 50.00 win%, 28-22-50 in 21, 73.5 SF, 3.24 GF/GM, 3.05 GA/GM

    Good production and good scoring factor. Average winrate and goal differential.

    Regina Pats
    Crisse de cave (F) 76.09 win%, 39-49-88 in 23, 81.5 SF, 4.69 GF/GM, 2.30 GA/GM

    The Crisse/Swat duo are both very high skilled players. They love to use their thumbs and LT ability to create space for themselves and their teammates. However, they will also play the tip and crash game, any way to score goals. Cannot speak to their trap/defensive ability, but both are very skilled.

    SWAT krakenQc (F) 87.50 wiN%, 41-43-84 in 20, 76.4 SF, 5.5 GF/GM, 2.2 GA/GM

    Better stats than Crisse actually, but less scoring factor.

    Snow l2l (F) 77.08 win%, 23-33-56 in 24, 70.9 SF, 3.29 GF/GM, 2.38 GA/GM

    Solid skill, moves the puck well and gets into open areas. May be more suited to a winger role rather than a centre, but a solid player nonetheless.

    Saskatoon Blades
    Zombiecat3 (F) 76.09 win%, 17-40-57 in 23, 72.2 SF, 3.43 GF/GM, 2.52 GA/GM

    The thing i like about Zombiecat is that he plays a 200 foot game extremely well. Knows how to play his position well as a centre, can play the trap well, and is always around to support his teammates. Perhaps he doesn’t how super high, but would be a solid addition to any AHL team.

    SavyDaddy (D) 78.57 win%, 0-9-9 in 21, 13.6 SF, 3.14 GF/GM, 2.19 GA/GM

    Good first pass, moves the puck well in his own zone. Won’t rush plays into turnovers. Not super offensive, and doesn’t like to jump into the rush.

    PPask (F) 70.45 win%, 20-21-41 in 22, 64.1 SF, 2.91 GF/GM. 2.18 GA/GM

    Good winrate and goals against, plays the neutral zone well.

    Seattle Thunderbirds
    FerDaHD (F) 60.42 win%, 26-34-60 in 24, 77.9 SF, 3.21 GF/GM, 3 GA/GM

    Good points production, good scoring factor means the offense runs through him more often than not.

    JEEEEEZZZUUSSSS (F) 61.11 win%, 8-14-22 in 9, 84.6 SF, 2.89 GF/GM, 2 GA/GM

    Good points production in small sample size, very low goals against as well.

    PiggPenn44 (D) 66.67 win%, 0-9-9 in 24, 13.2 SF, 2.83 GF/GM, 2.63 GA/GM

    Not a crazy point producer on the point, but has a good winrate and average goals against.

    Spokane Chiefs
    DUSTydanglezz (F) 84.78 win%, 21-34-55 in 24, 68.8 SF, 3.48 GF/GM, 1.83 GA/GM

    Dusty has a great winrate, and a great goal differential to boot. Will be a manager come S33 so will not be able to play on a roster.

    Mr Sexy Sloth (F) 85.42 win%, 23-24-47 in 24, 56.6 SF, 3.46 GF/GM, 1.83 GA/GM

    The centre on Sloth’s line, just not the same points production, however as the centre is more defensively responsible.

    Eichel 15x (D) 81.25 win%, 0-21-21 in 24, 26.3 SF, 3.33 GF/GM, 2.38 GA/GM

    Good winrate, with a good points production for a defenseman.

    Swift Current Broncos
    xDKxBricKCiTyNj (D) 71.74 win%, 7-23-30 in 23, 38 SF, 3.43 GF/GM, 2.39 GA/GM

    With over a point a game and a great 38 SF, Brick is a great offensive defenseman. Will jump into the play and drive lanes pushing opposing dmen back. Has tendencies to be too patient, or lose the puck looking for the perfect breakout pass.

    Devan Avena (F) 57.50 win%, 25-19--44 in 20, 72.1 SF, 3.05 GF/GM, 2.75 GA/GM

    Devan has good thumbs and can create offense on his own will. Better teammates would aide his production. Would be better suited as a winger in my opinion.

    Camtank99 (F) 45.24 win%, 18-20-38 in 21, 62.3 SF, 2.90 GF/GM, 3.19 GA/GM

    Decent production and an ok winrate.

    Tri City Americans
    L LittleButta l (F) 54.17 win%, 10-16-26 in 12, 66.7 SF, 3.25 GF/GM, 2.92 GA/GM

    A bright spot on a poor team, littlebutta had solid points per game, with an average winrate on a poor team.

    Vilardi x 13 (D) 58.33 win%, 1-4-5 in 6, 33.3 SF, 2.5 GF/GM, 3.33 GA/GM

    Small sample size, but almost a point a game and an above .500 winrate is good on a bad team.

    Biggie4Mayor90 (D) 52.38 win%, 4-7-11 in 21, 22.9 SF, 2.29 GF/GM, 2.76 GA/GM

    Decent winrate and production.

    Vancouver Giants
    M0NDADA (F) 83.33 win%, 31-13-44 in 18, 67.7 SF, 3.61 GF/GM, 1.78 GA/GM

    Mondada is an interesting prospect in I thought he would be all thumbs all skill plays, but he plays in many different ways. Not the most skilled, but can create space on his own. Able to drive lanes well.

    CountyBoyJG (D) 66.67 wiN%, 0-8-8 in 15, 21.1 SF, 2.53 GF/GM, 1.73 GA/GM

    Not very offensive, definitely a stay at home defenseman. Sometimes handcuffs himself when deciding who to cover.

    MaaD LoR (D) 66.67 win%, 0-12-12 in 18, 18.5 SF, 3.61 GF/GM, 2.94 GA/GM

    Good offensive production, more goals against than usual however.

    Victoria Royals
    R4ph Th3 G4m3r (F) 65.91 win%, 23-32-55 in 22, 75.3 SF, 3.32 GF/GM, 2.68 GA/GM

    Good points production and scoring factor. A more gritty player, but more skilled than the rest of the roster.

    Dangology (F) 69.05 win%, 21-21-42 in 21, 70 SF, 2.86 GF/GM, 2.52 GA/GM

    Good thumbs, very shifty. Good cycle game, but needs to find a balance between the pretty goals and the gritty/EA goals to produce more.

    THEKING204 (F) 58.33 win%, 28-22-50 in 24, 68.5 SF, 3.04 GF/GM, 2.83 GA/GM

    Was AGM this season. Loves to get shoot to score or get rebounds for his team. Doesn’t have crazy thumbs, but gets the job done in the C.

    Barrie Colts
    iGabout (D) 77.50 win%, 4-19-23 in 20, 28.4 SF, 4.05 GF/GM, 2.5 GA/GM

    Any defenseman with over a point a game deserves to be a top prospect. Great winrate to go with it and good goal differential.

    Dirtysaucemoir (D) 77.78 wiN%, 0-15-15 in 18, 21.4 SF, 3.89 GF/GM, 2.22 GA/GM

    Solid winrate, points production and goal differential for this defenseman.

    L Parise x 11 l (F) 70.00 win%, 25-28-53 in 20, 69.7 SF, 3.8 GF/GM, 2.45 GA/GM

    Very shifty player, likes to create offense with his thumbs.

    Erie Otters
    Shmyr (F) 81.58 win%, 14-31-45 in 19, 62.5 SF, 3.79 GF/GM, 1.79 GA/GM

    Not a crazy point producer, but excels at the defensive side of the game with less than a goal against a game and an excellent winrate.

    PNK GAYTORADE (F) 84.78 win%, 32-15-47 in 23, 58.8 SF, 3.48 GF/GM, 1.91 GA/GM

    Much the same as Shmyr, just less point production

    ItzGreasy (F) 68.75 win%, 34-22-56 in 24, 78.9 SF, 2.96 GF/GM, 1.88 GA/GM

    More impact on the scoring from Greasy compared to his teammates above, but less goals for.

    Flint Firebirds
    JupitersWrath13 (F) 71.74 win%, 27-25-52 in 23, 75.4 SF, 3 GF/GM, 2.35 GA/GM

    Plays a simple game. Not amazingly skilled, but will play the quick cycle game, and find lanes to the net.

    BigTIBBY74 (D) 79.17 win%, 2-17-19 in 24, 26 SF, 3.04 GF/GM, 1.75 GA/GM

    Actually a fairly underrated dman, has the potential to do quite well. Plays patient with the puck, and reads the offensive play coming at him well. Needs to be more dynamic with the puck to find success higher up.

    IX Shoota XI (G) 19-9-5, 84.8 SV%, 2.41 GAA

    Good stats in all categories.

    Guelph Storm
    Travosaurz (F) 58.70 win%, 24-34-58 in 23, 77.3 SF, 3.26 GF/GM, 2.61 GA/GM

    Pretty good production with a good scoring factor.

    Canis Pugnaxis (D) 71.43 win%, 2-3-5 in 21, 7.9 SF, 3 GF/GM, 1.71 GA/GM

    Not very offensive at all, but has a great winrate and a good goal differential on a successful team. A good depth pick.

    WillWiley20 (G) 9-3-0, 81.8 SV%, 2.23 GAA

    Good winrate and goals against average with an average SV%.

    Hamilton Bulldogs
    BostonDangler21 (F) 80.43 win%, 22-23-45 in 23, 56.3 SF, 3.48 GF/GM, 1.74 GA/GM

    Decent production with a good winrate and good goal differential

    Beeversbaked (D) 80.43 win%, 1-15-16 in 23, 20 SF, 3.48 GF/GM, 1.74 GA/GM

    Great winrate with good goal differential and solid point production.

    Wergs (D) 63.89 win%, 0-8-8 in 18, 17 SF, 2.61 GF/GM, 2.17 GA/GM

    Good winrate, not a crazy puck mover, a stay at home dman for sure.

    Kingston Frontenacs
    AoN x CLUTCH (F) 57.14 win%, 17-36-53 in 21, 80.3 SF, 3.14 GF/GM, 3.14 GA/GM

    Decent winrate, good scoring factor on an ok team.

    Virtsak (F) 59.09 win%, 19-23-42 in 22, 71.2 SF, 2.68 GF/GM, 2.27 GA/GM

    Plays a heavy style of game. Will control the puck well, just needs to find the creativity/teammates to help in the ozone.

    Sid Marier Qc (D) 58.33 win%, 1-13-14 in 24, 21.9 SF, 2.67 GF/GM, 3.08 GA/GM

    Decent stats all around except for goal differential.

    Kitchener Rangers
    Karl X Malowned (F) 66.67 win%, 24-33-57 in 24, 65.5 SF, 3.63 GF/GM, 1.88 GA/GM

    Good movement and patience with the puck. Sometimes locks himself into plays with the right stick, but moves the puck well in the offensive zone.

    ShldorDaConquer (F) 68.18 win%, 17-26-43 in 22, 66.2 SF, 2.95 GF/GM, 2.5 GA/GM

    Good winrate and goals against is solid, point production is somewhat lower.

    LiL Hazy Dubz (D) 58.33 win%, 3-15-18 in 24, 24.3 SF, 3.08 GF/GM, 2 GA/GM

    Good puck mover, makes good breakout passes with good goal differential.

    London Knights
    JAMIE iz GOD (F) 47.83 win%, 30-30-60 in 23, 78.9 SF, 3.30 GF/GM, 3.91 GA/GM

    Jamie is a high skill player that is able to create plenty of offense with his thumbs alone. Loves his LT’s and creates space for his teammates with it. Stuck on a bad team, but had a good WJC to boot. Could drive lanes more and push defenseman back, as he tends to get caught up in too many LT’s at times.

    Tenzous (D) 47.73 win%, 1-14-15 in 22, 23.8 SF, 2.86 GF/GM, 2.68 GA/GM

    Decent offensive production, good first passer with a decent goals against.

    Storm for life1 (G) 5-2-1, 84.5 SV%, 2.75 GAA

    Low sample size but good winrate and sv% on a bad team.

    Mississsauga Steel Heads
    afbMART27 (F) 83.33 win%, 14-12-26 in 12, 70.3 SF, 3.08 GF/GM, 2.17 GA/GM

    Good winrate and point production on a poor team, didn’t show up in WJC however.

    LopsidedDudeMan (G) 22-17-4, 84.7 SV%, 2.45 GAA

    Good SV% and GAA on a bad team

    I LEGENDS QC (D) 59.09 win%, 3-11-14 in 22, 24.1 SF, 2.64 GF/GM, 2.36 GA/GM

    Above average stats all around.

    Niagara Ice Dogs
    TertleToes (F) 72.92 win%, 34-28-62 in 24, 81.6 SF, 3.17 GF/GM, 1.5 GA/GM

    TertleToes is a very skilled winger, with good hands and a nose for the net. Really good cycle game down low, but will also use LT’s and dekes to make space for himself. Needs to read the trap better and find the flow more to have success in the upper levels.

    JHubbs92 (F) 72.92 win%, 20-34-54 in 24, 71.1 SF, 3.17 GF/GM, 1.5 GA/GM

    Good defensive centreman. Good positionally, and always back to cover defense steppig up. When back however, needs to read the play and cover a lane, rather than just “be there”.

    ALPHA Guerilla2(D) 85.42 win%, 1-16-17 in 24, 18.5 SF, 3.83 GF/GM, 1.38 GA/GM

    Good patience with the puck, won’t suicide anyone with a pass. Good goal differential and good positionally. Sometimes gets caught running around.

    North Bay Battalion
    OwN x PoWeRZz (F) 66.67 win%, 24-36-60 in 24, 76.9 SF, 3.25 GF/GM, 2.21 GA/GM

    Really skilled player, solid LT’s when the time is right and creates plays out of nothing. Finds lanes really well. Needs to be more patient in the defensive zone, as he tends to run around and leave the middle open.

    EAAAAAAAAAAAARL (D) 77.08 win%, 1-17-18 in 24, 20.7 SF, 3.63 GF/GM, 1.75 GA/GM

    Hockey pablo26 (D) 59.38 win%, 1-10-11 in 16, 25.6 SF, 2.69 GF/GM, 2.56 GA/GM

    Decent puck mover with good handles, not a crazy trapping defender however.

    Oshawa Generals
    HockeySnipes74 (G) 15-11-3, 87.2 SV%, 2.07 GAA

    One of the best SV% and GAA for goalie prospects, will drop because of his record however.

    LoganJamesHart (F) 57.50 win%, 17-32-49 in 20, 66.2 SF, 3.7 GF/GM, 3 GA/GM

    Good point totals, decent winrate and goal differential.

    Rod Sidious 73 (D) 71.43 win%, 1-4-5 in 14, 10.4 SF, 3.43 GF/GM, 2.57 GA/GM

    Alright point production, good winrate and goal differential.

    Ottawa 67’s
    Gx Patrinho (F) 58.70 win%, 12-47-59 in 23, 70.2 SF, 3.65 GF/GM, 3 GA/GM

    Very shifty player, with good reaction plays and quick passes through the neutral zone. Good cycle game, but needs to improve defensive positioning to get to the next step.

    McDavid 97 x Qc (F) 62.50 win%, 13-15-28 in 12, 73.7 SF, 3.17 GF/GM, 2.83 GA/GM

    Good point production, good thumbs, somewhat high goals against.

    L Barley l (G) 10-8-3, 79.8 SV%, 2.91 GAA

    Okay stats everywhere, nothing to write home about.

    Owen Sound Attack
    KingHockeypuck (D) 60.87 win%, 3-20-23 in 23, 31.5 SF, 3.17 GF/GM, 3 GA/GM

    Actually a good prospect, moves the puck well, with a solid SF and winrate on a bad team.

    VOODOOx07 (F) 27.27 win%, 14-8-22 in 11, 68.8 SF, 2.91 GF/GM, 3.36 GA/GM

    Takes lots of shots and has a good nose for the net. Needs to work on creating more skilled plays and breaking out of the neutral zone.

    CuzIMMikeLowrey (D) 41.67 win%, 0-16-16 in 24, 28.6 SF, 2.33 GF/GM, 3.25 GA/GM

    Good offensive production given his teammates support, ok winrate.

    Peterborough Petes
    DeathByDecay (D) 89.58 win%, 4-24-25 in 24, 29.1 SF, 3.58 GF/GM, 1.58 GA/GM

    The thing I like about this dpair is their all around ability in any situation. Great scoring ability from the both of them, but they play the neutral zone really well, and know when to play patient and aggressive. Had a good showing at the WJC as well to show this season was no fluke.

    PolarPenguin (D) 89.58 win%, 4-23-27 in 24, 31.4 SF, 3.58 GF/GM, 1.58 GA/GM

    CH1l1X (F) 89.58 win%, 44-21-65 in 24, 75.6 SF, 3.58 GF/GM, 1.58 GA/GM

    Linemates of this dpair, 44 goals is fantastic, and while he may not be the craziest in terms of skill, knows how to score and how to make plays to score goals in this meta.

    Saginaw Spirit
    SLAZEDTV (D) 29.41 win%, 3-6-9 in 17, 26.5 SF, 2 GF/GM, 3.71 GA/GM

    Decent offensive production given his teammates, not good goals against however.

    A11ST4R 94 (D) 35.71 win%, 1-5-6 in 21, 16.7 SF, 1.71 GF/GM, 3.57 GA/GM

    Not great stats on a bad team.

    MaqicJohnson94 (G) 2-8-0, 81.1 SV%, 4.50 GAA

    Decent save percentage.

    Sarnia Sting
    Niixps (F) 73.91 win%, 40-31-71 in 23, 82.6 SF, 3.74 GF/GM, 2.61 GA/GM

    Great stats in every category. Good cycle game.

    L TMLP l (F) 79.55 win%, 36-33-69 in 22, 82.1 SF, 3.82 GF/GM, 2.55 GA/GM

    Good thumbs but moves the puck with his teammates very well.

    Draxx l29l (G) 20-2-1, 84.7 SV%, 2.04 GAA

    Fantastic winrate for this goaltender, along with a great GAA and good save percentage.

    Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds
    EX BuzzWord (F) 45.83 win%, 17-15-32 in 24, 66.7 SF, 2 GF/GM, 3.17 GA/GM

    Decent scoring factor on a poor team.

    MattyDavy24 (F) 66.67 win%, 2-5-7 in 6, 63.6 SF, 1.83 GF/GM, 1.5 GA/GM

    Very low goals against, but low goals for as well.

    xTHADTHRASHERx (F) 15.38 win%, 6-5-11 in 13, 61.1 SF, 1.38 GF/GM, 3.77 GA/GM

    Average scoring factor.

    Sudbury Wolves
    Sakic x 91 (D) 64.29 win%, 0-15-15 in 14, 28.8 SF, 3.71 GF/GM, 2.79 GA/GM

    Over a point a game, good passes on the breakout, with a good goal differential.

    xCRaZY DudEx94x (F) 53.33 win%, 14-18-32 in 15, 72.7 SF, 2.93 GF/GM, 2.73 GA/GM

    Solid stats all around, goal differential could be better.

    WiLL dA BeAsT61 (D) 70.83 win%, 0-11-11 in 24, 11.1 SF, 4.13 GF/GM, 2.67 GA/GM

    Good winrate and goal differential, not very offensive though.

    Windsor Spitfires
    CI a m n (F) 50.00 win%, 19-17-36 in 20, 75 SF, 2.4 GF/GM, 3.05 GA/GM

    Above average thumbs, can play the cycle game or the crash the net game.

    SaiPh87 (F) 32.61 win%, 19-18-37 in 23, 68.5 SF, 2.35 GF/GM, 3.26 GA/GM

    Not a great winrate, but decent scoring factor.

    xCARNAGExEK3 (G) 6-5-3, 79.8 SV%, 2.70 GAA

    Acadie Bathurst Titan
    T R I C K x9 (F) 78.57 win%, 22-32-54 in 21, 69.2 SF, 3.71 GF/GM, 2.29 GA/GM

    The thing I like about trick is that he has that level of swagger in his game that all top players should have. He isn’t cocky with the puck, but he is always patient when making plays, and when he wants space he gets it. Good hands and good cycle game.

    LittleJayXoXoGG (F) 69.05 win%, 29-18-47 in 21, 63.5 SF, 3.52 GF/GM, 2.57 GA/GM

    LittleJay has good hands and a good cycle game. Loves the nice plays and uses the sauce to his advantage well. Sometimes goes invisible on his line at times however.

    Hawksfan4444 (G) 27-11-4, 86.3 SV%, 1.79 GAA

    Solid win rate, and good SV% and GAA for this goalie. Patient in the net and is always square. Sometimes is too right stick heavy on post to post movement and will get caught on wraps.

    Baie-Comeau Drakkar
    ThAtZ CyLvEr (D) 95.65 win%, 1-22-23 in 23, 25.3 SF, 3.96 GF/GM, 1.26 GA/GM

    Good positionally in his own zone, holds his post very well and won’t go chasing into the corners. Doesn’t throw away the puck needlessly, will stay patient and find the lane. May need to look to be more dynamic with his play to step higher, but a very solid defenseman nonetheless.

    X88x Kane (D) 66.67 win%, 4-21-25 in 21, 37.3 SF, 3.19 GF/GM, 2.14 GA/GM

    Good tracking of players pushing lanes, will find the open guy and not just hold a spot on defense. Quick reactions with the puck ang able to chip in offensively as well.

    Whitey902 (G) 26-6-2, 87.7 SV%, 1.39 GAA

    Fantastic stats all around, the best goalie in the draft.

    Blainville-Boisbriand Armada
    ItsSchnitzz (F) 50.00 win%, 20-9-29 in 14, 80.6 SF, 2.57 GF/GM, 3 GA/GM

    Good scoring factor and points per game on a bad team.

    KintzTacular (F) 41.67 win%, 9-13-22 in 12, 66.7 SF, 2.75 GF/GM, 4.42 GA/GM

    Bad goals against, but average scoring factor.

    ChuK v2 (F) 31.58 win%, 16-16-32 in 19, 69.6 SF, 2.42 GF/GM, 3.74 GA/GM

    Decent scoring factor.

    Cape Breton Screaming Eagles
    MJKOO7 (F) 70.83 win%, 31-26-57 in 24, 72.2 SF, 3.29 GF/GM, 2.58 GA/GM

    CooLkatzs (D) 61.36 win%, 1-13-14 in 22, 17.9 SF, 3.55 GF/GM, 3.04 GA/GM

    Good goal differential

    Illumin6ti (D) 66.67 win%, 1-7-8 in 18, 15.1 SF, 2.94 GF/GM, 2.5 GA/GM

    Decent first passer, but not super dynamic with the puck. Good positionally.

    Charlottetown Islanders
    Iv 0vi vI (F) 68.42 win% 28-27-55 in 19, 73.3 SF, 3.95 GF/GM, 2.11 GA/GM

    Very shifty, great thumbs and a very good scorer.

    J0KER l91l (F) 64.29 win%, 26-30-56 in 21, 74.7 SF, 3.57 GF/GM, 2.52 GA/GM

    Good productiuon and winrate.

    Recon diety (F) 68.75 win%, 22-26-48 in 16, 78.7 SF, 3.81 GF/GM, 2.56 GA/GM

    Good offensive stats, can play any position effectively.

    Chicoutimi Sagueneens
    DangIe Nation (F) 65.38 win%, 15-16-31 in 13, 73.8, 3.23 GF/GM, 2.38 GA/GM

    Moves the puck well, very skilled, and can finish from anywhere,

    Sire Crush (F) 57.89 win%, 23-23-46 in 19, 79.3 SF, 3.05 GF/GM, 2.42 GA/GM

    Good point production, good SF and solid winrate.

    oMalkin l71l (F) 55.56 win%, 19-24-43 in 18, 84.3 SF, 2.83 GF/GM, 2.5 GA/GM

    Really good scoring factor, ok goal differential however.

    Drummondville Voltigeurs
    eV Hog (F) 65.22 win%, 23-18-41 in 23, 62.1 SF, 2.87 GF/GM, 2.83 GA/GM

    Not super dynamic, but will grind out the goals and the wins. Needs to get more dynamic to have more success.

    VoRTeX uF (G) 8-9-1, 84.4 SV%, 2.41 GAA

    Good SV% and GAA with an ok record.

    Swaggerific0417 (D) 55.26 win%, 2-14-16 in 19, 30.2 SF, 2.79 GF/GM, 3 GA/GM

    Decent puck mover, with good offensive production.

    Gatineau Olympiques
    KnifeVet22 (F) 50.00 win%, 35-28-63 in 24, 78.8 SF, 3.33 GF/GM, 3.75 GA/GM

    Good offensively, but stuck on a poor team. Would be interesting to see if he can find success with better teammates.

    Lowpros24 (D) 54.55 win%, 4-10-14 in 22, 19.4 SF, 3.27 GF/GM, 2.59 GA/GM

    Good goal differential and above average winrate.

    Chainerthemask (D) 50.00 win%, 5-11-16 in 23, 26.2 SF, 2.65 GF/GM, 3.35 GA/GM

    Decent offensive stats, but struggles defensively.

    Halifax Mooseheads
    L Fear l 31 l (D) 76.09 win%, 4-21-25 in 23, 33.8 SF, 3.22 GF/GM, 2.04 GA/GM

    Over a point a game, with a great winrate and good goal differential.

    XxBardQC19xX (F) 69.05 win%, 32-31-63 in 21, 70 SF, 4.29 GF/GM, 2.33 GA/GM

    Great goal differential and scoring, good thumbs.

    Lunaetiik (G) 16-10-0, 88.4 SV%, 2.17 GAA

    Really good SV% and GAA, backstopped an underdog Mooseheads team in the playoffs,

    Moncton Wildcats
    Bardown Beauty (F) 93.75 win%, 15-20-35 in 8, 76.1 SF, 5.75 GF/GM, 2.63 GA/GM

    Fantastic winrate and offensive production. Really good thumbs and uses LT’s to his advantage very well.

    xXRuderXx (D) 72.92 win%, 4-26-30 in 24, 33.7 SF, 3.71 GF/GM, 2.92 GA/GM

    Over a point a game, great scoring factor and good goal differential for this top pick.

    MacDonaldI97I(D) 67.65 win%, 4-16-20 in 17, 35.7 SF, 3.29 GF/GM, 3.23 GA/GM

    Over a point a game as well, not a crazy goal differential though, and not as great of a winrate as his teammates

    Quebec Remparts
    Doughty x l8l (D) You want his ESHL stats?

    P3P1N x 89 (F) 75.00 win%, 37-45-82 in 22, 76.6 SF, 4.86 GF/GM, 2.95 GA/GM

    Good thumbs and great offensive point totals.

    Pothier l 9 l (F) 71.74 win%, 43-26-69 in 23, 63.9 SF, 4.70 GF/GM, 3.13 GA/GM

    Good point totals, just not as dominant as pepin.

    Rimouski Oceanic
    Skjei x 76 (F) 62.50 win%, 22-28-50 in 24, 69.4 SF, 3 GF/GM, 2.88 GA/GM

    Good thumbs, can use LT’s well to create space and offense from any position. Sometimes forces play a bit and needs to find the balance between patient play and fast paced play.

    Leafs x l81l (F) 36.96 win%, 29-23-52 in 23, 77.6 SF, 2.91 GF/GM, 4.35 GA/GM

    Decent thumbs and LT’s, just needs to find the 6’s flow and spacing to utilize it more in a balanced way.

    GrantBlair21 (G) 6-3-1, 84.8 SV%, 2.41 GAA

    Good stats all around in a small sample size.

    Rouyn-Noranda Huskies
    Cement Mittens (F) 43.33 win%, 11-14-25 in 15, 69.4 SF, 2.4 GF/GM, 3.13 GA/GM

    Decent stats in all categories.

    SpheredSeeker89 (G) 10-20-2, 81.2 SV%, 3.29 GAA

    Average stats, poor record.

    J4LBERT31 (F) 46.43 win%, 10-9-19 in 14, 59.4 SF, 2.29 GF/GM, 3.14 GA/GM

    Below average stats in all categories.

    Saint Johns Sea Dogs
    L wtfkevo l (G) 18-15-5, 84.1 SV%, 2.34 GAA

    Good save percentage and GAA.

    Swimming4Miller (D) 56.52 win%, 4-23-27 in 23, 35.1 SF, 3.35 GF/GM, 3.30 GA/GM

    Really good scoring factor and point production.

    Joblessm0ney (F) 100 win%, 1-9-10 in 3, 55.6 SF, 6 GF/GM, 3 GA/GM

    Good point production in a small sample size.

    Shawinigan Cataractes
    lHeiskanenl4l (D) 75.00 win%, 4-12-16 in 16, 32 SF, 3.13 GF/GM, 2.13 GA/GM

    Point a game, good winrate and good goal differential.

    ChrisL11 (F) 64.29 win%, 13-19-32 in 21, 54.2 SF, 2.81 GF/GM, 2.67 GA/GM

    Alright offense, decent goal differential.

    Leb73Dangeler (D) 76.92 win%, 1-11-12 in 13, 28.6 SF, 3.23 GF/GM, 2.23 GA/GM

    Sherbrooke Phoenix
    hTz iNasty (F) 77.08 win%, 46-55-101 in 24, 86.3 SF, 4.88 GF/GM, 1.92 GA/GM

    The only 100 point player this season, iNasty has a fantastic goal differential to go with his production. He has experience with playing the biggies in esports, and plays the neutral zone extremely well as a winger.

    Lxl Swerve lxl (F) 77.08 win%, 37-45-82 in 24, 70.1 SF, 4.88 GF/GM, 2.08 GA/GM

    High skill centre, with great stats in every category. Can use his thumbs to score, or can grind out the plays in all situations.

    oOTheAMAZ1NGOo (D) 70.45 win%, 0-17-17 in 22, 18.5 SF, 4.18 GF/GM, 1.77 GA/GM

    Very patient with the puck, will look for the right pass for the breakout. Holds the blueline very well and is always an option in the offensive zone.

    Val-d’Or Foreurs
    Bousquet x 50 (G) 12-9-4, 86.0 SV%, 2.29 GAA

    Good save percentage and GAA, with a decent record.

    Renaud x 18 (F) 61.90 win%, 26-15-41 in 21, 66.1 SF, 2.95 GF/GM, 2.48 GA/GM.

    Average stats all around.


    Victoriaville Tigres
    lxChowder71xl (F) 79.17 win%, 32-44-76 in 24, 80 SF, 3.96 GF/GM, 2.04 GA/GM

    Moves the puck really well, good cycle game and can trap up the neutral zone well.

    Val the Rat (F) 64.58 win%, 30-35-65 in 24, 76.5 SF, 3.54 GF/GM, 2.38 GA/GM

    Val is a very well positioned centre, in that he always holds his central lane, allowing his defenseman to play 1 on 1 with the outside wingers.

    ReV Hellcat (D) 70.83 win%, 6-16-22 in 24, 31 SF, 2.96 GF/GM, 1.54 GA/GM

    Good puck moving defenseman, and holds the front of the net very well.

    Allen Americans
    Donko IV (F) 68.18 win%, 26-38-64 in 22, 77.1 SF, 3.77 GF/GM, 2.5 GA/GM
    Good with the puck, able to create offense from anywhere and in different ways.

    Dusty snipss (F) 56.25 win%, 25-27-52 in 24, 71.2 SF, 3.04 GF/GM, 2.38 GA/GM

    Good stats in all categories, win rate could be better.

    Zacky x 99 (D) 55.26 win%, 2-14-16 in 19, 29.1 SF, 2.89 GF/GM, 2.68 GA/GM

    Solid point totals, goal differential could be better.

    Atlanta Gladiators
    Nexus510 (D) 56.25 win%, 1-12-13 in 24, 22.8 SF, 2.38 GF/GM, 1.83 GA/GM

    Solid positioning defensively. Steps at the line well and holds lanes well. Puck moving isn’t amazing, but makes the first breakout pass and will chip in offensively.

    xStLx Dietz (D) 65.22 win%, 0-10-10 in 23, 15.4 SF, 2.83 GF/GM, 2.65 GA/GM

    Good winrate, not amazing offensive production, but average goals for.

    Simdars (F) 47.37 win%, 11-18-29 in 19, 61.7 SF, 2.47 GF/GM, 2.63 GA/GM

    Ok to average stats across the board.

    Brampton Beast
    Wizzywar (D) 85.42 win%, 4-16-20 in 24, 27.4 SF, 3.04 GF/GM, 1.5 GA/GM

    Very good positionally, will hold his blueline very well, and can move the puck like the best of them.

    ChaoticRusher (F) 86.96 win%, 24-22-46 in 23, 59.7 SF, 3.35 GF/GM, 1.96 GA/GM

    Not crazy offensive stats, but a good goal differential and winrate.

    Shloopsgotpoops (G) 24-6-2, 86.0 SV%, 1.78 GAA

    Cincinnati Cyclones
    Steelcityfan15 (F) 37.50 win%, 13-19-32 in 12, 80 SF, 3.33 GF/GM, 4.33 GA/GM

    Good scoring factor, but can’t keep the puck out of his net.

    Manning x76 (F) 43.48 win%, 18-21-39 in 23, 62.9 SF, 2.70 GF/GM, 3.09 GA/GM

    Average stats throughout.

    TuthlessRedneck (D) 50.00 win%, 0-12-12 in 24, 19.7 SF, 2.54 GF/GM, 3.88 GA/GM

    Average winrate and points, but poor goal differential.

    Florida Everblades
    Beaudy x 91 (F) 87.50 win%, 45-35-80 in 24, 75.5 SF, 4.42 GF/GM, 1.71 GA/GM

    Great thumbs, controls the play when the puck is on his stick, has experience with biggies, will be in the NHL next season.

    Legendary x 16 (F) 87.5 win%, 15-16-31 in 12, 53.4 SF, 4.83 GF/GM, 1.5 GA/GM

    Good winrate and point totals, scoring factor is a concern though.

    WinglessBadger1 (D) 69.05 win%, 0-21-21 in 21, 26.6 SF, 3.76 GF/GM, 2.29 GA/GM

    Point a game, good goal differential and winrate.

    Greenville Swamp Rabbits
    SUNDIN x l13l (F) 47.92 win%, 33-24-57 in 24, 76 SF. 3.13 GF/GM, 3.25 GA/GM

    Good point production and scoring factor, but negative goal differential.

    Kdoss (F) 43.75 win%, 22-25-47 in 24, 70.1 SF, 2.79 GF/GM, 2.83 GA/GM

    Average stats in all categories.

    SOUZA80 (G) 13-12-5, 79.9 SV%, 3.01 GAA

    Jacksonville Icemen
    L Fleury x 29 l (G) 9-8-2, 83.7 SV%, 2.50 GAA

    Above average save percentage, decent record in a small amount of games.

    KILL3RWHIT3 (F) 54.76 win%, 12-24-36 in 21, 63.2 SF, 2.71 GF/GM, 3.67 GA/GM

    Good winrate, but low point production and negative goal differential.

    Curts6 (F) 36.96 win%, 18-20-38 in 23, 66.7 SF, 2.48 GF/GM, 3.52 GA/GM

    Ok points per game, bad winrate and goal differential.

    Kansas City Mavericks
    FearTheCyr (F) 67.39 win%, 12-42-54 in 23, 65.9 SF, 3.57 GF/GM, 2.30 GA/GM

    XxHudon77xX (G) 18-5-6, 85.1 SV%, 2.19 GAA


    Maine Mariners
    Whimpwreck72 (F) 63.04 win%, 10-31-41 in 23, 67.2 SF, 2.65 GF/GM, 2.39 GA/GM

    Decent production, good goals against and winrate.

    GRITTY 16 (F) 33.33 win%, 27-27-54 in 24, 79.4 SF, 2.83 GF/GM, 4.25 GA/GM

    Good offensive production, but really poor goals against per game.

    Punkuuprite (F) 71.74 win%, 12-24-36 in 23, 57.1 SF, 2.74 GF/GM, 2 GA/GM

    Poor point production, good winrate.

    Orlando Solar Bears
    L Tren l (F) 57.89 win%, 18-27-45 in 19, 62.5 SF, 3.79 GF/GM, 2.84 GA/GM

    Very skilled, with good thumbs and the ability to score. Needs to improve defensive play and trap to move up.

    RiZm x 86 (F) 52.17 win%, 21-35-56 in 23, 70.9 SF, 3.43 GF/GM, 2.87 GA/GM

    Good point production and scoring factor.

    StEpPiNoNdUbS (F) 73.91 win%, 23-29-52 in 23, 71.2 SF, 3.17 GF/GM, 2.13 GA/GM

    Good winrate and goal differential. Not the craziest thumbs, but can create offense and can play that 200 foot game.

    Reading Royals
    SLP God (F) 47.50 win%, 20-21-41 in 20, 65.1 SF, 3.15 GF/GM, 3 GA/GM

    Above average points per game, average goal differential.

    Goon Dubs (F) 39.29 win%, 11-17-28 in 14, 68.3 SF, 2.93 GF/GM, 3.21 GA/GM

    Good offensive production, poor winrate.

    Dunk1n Donutz (D) 46.15 win%, 1-8-9 in 13, 29 SF, 2.38 GF/GM, 3.38 GA/GM

    Poor goal differential and ok winrate and points.

    South Carolina Stingrays
    Lemelin (D) You want his ESHL stats?

    Vibe Beats (F) 69.57 win%, 35-37-72 in 23, 75 SF, 4.17 GF/GM, 3.09 GA/GM

    Great point totals, even with bouncing around a couple of teams this season.

    Mashotpa (F) 77.78 win%, 20-30-50 in 18, 58.1 SF, 4.78 GF/GM, 2.89 GA/GM

    Good point totals, scoring factor is a bit of a concern, good goal differential though.

    Toledo Walleye
    DDezo (F) 79.17 win%, 25-44-69 in 24, 69.7 SF, 4.13 GF/GM, 3.13 GA/GM

    Really good thumbs, creates offense a ton with his own skill.

    HowtoFifa8 (G) 26-12-4, 85.1 SV%, 2.20 GAA

    Good stats all around, was a standout during the playoff run.

    Barstache l29l (D) 80.00 win%, 0-4-4 in 5, 14.8 SF, 5.4 GF/GM, 3.2 GA/GM

    Small sample size, but good winrate and points production.

    Utah Grizzlies
    L Tavera x 31 l (G) 8-10-1, 83.9 SV%, 2.79 GAA

    Above average save percentage, below average winrate and GAA.

    Xcel (F) 32.61 win%, 17-25-42 in 23, 71.2 SF, 2.57 GF/GM, 3.74 GA/GM

    Poor goal differential, average point production.

    Bob le nainroux (D) 57.50 win%, 4-8-12 in 20, 23.1 SF, 2.6 GF/GM, 2.45 GA/GM

    Decent goal differential and winrate.

    Wheeling Nailers
    Cthulhuism (F) 62.50 win%, 12-24-36 in 20, 60 SF, 3 GF/GM, 2.85 GA/GM

    Average point production, good winrate.

    z8zOVECHKINz8z (D) 56.67 win%, 1-8-9 in 15, 22.5 SF, 2.67 GF/GM, 2.87 GA/GM

    Average stats in all categories.

    RePel x 88 (F) 36.11 win%, 18-16-34 in 18, 72.3 SF, 2.61 GF/GM, 4.11 GA/GM

    Poor goal differential and winrate, good scoring factor.

    Worchester Railers
    Murkules90 (F) 64.29 win%, 15-22-37 in 14, 63.8 SF, 4.14 GF/GM, 2.21 GA/GM

    Good offensive production and great goal differential.

    O Baron 0 (F) 64.71 win%, 21-17-38 in 17, 62.3 SF, 3.59 GF/GM, 2.23 GA/GM
    Good stats in all categories.

    MetaphoricNoise (F) 54.35 win%, 21-23-44 in 23, 64.7 SF, 2.96 GF/GM, 2.61 GA/GM

    Top prospects list.
    NOTE: To be on this list you must've played 5 games this season and were on a roster to end the season.

    How it works:
    This rating system is similar to an ELO system that you may find in games like Chess and online games that have a matchmaking system ie; Overwatch and League of Legends. The system calculates a rating based off chosen stats that are weighed based on importance for each position.

    These stats are, in order of priority for forwards:

    Scoring Factor (SF) which is the percentage of goals that a player contributes to when on the ice.

    Points per Game

    Goals For per Game (GF/GM)

    Time on Attack For (TOAF)

    Winning Percentage, with OTL being half a win.

    Goals Against per Game (GA/GM)

    Time on Attack Against (TOAA)


    Giveaways - Takeaways per game, the lower the number the better

    Shots per Game

    Goal Support

    For defenders:

    Goals Against per Game (GA/GM)

    Time on Attack Against (TOAA)

    Winning Percentage, with OTL being half a win.

    Scoring Factor (SF) which is the percentage of goals that a player contributes to when on the ice.

    Goals For per Game (GF/GM)

    Time on Attack For (TOAF)

    Points per Game


    Giveaways - Takeaways per game, the lower the number the better

    Shots per Game

    Goal Support

    For goalies, stats included will be:


    Save %

    Goals Against Average (GAA)

    Shots against per game

    The "average" player will have a rating of 1000. Above that is better than average while lower will be below average. Each number is calculated by determining how good a player is in a stat compared to the median, which the middle value, which represents the "average" player in a stat. Players that are better than the median will have a higher number after calculations, while it will be lower if below average.


    The median for Points per Game is about 1.7 for forwards, so if a player has a points per game of 2.0, then the player is in theory, performing better than the average forward, and thus will have a higher rating.

    Each stat is distributed in a 100% scale, all in percentages, which will remain hidden as I am still a manager, and would like to keep that a secret for now.

    Each stat is then put into a formula to find the total rating. Most stats require the player to be higher than the median to be considered a positive factor, but G-T/GM, TOAA and GA/GM require the player to be below the median to be considered positive, as the lower number in these stats the better. There is also a coefficient to raise the rating to a 1000 average ELO system, which is different for each league/position.

    Example Calculation for a CHL F: SF+GS+TOAF+TEAMPTS%+PTS/GM+Shots/GM-G-T/GM+GF/GM-GA/GM-TOAA x CHL F coefficient
    Top 75 Forwards:
    1 Bardown Beauty
    2 SWAT krakenQc
    3 hTz iNasty
    4 crisse de cave
    5 lxl Swerve lxl
    6 Beaudy x 91
    7 P3P1N x 89
    8 Frag x Bouch
    9 Legendary x 16
    10 CH1l1X
    11 lxChowder71xl
    12 l TMLP l
    13 LEG3NDz EL1T3z
    14 Thee Cheedz
    15 Niixps
    16 PODube
    17 JSBrewski
    18 Its Tacky
    19 ELiTE x 93
    20 Artremence
    21 DDezo
    22 T R I C K x9
    23 recon diety
    24 Shmyr
    25 l Pothier l 9 l
    26 dustyDanglezz
    27 M0NDADA
    28 mashotpa
    29 Iv 0VI vI
    30 Donko IV
    31 VIBE Beats
    32 Val The Rat
    33 OwN x PoWeRZz
    34 dducas10
    35 FreshMatic93
    36 XxBardQC19xX
    37 Albino Dyslexic
    38 Bicktacular
    39 TertleToes
    40 Frag x Smab
    42 TodayR0SA
    43 Mr Sexy Sloth
    44 Karl X Malowned
    45 DangIe Nation
    46 Caldsy
    47 l Parise x 11 l
    48 LittleJayXoXoGG
    49 MJKOO7
    50 Murkules90
    51 Snow l2l
    52 See Dub 21
    53 JHubbs92
    55 NegativChiefDVG
    56 ChaoticRusher
    57 xT S P 0 0 N
    58 StEpPiNoNdUbS
    59 afbMART27
    60 FearTheCyr
    61 Matty003
    62 zombiecat3
    63 BostonDangler21
    64 Steeler8820
    65 l Tren l
    66 AoN x CLUTCH
    67 Natsubi87
    68 JupitersWrath13
    69 R4ph Th3 G4m3r
    70 Sire Crush
    71 RiZm x 86
    72 DaintyPup517380
    73 Travosaurz
    74 rileyaddicted
    75 Herms16

    Top 50 Defenders:

    1 ThAtZ CyLvEr
    2 DeathByDecay
    3 PolarPenguin
    4 dmemmz
    5 LemonYellowSun
    7 xXRuderXx
    8 xDLxBrIcKCiTyNj
    9 Throwingheat14
    10 x88x Kane
    11 l Fear l 31 l
    12 iGabout
    13 themick1933
    14 Wizzywar
    15 SirF3lterSnatch
    16 ReV Hellcat
    17 Leb73Dangeler
    18 ALPHA Guerilla2
    19 lM TILTED 24 7
    20 Les canadiensQC
    21 Eichel 15x
    22 WinglessBadger1
    23 GladiatorOnVHS
    24 anarchy munkey
    25 FictitiousIy
    26 BloodyRez
    27 BigTIBBY74
    28 beeversbaked
    29 oOTheAMAZ1NGOo
    30 l Meezyy l
    31 dirtysaucemoir
    32 MacDonaldI97I
    33 Sakic x 91
    34 Zee6o
    35 LiL Hazy Dubz
    36 MNSnow22
    37 Hexty27
    38 TheRealregent84
    39 Barstache I29I
    40 II Ouellette II
    41 KingHockeypuck
    42 BongHitz4Je5us
    43 harvdiesel
    44 FerranteCesare2
    45 UNTI22
    46 Subject Chill
    47 FaTaL Trendz
    48 Swimming4Miller
    49 KingInYellowGA
    50 lambsauce47

    Top 20 Goalies:

    1 Whitey902

    2 linkrunner

    3 Draxx l29l

    4 Shloopsgotpoops

    5 FunDip x 88

    6 LeFouFurieuxQc

    7 JaggedPigeon96

    8 Hawksfan4444

    9 sonicjoe45

    10 xO i L C i t Yx

    11 oIts Not Rock

    12 Lunaetiik

    13 Shock Chrome

    14 WillWiley20

    15 Trash Tender

    16 DomWagner1988

    17 HowToFIFA8

    18 CrYiNCoRnDoG14


    20 Snipesx74

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    anyone know any of these people
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  3. XxSgtSketchiexX

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    Great write up and good read...

    Surprised by some of the top prospect lists

    "51 LittleJayXoXoGG"

    This is my favorite lmao
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    Wingels Loves LifeGaming
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    TC Here
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    Thanks for putting me there in net in the rankings. 1 season in net one mem cup
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    TLDR just tell me who to draft
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    Thanks for the shout out wingles. Keep up the good work!
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    @Laine IB up there for the 2nd season in a row, he’s unreal!
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    Mistake in the calculations causing players with less games to have better goals against average per game. Will see a slight shift in the top forwards.
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    Pretty hard for me to have a good win rate when i play with ECU's and 3rd/4th lines in reg season and playoffs lmao
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    To whom ever drafts SWAT KrakenQc is a fool.
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    bump for draft day
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