WJ Season 4 Pre-Playoff / Post-Week 2 Power Rankings

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    Hi guys, power rankings are gonna be a little shorter and less in depth since I’m time crunched. RIP to my Spanish homework that I should be doing.

    Trigger warning disclaimer:

    I don’t talk as much smack in here, but I reserve the right to make fun of any bum on any WJ team and I reserve the right to make anyone with a triggered comment look like an idiot. I am protected from being talked back to by the CrazeeMatt Act of August 25th, 2018, section 45.2.4. It is also illegal to rate these rankings “dislike."

    The “Why are all the shit teams in one division” Division

    (4) Team Canada (5-12-1, 11 PTS) @ (1) Team USA (13-3-2, 28 PTS)

    (3) Team Drakkar (6-12-0, 12 PTS) @ (2) Team Italy (8-9-1, 17 PTS)

    The “O-jay fix these divisions this is unfair to us Division

    (4) Team Sweden (9-5-4, 22 PTS) @ (1) Team Kuwait (13-3-2, 28 PTS)

    (3) Team Kaz (11-7-0, 22 PTS) @ (2) Team Petes (12-6-0, 24 PTS)

    The “Why are all the shit teams in one division” Division

    Team USA

    Pre: (30/30)

    Post-Week 1: (24/30)

    Forwards: 8/10. Team USA scored a lot of goals in week 2 but they only have 2 good lines. Revive Legacy, iChirp, and Chris have all been next to useless, if not useless. I kind of saw it coming from Chris, since he was on Gatineau, but I expected Revive to play much better. TaPoisse and Undead were able to live up to the potential, probably because they didn’t have Chris on their line anymore; the 2 combined for 38 points week 2, over 6 PPG. The 2 powerful lines should carry the US to the gold medal round since it’s BO3, but the BO5 gold round should be more difficult.

    Defense: 9/10. Down one because while the core is dominant, they gave up almost 3 GPG this week. The d core is still rock solid and one of the best in the tournament, no doubt.

    Goalies: 10/10. Meh. Rx’s save percentage dropped to an absolutely terrible 87.9%. Pikachu’s is also seriously bad at 84.5%. A TC G might wanna be considered, I don’t know if these guys can handle it.

    TOTAL: (27/30)

    Team Italy

    Pre: (18/30)

    Post-week 1: (18/30)

    Forwards: 2/10. Italy has three forwards at 2 PPG in RW Bosanceros and C Andrew. Leafnation and CharlesBAWS, their first two picks, have combined for 12 points in 12 games. Ouch. They lost IMO their best center in Freddy and his 57 FO% to a ban, leaving Charles with his inability to score and Andrew with his inability to win faceoffs (36.8%). The forwards are still not very good and I can see them barely achieving 2 GPG in the playoffs.

    Defense: 6/10. The defensemen aren’t providing any offense and it also looks like they’re not playing good defense. Bubbin is still chilling with a +12 but still doesn’t do well against opponents in the GA category. The team has given up 3.5 GPG and considering who the goalies are (or were, for Dalton), I’m gonna assume it’s moreso the D’s fault.

    Goalies: 6/10. I’ve seen MakeMyDay play in both this tournament and in CHL, and he doesn’t look like anything special; Dalton is better. I don’t know why he was TCed, but I’m doubting MakeMyDay’s ability right now. Higs is still one of the best goalies of the draft, sitting at an 85.2 SV%. If Higs doesn’t stand on his head, Italy can say goodbye to the playoffs in round 1.

    TOTAL: (14/30)

    Team Drakkar (Czech)

    Pre: (16/30)

    Post-week 1: (14/30)

    Forwards: 3/10. Doubledose still a good ol’ bust with 8 points in 6 games as the number one pick. Yes, I will keep bringing this up. I’m surprised Kstorm hasn’t gotten to 2 PPG or better but it figures when he beat Kaz, Swiss, and Kuwait all in one week. Bravo. With their most talented center in Philly TCed, I’d be pretty worried if Kuffnlink and his 35 FO% was my first line center. He’s going to get burned sooner or later if his team moves any further than round 1, and that’s gonna cost them in goals. Outside of the decent first line of Boosted/Kuff/Kstorm, there’s nothing beneath it. Absolutely nothing. KingKush is a good player but has 1 point in 3 games. He needs to get on the scoreboard.

    Defense: 7/10. I don’t get it. This d core is solid and has on and off days, nowhere in between. From giving p 6 goals to the US and 12 to Kuwait, to beating the three best teams in the “Ojay fix these divisions this is unfair for us” division. I guess I’ll give them a high rating since they ended the week very well beating three good teams. They have the potential, maybe the goaltending is what’s screwing them up, Czech gave up 42 goals in week 2.

    Goalies: 3/10. The only reason they’re not getting a 1 is because Enragedfury is a competent goalie. Jayyyb should try another position. He’s a bust just like I said he would be and was taken WAYYYY too high in the draft. It’s looking like Italy’s goalie situation except Higs is elite and Fury isn’t.

    TOTAL: (13/30)

    Team Canada

    Pre: (19/30)

    Post-week 1: (12/30)

    Forwards: 4/10. I’m too lazy to check it, but I think Canada scored 10 goals week 1, giving them 26 in week 2, a pretty good total. The offense overall seems better, but their 3rd line is still garbage. I remember a long time ago, just after the draft, RA_K3_ told me I was a mediocre goalie at best. And here he is, 0 points in 3 games against a bunch of guys who were first round exits or non-playoffs. Lol. Khaoz is over 2 PPG week 2 as is Shottygun and a couple other guys I think (it’s midnight and I’m tired, fuk this). The forwards now look serviceable, atleast enough guys to make a first line, but the 2nd and 3rd lines still seem weak, and the third line seems miserably bad.

    Defense: 7/10. Well, Torie only had a -1 T/G this week, so I can’t call him Bailmoney again, rip. I’m gonna keep it short and sweet. The defense has had it’s flashes, but it’s nowhere near perfect and can be very bad. They’re pretty average overall. They did have a good week giving up 2 GPG outside of an 11 goal game by Sweden, so I’ll give them a 7 for shits and gigs.

    Goalies: 8/10. XileJohn is still playing very solid and is easily the number one goaltender. They made a good move by sending down Blue who was useless for a goalie who’s had good numbers in limited action, a low risk option since it’d be pretty hard to do worse than Blue. 8/10 despite the great save %s because their new goalie is unproven in WJ and didn’t play too well in CHL.

    TOTAL: (19/30)

    The “O-jay fix these divisions this is unfair to us Division

    Team Kuwait

    Pre: (25/30)

    Post-week 1: (28/30)

    Forwards: 9/10. All of the forwards are at 2 PPG except for 2: Saul and Artdv. Artdv is a good forward and at the last pick of the draft, 10 points in 6 games isn’t bad. Saul has 7 points in 6 games but can you really be upset when you’re winning TWO THIRDS of your faceoffs? It’s insane, I don’t even care how many points he has. All 3 centers have FO%s higher than 57. Schomby went really late is making us all pay for waiting on him by putting up 3 PPG. It’s a solid core, with 3 good lines.

    Defense: 10/10. The defense allowed 2 GPG this week and is one of the best d cores in the tournament. All 3 pairs are very good and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There’s nothing else to say, there’s no weak link.

    Goalies: 10/10. Beast and BR_549er. RIP.

    TOTAL: (29/30)

    Team Petes (Swiss)

    Pre: (26/30)

    Post-week 1: (29/30)

    Forwards: 7/10. The centers have played very well with all 3 having a FO% higher than 55. TeachMe has played well as a first round pick, and Bruqc is still playing well and was a steal pretty late. Schmidty and Huckleberry have also played well. Other than those 4, the forwards haven’t been all that hot. They have the talent but it’s not translating. Jennerals, Wutang, Lapointe and Dragonowlz have all been playing pretty doo-doo. Swiss has the ability to just mix lines repeatedly because of the chemistry, but if you were to put them into set lines, I’m seeing a great first line, an average second line, and a boom or bust 3rd line.

    Defense: 10/10. Nuff said.

    Goalies: 10/10. Murbayn is at an 86 SV% and Spectre is at an 82.7. No worries at goalie for the Swiss.

    TOTAL: (27/30)

    Team Kaz

    Pre: (26/30)

    Post-week 1: (26/30)

    Forwards: 9/10. Two of the three centers are over 3 PPG, with the 3rd having 16 points in 6 games. All 3 centers have a FO% over 50, a good sign (thanks Deets. About time. Lol). Kaz also has two good LWs but their third line lacks a good LW, and they’re left with what appears to be a subpar option. It’s the same story as C for RW, with two RWs having 3 PPG or more. The third RW has 11 points in 5 games. Kaz still has two rock solid lines but the third line could be boom or bust with a LW who couldn’t do much in week 2 (still love you Biggie. Gotta stay unbiased lol).

    Defense: 7/10. The defense has questions outside of Heaters, Mike, and Ryan. Jrascia will have to prove his worth despite having a pretty poor showing against USA, Skynyrd can be on and off, and Bure is a good defenseman but hasn’t played a lot since he was TCed a week ago (and now called up again). Those three guys are all boom or bust. Outside of an 8 goal game for USA, Kaz gave up 3 goals or more only twice in 8 games, giving up 2 GPG in those 8 games.

    Goalies: 7/10. Tabbs is still carrying the load with a respectable 80.7 SV%. Matt is out of commission right now, so assuming OG_Treh will serve as the backup goalie, it’s a kind of similar situation to Canada, except XileJohn is playing slightly better than Tabbs.

    TOTAL: (23/30)

    Team Sweden

    Pre: (21/30)

    Post-week 1: (11/30)

    Forwards: 9/10. Well, they got rid of one of their best forwards in LMNO, also one of the best steals in the draft. Preston has big shoes to fill. Bigfoot finally came alive, posting 19 points in week 2 featuring a 6 point game against USA. The centers overall in terms of faceoffs hover right around 50%, with one being barely above and one being barely below. Leftbench is at 21 points in 6 games, 2 points behind Bigfoot. The forwards came alive and all but one are above 2 PPG. Whatever Conman and MrT did… it worked. I’m seeing 2 elite lines and a good 3rd line with elite potential.

    Defense: 8/10. Like Kaz, outside of one bad game, they’ve also given up 2 GPG. It seems that there’s less questions on their D though so I’ll give them an extra point.

    Goalies: 5/10. Although both games for Sweden vs USA involved USA’s useless forward line, I’ll still give Earl some credit for the shutties. He’ll need to keep that going. Conman’s save percentage is now over 70%, congrats. Conman is mediocre and Earl is boom or bust. We’ll see how they fare in the playoffs. Honestly I don’t even know if these ratings are accurate with what I’ve said about other teams and what I gave them. I’m tired of writing this, so I’m gonna give them a 5. Close enough.

    TOTAL: (22/30)

    Overall Rankings

    1. Team Kuwait (29/30)

    2. Team USA (27/30)

    3. Team Swiss (27/30)

    4. Team Kaz (23/30)

    5. Team Sweden (22/30)

    6. Team Canada (19/30)

    7. Team Italy (14/30)

    8. Team Czech (13/30)

    Best of luck to everyone in the playoffs. RIP Germany and Russia, especially Russia.

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    Sorry russia, not sorry
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    Great write up once again. Thanks for doing these.
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    Thanks for the good write up lol
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    you forgot the troll factor of -25 points for Switzerland. we should realistically only have 2 points and are clear dogs to win any games in the playoffs.
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    Why so much hate on Chris
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