Wolves Team Breakdown

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    1. Sharp_AS27 GM (FWD) A deadly winger, he works great with wing backs, and can make stuff happen. A
    2. CL95K (FWD)
    3. damienhimself (FWD)
    4. Jackovasaurus_ (FWD)
    5. TheShadyLemur (FWD) I think he's good, but is he worth 16 million? C+

    6. JamesCoyle AGM (MID) A good midfielder, strong team player, time will tell if he has success. B
    7. GFalquez (MID) A 3 year contract? That always isn't the best sign for starting out. C
    8. jhawks543 (MID) By the way, if I don't know people, usually I'll give a C or C+. C
    9. Jlm1410 (MID) C+
    10. Nocturnal_Turtle (MID) Cool name, good grade. B
    11. Ortegatho (MID) Another decent player, we'll see how he can do. B-

    12. ghost_726 O (D) A strong midfielder and defender. Probably one of Wolves's biggest threats. A
    13. blkpaladin1 (D) Wolves has the best defense, and made sure to bolster their back line. B+
    14. DankyDRU (D) Another decent defender, for cheap too! B+

    15. sINGLE-g6_ (G) Haven't seen him in action, but he might be good. B
    16. XxTHEHITMANHEART (G) Probably weaker than Single, but he could be a sleeper. B-

    Overall: B

    They have a good squad, but I feel they missed out on key players, and might have overspent on the attack. But besides this, I still fancy them to put up a good title challenge. (Also they won't go crazy for Red Cards like City's guys, so that's a bonus)
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