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    Hello fellow LG’ers,

    As we get closer to the start of the first World Cup tournament for the xbox platform I want to thank @Z3R0CR45H for taking the time to help me set it up taking the time out of his bog life to do so. I also would like to thank the community for all the positive feedback and negative feedback that has been giving allowing me to make changes and see how to make it better for everyone. As I set out to begin this process my goal was to give the AHL something to look forward to participating in during the offseason. With that being said the timing seems appropriate to announce some things as we approach the deadline of closing signups.

    · Owners will be announced on Sunday night at some point after the deadline of 8pm. Either before calder games or after.

    · Speaking of owners, we are STILL LOOKING FOR OWNERS FOR CANADA – WEST, Quebec & USA-SE. There is no requirement to manage except to have your GM in place before applying. Please click the below link to apply.


    · Out of respect and so that no “bias” is happening to ensure that Zero and I make our respective teams. Zero will not be choosing the “NE” owners and that will be solely my responsibility. Alternatively, I will not be choosing the “SE” owners as that will be Zero’s responsibility. We together will decide on the best candidates for the remaining regions.

    · Officially as of today we have about 250-275 signups not including “ineligible” sign-ups. So, therefore we will be restricting this tournament to only AHL roster players. We do appreciate all of the interest and sign ups regardless.

    · As most of you have already speculated…WE WILL BE DISSOLVING THE WEST TEAM unfortunately due to not enough people, interest or whatever other reason there is, etc.

    · Therefore, the following changes will be made that Zero and I have agreed on;

    o We will be forming TWO North East teams as the intention was to get as many people to play as possible. With 17-man rosters likely this will limit the amount of people from this region not being picked.

    o Once again, I will be picking the two best management groups for each team as I see fit.

    o Zero and I are still discussing a process as too how each team will be made up. Obviously, the management will have to select their teams from the same pool therefore we will have to decide who is to get first pick in a snake style draft solely for this region.

    o We are planning to try and do a live selection show for teams.

    o Sportfreak will be changed from West to Central and is the ONLY PLAYER permitted to play for a region he does not live in due to unfortunate circumstances.

    Any additional questions can be sent to Zero or Salty directly.

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