XXL Season 29 Super Bowl Q&A

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    XXL Season 29 Super Bowl Sit Down Q&A
    The time is upon us and it’s a time where veterans find themselves in familiar territory. Hanso and Gamer are a rivalry that has been seen many times over the years. Heck, at their age probably more like decades. The Lions once again dominated the NFC. While the Jets clawed and fought their way to have a chance at the ultimate prize. The fact Hanso is making another appearance is not surprising. However, Gamer could be seen as the one who many were not sure if he would make it. The AFC’s conference was tight as an 11-5 Dolphin team saw themselves watching the playoffs from home. Gamer is the defending champ so honestly, who really doubted him? Both teams are deserving and both owners are ready. This is a match-up that many have seen before, but with each game the two teams deliver. The hype is here, and we are under 24 hours away from kickoff. I was lucky enough to sit down with both owners tonight and see just exactly what was on their mind. I was even lucky enough to get detailed Q&A’s from each. Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy the ride.

    1.) What’s your biggest strength?

    Hanso: “I’m very good at making mid-game adjustments. I generally don’t go into games with a particular game plan. My plan is to identify how the other person wants to beat me and wait until the right moment and situation to take it away.”

    TruGamer: “My team’s greatest strength is the ability to create turnovers. 40+ takeaways this season. That trend has carried over into the postseason and brought this team back into the sport’s biggest game. If we can produce turnovers then we’ll have a strong chance of holding up the Lombardi Trophy.”

    2.) What’s your biggest weakness?

    Hanso: “The stats say I’m one of the worst in the league at redzone efficiency. So it’s very fair to say that I’m not great at finishing drives. It’s hard to change bad habits in game 19 of the season, but I’m working on it.”

    TruGamer: “During this season, our team has struggled to play consistent during an entire game. Either we come out slow and finish strong or vice versa. This team has yet to put a complete game together, hopefully we can do that against the Lions this time around.”

    3.) What player do you see having a key role in bringing you home a championship?

    Hanso: “Ziggy Ansah. I don’t think I’m giving anything away in saying that I need my D-Line to get in his ass. I need pressure. I need disruption. I need tackles for losses.”

    TruGamer: “Our key player is gonna be our leader, Chris Hackenberg. He made the pro bowl his first year as a starting rookie QB and played very well. If he can play efficient and give us a chance that’s all we can really ask for.”

    4.) What kind of game are you preparing for against True? (Pass, Run, Etc.)

    Hanso: “I’m prepared for a chess match. I think it’s going to be a close game with a lot of creativity. We’ve played in back to back Super Bowls and both times the winner had to drive to win the game in the 4th quarter. It will be that kind of game again.”

    TruGamer: “Against Hanso, you can’t be vanilla on either side of the ball. Gotta think outside the box. Too many opponents don’t mix it up against him. They become formulaic and fall into a pattern. This game we gotta break that mold. Our game plan is to be unpredictable on offense and defense.”

    5.) What about your opponents game are you most concerned with?

    Hanso: “Along with being a terrible human being, TruGamer has the most attention to detail of any player I’ve ever faced. He has a way of creating defensive plays that don’t exist by making quick pre-snap adjustments. I’m most concerned that I’ll be tricked into turning the ball over.”

    TruGamer: “Lions defense is legendary. Year in and year out they are rated top 3 in defense consistently.”

    6.) What do you predict final to be?

    Hanso: “24-21 Lions over FalseGamer and the Jets”

    TruGamer: “27-24 Jets Victory”


    I do expect this one to be a tight affair, but I am putting my money on the New York Jets. I think the Jets force enough turnovers from the Lions to repeat as the back to back champions of XXL.

    Final Score:

    New York Jets 28

    Detroit Lions 24
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    Very good read,another classic superbowl in the making.
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