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Leaguegaming Bans or Suspensions

Leaguegamings account ban and suspension system is an automated system. If you quit or were removed from an LG league, a ban would be placed on your account. During that period you will not be permitted to signup for any new leagues while you are under ban.

It is important to note: the LG Admin staff (red names) will always back a ban given by a league commissioner. If you have an issue with a ban, it is best to appeal to the commissioner who issued your ban rather then an admin (red name).

Normal league bans can be "bought out" for $50cad. If you choose to go this route, its important to note that one purchase of a league ban will remove all eligable league bans. It is not $50 each league you are banned from.

Please note, as of Jan 1 2018, buyout system has been updated

Below is a list of any leagues you are currently banned for and their status

League Ban Date Banned Til Reason Issued By Buyout Eligable
Nothing to see here, you are not currently serving any bans