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How Do I Link my Twitch Account?

How will LG automatically link my stream to my LG game - What To Debug?

LG will automatically link your twitch stream to an LG game so everyone can watch it, but there are certain requirements for LG to make this automatic connection and avoid false-positive matches. LG will only link your stream up if:

  • Your LG account is linked to your twitch account in external accounts
  • You are scheduled for the game (either confirmed or unconfirmed)
  • On your twitch, Make sure it says "Playing NHL **" (or the appropriate title) example. For some PS4 users, you have to give twitch permission to display your "Game Field". This is not your title, its a seperate field for "Game" on twitch.
  • You are streaming from -15 minutes of game time to +20 minutes of game time.

What does linking my twitch do

  • Anytime you are confirmed for a game, we will automatically check if you are streaming, if we find a stream (with the same Xbox/PS game as the league), we'll automatically link your stream to your game.
  • Users can watch your stream by simply clicking the "Live" button, or viewing the game. The stream popups up inside LG.

How do I enable game replays?

Game replays is system where if LG finds a twitch broadcast it will link it to the game so people can re-watch an entire game with the click of a button. To enable this more you must
For more information on this mode check out https://www.leaguegaming.com/forums/index.php?threads/game-replay-quick-watch.227583/#post-1420987