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Discussion in 'CBJ Gaming' started by Tris10, Apr 7, 2019.

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    Hey Everyone,

    To add or remove a player from your roster, you do so from CBJ Next Gen Open > Manager > Front Office > Add Player. Or here is a direct link:

    As a manager if you follow this simple golden rule, you will be fine for player eligibility.

    Do not play anyone in an CBJ game UNLESS they appear on your CBJ Next Gen Open > Roster Page.
    To do a roster sub, simply go to your front office and to the "Add Player" tab. The system knows the roster limit is 9 players, so if you are at 9 you must select a player to drop. Remember the system will not let you pick up anyone who's been in the event before, also once you drop someone, they can not play for you or anyone else during the event.

    Please also note the pending offers that you send out. If you have too many offers sent out, you cannot add someone to the team. It will also choose someone from the team to drop when someone receives an offer. So, keep it as a note.

    Here is a screenshot of the system:


    Good luck everyone!
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