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    Stanley Cup Champions

  7. 10

    Conference Champions

  8. 10

    Divisional Champions

  9. 10

    Gold Medal

  10. 10

    Silver Medal

  11. 10

    Bronze Medal

  12. 10

    Player Of The Week

  13. 10

    Presidents Trophy

  14. 10

    1st Round Pick

  15. 10

    Play Of The Week

  16. 10


  17. 10

    Team MVP

  18. 10

    Art Ross Trophy

  19. 10

    Jack Adams Award

  20. 10

    Maurice Rocket Richard Trophy

  21. 10

    Plus-Minus Award

  22. 10

    Roger Crozier Saving Grace Award

  23. 10

    William M. Jennings Trophy

  24. 10

    Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

  25. 10

    Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy

  26. 10

    King Clancy Memorial Trophy

  27. 10

    Hart Trophy

  28. 10

    James Norris Trophy

  29. 10


  30. 10

    Frank Selke

  31. 10

    Brian Kilrea Trophy

  32. 10

    Sportsman of the Year

  33. 10

    Humanitarian of the Year

  34. 10

    Goalie of the Year

  35. 10

    Defenceman of the Year

  36. 10

    Player of the Year

  37. 10

    Top Scorer Award

  38. 10

    Rocket Award

  39. 10

    Hall Of Fame

  40. 10

    Memorial Cup

  41. 10

    Play Of The Year

  42. 10

    Prince of Wales Trophy

    Eastern Conference playoff champions

  43. 10

    Clarence S. Campbell Bowl

    Western Conference playoff champions

  44. 10

    Richard F. Canning Trophy

    Eastern Conference playoff champions

  45. 10

    Robert W. Clarke Trophy

    Western Conference playoff champions

  46. 10

    Macgregor Kilpatrick Trophy

    Regular season champions, League

  47. 10

    Frank Mathers Trophy

    Regular Season champions, Eastern Conference

  48. 10

    Norman R. "Bud" Poile Trophy

    Regular Season champions, Western Conference

  49. 10

    Emile Francis Trophy

    Regular Season champions, Atlantic Division

  50. 10

    F. G. "Teddy" Oke Trophy

    Regular Season champions, East Division

  51. 10

    Sam Pollock Trophy

    Regular Season champions, North Division

  52. 10

    John D. Chick Trophy

    Regular Season champions, West Division

  53. 10

    J. Ross Robertson Cup

    OHL Playoffs Champion

  54. 10

    Bobby Orr Trophy

    Eastern Conference Playoffs Champion

  55. 10

    Wayne Gretzky Trophy

    Western Conference Playoffs Champion

  56. 10

    Hamilton Spectator Trophy

    Regular Season Champion

  57. 10

    Red Tilson Trophy

    Most Outstanding Player

  58. 10

    Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy

    Scoring Champion

  59. 10

    Jim Mahon Memorial Trophy

    Top Scoring Right Winger

  60. 10

    Max Kaminsky Trophy

    Most Outstanding Defencemen

  61. 10

    OHL Goaltender of the Year

    Goaltender of the Year

  62. 10

    Wayne Gretzky 99 Award

    Playoffs Most Valuable Player

  63. 10

    Tim Adams Memorial Trophy

    OHL Cup Most Valuable player

  64. 10

    Ed Chynoweth Cup

    WHL playoff champions

  65. 10

    Scotty Munro Memorial Trophy

    WHL regular season champions

  66. 10

    Four Broncos Memorial Trophy

    Player of the Year

  67. 10

    Bob Clarke Trophy

    WHL - Top Scorer (goals)

  68. 10

    Brad Hornung Trophy

    WHL Most sportsmanlike player

  69. 10

    Bill Hunter Memorial Trophy

    WHL - Top defencemen

  70. 10

    Del Wilson Trophy

    WHL - Top goaltender

  71. 10

    Dunc McCallum Memorial Trophy

    WHL - GM of the year

  72. 10

    WHL Plus-Minus Award

  73. 10

    AirBC Trophy

    WHL - Most valuable player in the playoffs

  74. 10

    QMJHL President's Cup

    QMJHL - Playoff Champions

  75. 10

    Jean Rougeau Trophy

    QMJHL - Regular Season Champions

  76. 10

    Luc Robitaille Trophy

    QMJHL - Team that scored the most goals

  77. 10

    Robert Lebel Trophy

    QMJHL - Team with best GAA

  78. 10

    Michel Briere Trophy

    QMJHL - Most Valuable Player

  79. 10

    Jean Beliveau Trophy

    QMJHL - Top Scorer

  80. 10

    Guy Lafleur Trophy

    QMJHL - Playoff MVP

  81. 10

    Jacques Plante Memorial Trophy

    QMJHL - Best GAA

  82. 10

    Guy Carbonneau Trophy

    QMJHL - Best Defensive Forward

  83. 10

    Emile Bouchard Trophy

    QMJHL - Defenceman of the Year

  84. 10

    Frank J. Selke Memorial Trophy

    QMJHL - Most Sportsmanlike Player

  85. 10

    Maurice Filion Trophy

    QMJHL - General Manager of the Year

  86. 10

    Con Symthe

  87. 10

    Ted Lindsay Award

    Best players voted by the players

  88. 10

    Eddie Shore

    Best Dman

  89. 10

    Harry Holmes Award

    lowest GAA

  90. 10

    Les Cunningham


  91. 10

    John B Sollenberger

    Most Points

  92. 10

    Willie Marshal

    Most Goals

  93. 10

    Bastien Memorial

    Best Goalie

  94. 10

    Louis A.R Pieri Memorial

    GM of the year

  95. 10

    Jack A Butterfield

    Playoff MVP

  96. 10

    All Star Team

    All Star Team

  97. 10

    Heavyweight Championship

    Heavyweight Championship

  98. 10

    Light Heavyweight Championship

    Light Heavyweight Championship

  99. 10

    Welterweight Championship

    Welterweight Championship

  100. 10

    Calder Cup

    AHL Playoff Champions

  101. 10

    Golden Gopher Award

    To the player with the highest single round score

  102. 10

    Jekyll & Hyde Award

    The biggest difference in score from two rounds

  103. 10

    Par 3 Champion

    Lowest aggregate score on PAR 3s

  104. 10

    Tournament Champion

    Tournament Champion

  105. 10

    Most Consistent

    Player to shoot the lowest difference from the best to worst round

  106. 10

    F.A. Cup Champions

    F.A. Cup Champions

  107. 10

    Champions League Champions

    Champions League Champions

  108. 10

    Fifa League Champion

    Fifa League Champion

  109. 10

    Supporters Shield

  110. 10

    Golden Boot

    Most Goals

  111. 10

    Top Playmaker

    Most assists

  112. 10

    Golden Gloves

    Best Goalkeeper

  113. 10

    Team of the year

  114. 10

    Rookie of the year

    Best New player

  115. 10

    Steve “Kav” Kavaner Sportsmanship Award

    Person who best displays a good attitude both on and off the field

  116. 10

    Division Champion

    Division Champion Award

  117. 10

    Defensive Player of the Year

  118. 10

    6th Man of the Year

  119. 10

    Executive of the Year

  120. 10

    All-LGBA 1st Team

  121. 10

    All-LGBA 2nd Team

  122. 10

    All-LGBA 3rd Team

  123. 10

    LGBA Champion

  124. 10

    LGBA Finals MVP

  125. 10

    Fred T. H.unt Award

  126. 10

    Media award

  127. 10

    Pavel Datsyuk Award

  128. 10

    All star cup champion

    Winner of the All star divisional tournament

  129. 10

    Sir Alex Ferguson

    Awarded to the best owner of the LGFA

  130. 10

    Franz Beckenbauer

    Awarded to the best Defender in the LGFA

  131. 10

    Ballon d'Or

    The Ballon d'Or is awarded to the best player in the LGFA.

  132. 10

    Jules Rimet

    Winning the LGWC Tournament.

  133. 10

    LGFA - Assist Leader

    This award is awarded to the assist leader(s) of the LGFA.

  134. 10

    WJC Bronze Medal

  135. 10

    LGRL Sharpshooter

    Awarded for the highest shooting percentage over the regular season

  136. 10

    LGRL Cup Champions

  137. 10

    LGRL Savior Award

    Awarded for the most save over the regular season

  138. 10

    LGRL Constant Contributor Award

    Highest Goals and Assists total over the regular season

  139. 10

    LGRL Playmaker Award

    Most Assists over the regular season

  140. 10

    LGRL Chief Closer

    Most Goals over the regular season

  141. 10

    LGRL High Five Award

    Highest Score total over the regular season

  142. 10

    LGRL Diamond Club Award

    Playoff MVP

  143. 10

    LGRL Hero Award

    Regular season MVP

  144. 10

    LGRL Perfect Presence Award

    Best playoff record

  145. 10

    LGRL On Point Award

    Best regular season record

  146. 10

    Bundesliga Champions

    This award goes to the team that finishes the season in first place in the Bundesliga.

  147. 10

    EPL Champions

    This award goes to the team that places first in the EPL at the end of the season.

  148. 10


    This award goes to the team that won the DFB-Pokal in the LGFA.

  149. 10

    Champions League

    This award goes to the winner of the Champions League in the LGFA.

  150. 10

    LGFA Assist Leader

    This award goes to the player that lead the LGFA in assists at the end of the season.

  151. 10

    LG Community Service Award

    For outstanding service to the community and representing LG in the best manner possible

  152. 10

    Dan Snyder Memorial Trophy

    The Dan Snyder Memorial Trophy is awarded each year to an Ontario Hockey League player who makes a notable humanitarian contribution within his community.

  153. 10

    Leyden Trophy

  154. 10

    LGFA Preseason Cup

    This cup is awarded to the team that wins the preseason tournament.

  155. 10

    LGBA Top SG

  156. 10

    LGBA Top SF

  157. 10

    LGBA Top PF

  158. 10

    LGBA Top C

  159. 10

    ESHL Event Winner

    Winner of club tournament

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    WJC Silver Medal

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  164. 20

    WJC Gold Medal

  165. 20

    Emms Family Award

    The Emms Family Award is presented annually to the top first year player in the Ontario Hockey League. The award was donated to the OHL by Leighton "Hap" Emms, former owner of franchises in Barrie, Niagara Falls and St. Catharines.

  166. 20

    Matt Leyden Trophy

    The Matt Leyden Trophy is awarded annually to the Ontario Hockey League Coach of the Year as selected by OHL coaches and general managers. It is named in honour of Matt Leyden, a former president of the Ontario Hockey Association.

  167. 20

    Leo Lalonde Memorial Trophy

    The Leo Lalonde Memorial Trophy is awarded each year to the best overage player in the Ontario Hockey League. The trophy was donated by the trainers of the Ontario Hockey League in memory of Leo Lalonde, former chief scout of OHL Central Scouting.

  168. 20

    William Hanley Trophy

    The William Hanley Trophy is awarded to the Ontario Hockey League's Most Sportsmanlike Player. It is named for William Hanley, a former secretary-manager of the Ontario Hockey Association who served in that capacity for twenty-five years.

  169. 20

    Bobby Smith Trophy

    The Bobby Smith Trophy is awarded annually to the Ontario Hockey League Scholastic Player of the Year who best combines high standards of play and academic excellence.

  170. 20

    Bill Long Award

    The Bill Long Award for Distinguished Service is presented in recognition and appreciation of an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Ontario Hockey League. The recipient must be or have been actively engaged in junior hockey.

  171. 20

    Dave Pinkney Trophy

    The Dave Pinkney Trophy is awarded to the goaltenders of the team that has the best team goals-against-average in the Ontario Hockey League.

  172. 20

    Stafford Smythe Memorial Trophy

    Awarded to the Most Valuable Player of the Memorial Cup

  173. 20

    Hap Emms Memorial Trophy

    Awarded to the outstanding goaltender of the Memorial Cup

  174. 20

    George Parsons Trophy

    Awarded to the most sportsmanlike player of the Memorial Cup

  175. 20

    Bumbacco Trophy

    The Bumbacco Trophy is awarded annually to the regular season champion of the Ontario Hockey League's West Division.

  176. 20

    F. W. "Dinty" Moore Trophy

    The F. W. "Dinty" Moore Trophy is awarded annually to the first year goaltender with the best goals against average in the Ontario Hockey League during the regular season, that played a minimum of 1320 minutes in goal.

  177. 20

    Telus Cup – Offensive

    The Telus Cup – Offensive is awarded annually to the person voted the best offensive player in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

  178. 20

    Telus Cup – Defensive

    The Telus Cup – Defensive is awarded annually to the person voted the best defensive player in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

  179. 20

    Kevin Lowe Trophy

    The Kevin Lowe Trophy is awarded annually to the player in the QMJHL judged to be the best defensive defenceman.

  180. 20

    Michael Bossy Trophy

    The Michael Bossy Trophy is awarded annually to the player in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League judged to be the best professional prospect.

  181. 20

    Michel Bergeron Trophy

    The Michel Bergeron Trophy is awarded annually to the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League's "Offensive Rookie of the Year."

  182. 20

    Raymond Lagacé Trophy

    The Raymond Lagacé Trophy is awarded annually to the Defensive Rookie of the Year in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

  183. 20

    Paul Dumont Trophy

    The Paul Dumont Trophy is awarded annually to the "Personality of the Year" in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. The award can be won by anyone connected to the league, including players and staff.

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  185. 30

    OHL Executive of the Year

    The OHL Executive of the Year Award is given annually to the top executive in the Ontario Hockey League.

  186. 30

    John Horman Trophy

    The John Horman Trophy is awarded annually to the Executive of the Year in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

  187. 30

    Ron Lapointe Trophy

    The Ron Lapointe Trophy is awarded annually by the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League to the "Coach of the Year."

  188. 50

    LGBA Top PG

  189. 100

    FNP 1st Place

    Award for finishing first in Friday Night Puck

  190. 100

    Team of the Season

  191. 100

    Friday Night FIFA Champions

    This award goes to the Friday Night FIFA team that wins the tournament