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The current state of lg

Discussion in 'EA NHL Series' started by ilovebruins4, Dec 27, 2016.


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  1. ilovebruins4

    ilovebruins4 The king of nothing

    May 4, 2016
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    New York
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    League Gaming has become a escape for me and many others throughout its tender but sadly we are watching it crumble in our hands. Lg is a competitive website it always has been but one thing we need to stop doing is putting down others I have seen management scare new players away and have promising players leave because a chl manager wanted to stroke his own ego what needs to be done about this is to correct but encourage new players and old players who can't get it together it would make this community a much happier place. Secondly with so many forfeits this season we need to stop with players signing up everyday and never showing up witch also leads to management having to grasp a hold on this reasonably and get to the bottom of the no shows on this topic is tc's who complain about not playing then not showing up when teams need them this is annoying towards a team with a emergency. In general what I'm saying is let's make lg fun again and remember why we play NHL in the first place.
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