So you wanna retire huh? 2020-08-26

retirement thread

  1. NotoriousFAT 00
    Chel is a hell of a drug! Once it's under your skin there is rarely ever an escape from it. The line separating life and chel blurs and you soon become one. It will bring you to your highest of highs when everything feels right and the boys are buzzin'. You feel almost invincible rattling off 4 or 5 wins in an evening and scoring with ease. The feeling is so right. But as quickly as that high hits the low can hit twice as hard. EA also has no qualms with taking that same controller that made you feel like a virtual hockey god and firmly wedging it in your colon. Similarly to a drug addict we come back and seek that high again. Some find it, others continue to have a "bad trip" but the end result is the same. We come back.

    At the end of every season I think it's common to feel the "post season" blues. During the games we gripe, bitch and moan about the game but yet we all return season after season. Why is that you think? It's because we are hockey fans. We love the sport. We watch the games and we pour over the stat page the next morning. We debate with friends which team will hoist the cup. Hell we produce weekly media shows about a fictitious league! In reality until there is a viable second option for us all to get our "fix" we will forever be crawling back to our heartless pusher EA.

    So I understand these farewell posts. I get you wanna get off the junk and try to live a clean life. Hell we all do! But the harsh truth of it all is that it likely won't happen. @Kiroxy4320 will be back. @SirMikeKnight will be back. All you guys contemplating retirement will be back. Maybe not next month, maybe not next season but you like everyone else comes back. Now if you are indeed one of the lucky survivors that escapes the clutches of chel I congratulate you and I wish you well. Your presence here will be missed at LG. During those nights of temptation when your old buddies are playing some club don't be seduced by their messages of change. Don't fall prey to the obligatory "It's better now" "You can perform the Michigan and it's sick!" talk. You must remain steadfast in the face of adversity! You can not try just a little three's. 3's is a GATEWAY DRUG!!! I leave you with this quote.

    Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.
    Henry David Thoreau

    Good luck to all those trying to escape.

    - NotoriousFAT 00
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