AHL Super 16 [S35 W5] (Short Edition x2)

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    This write up is an idea taken from NHL.com. I decided to bring it to the AHL on a weekly basis. The Super 16 is a "Power Rankings". To create the power rankings, there is a group of 8 GM's & AGM's who compile their version of what they think the Super 16 should look like. A point total is assigned to each spot of the Super 16. The #1 team gets assigned 16 points, #2 team gets 15, #3 team gets 14, and so on all the way down to the #16 team getting 1 point. Every point gets added up from all of the rankings and then a final list is made.

    The people who will help put this together each week are: @JC Enterprise @Sportfreak114 @SmiTTy x 12 @DONNYWOOD @l SaIty I @Leniig @Casey26lax FR @Tretiak v 20

    With all of that being said, here are your Super 16 for Week 5...

    I had planned on not doing a write up for Week 5 and try and work on a different type of write up for this coming week. But JC gave me an idea to do this write up as a "Short Edition" for the remainder of the season in addition to my new one. So for the rest of the season, you will get the Super 16 as a short and sweet version.

    1. :team618: Tucson Roadrunners (32-8-5)

    Total Points: 126

    Last Week: No.1

    2. :team309: Syracuse Crunch (31-13-1)

    Total Points: 111

    Last Week: No.4

    3. :team390: Milwaukee Admirals (28-11-6)

    Total Points: 109

    Last Week: No.2

    4. :team625: Colorado Eagles (29-12-4)

    Total Points: 105

    Last Week: No.3

    5. [​IMG] Palm Springs Firebirds (31-12-2)

    Total Points: 104

    Last Week: No.6

    6. :team352: Providence Bruins (29-14-2)

    Total Points: 85

    Last Week: No.8

    7. :team303: Binghamton Devils (28-14-3)

    Total Points: 71

    Last Week: No.T10

    8. :team298: Toronto Marlies (26-12-7)

    Total Points: 65

    Last Week: No.T10

    9. :team519: San Jose Barracuda (28-12-5)

    Total Points: 62

    Last Week: No.9

    10. :team307: Manitoba Moose (25-17-3)

    Total Points: 49

    Last Week: No.14

    11. :team777: Belleville Senators (26-16-3)

    Total Points: 39

    Last Week: No.7

    12. :team301: Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins (24-17-4)

    Total Points: 34

    Last Week: No.12

    13. :team393: Charlotte Checkers (25-17-3)

    Total Points: 28

    Last Week: NR

    14. :team362: Iowa Wild (22-14-9)

    Total Points: 27

    Last Week: No.T14

    15. :team317: Cleveland Monsters (26-17-2)

    Total Points: 17

    Last Week: No.T16

    16. :team349: Rockford IceHogs (24-17-4)

    Total Points: 15

    Last Week: NR

    Other teams receiving points: :team312: Rochester (10), :team518: San Diego (10), :team350: Hershey (8), :team395: Chicago (4), :team410: Utica (3), :team299: Grand Rapids (2)
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