OFFICIAL Bolts Chel Challenge - Season 5 EU

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    Welcome to Season 5 of the Bolts Chel Challenge! Please read this information carefully.

    Join the LG Discord
    All league communication will happen via the Leaguegaming Discord, please join it today!
    Full Rules, Eligibility, and Dates
    Official Rules (English) -
    Official Rules (Suomi) -
    Official Rules (Svenska) -

    Banned Player List
    Qualifier Format & Dates
    Please read this format carefully.

    Here are the key points on how the format will work:
    • This event is scheduled to have a live LAN final in Orlando FLA where 4 players (2 from NA & 2 from EU) will play for the top prize
    • The final 2 players for the EU will qualify for the LAN. One person from Bracket A or B, and one person from Bracket C or D.
    • The EU Bracket will be played on PlayStation 5.
    How each qualifier will work
    • Qualifiers are Sat-Sun.
    • All players will be randomly put in 1 of 4 separate double-elimination brackets.
    • All games vs your opponent is a best-of-one (BO1).
    • Once we have the 4 winners from each of the 4 brackets, the winner of 1 will play the winner of 2, and the winner of 3 will play the winner of 4 in a BO3. Those 2 winners will qualify for the live LAN.
    • All rounds will have a default date and time.
    • If the bracket is caught up and both opponents wish to play earlier than the next scheduled time, they may do so.
      • However, both opponents cannot flex to a later time (only earlier).
    Here are the key dates (all times are GMT):
    • Signup Weekend - December 29 to January 20
    Each bracket will be generated after the signup deadline for each weekend has concluded.

    Qualifiers - Saturday, January 21 to Sunday, January 22
    • Qualifier Weekend #1 - January 21 to January 22

    Game Settings
    • Game Mode: Online Versus
    • Difficulty: All-Star
    • Period Length: 4 minutes
    • Game Type: Competitive
    • Rules: Custom
    • Fighting: On
    • Penalties: On
    • Injuries: Off
    • Offsides: Delayed
    • Icing: Hybrid Icing
    • Tie Break: Continuous Overtime
    • Control Goalie in Shootout: On
    • Teams: Tampa Bay Lightning's current roster
    • Music: Off
    • Announcers: Off
    • Position Lock: Off
    If you have any questions please DM on Twitter @leaguegaming (DMs are open)!

    Good luck to everyone!