Bridgeport/Wilkes barre handshake

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    Just wanted to congratulate you guys on the series win and tell you guys good luck the rest of the way. @Laporshkin x 71 @l Gentry l @Dimitri x 91 you guys built a tough team to play against and have mastered the art of the turd lol. @Joonetic fook you buddeh <3. @Slippery In Net you are a stud bud and to the rest of you wbs guys good series good luck next round boys. Wish we could’ve held on in game 4 to even the series so it went 7.

    To my Bridgeport guys sorry we came up short it was a pleasure being on a team with you guys you’re a bunch of class acts. @B Tep55566 @TeachMe18 @Snackpacks13 @mikehogie I had a lot of fun playing with you guys as a line and hope we still club or pub. @SpruceMoose91 @DatsyukianxDeke @Gumba l11l @FireHollandLGRW @glex solid season as usual thanks for giving it a go. @axemurderer29 @Jude le Polski @tchang3380 @ItzTets @tchang3380 love you guys. @mochez18 @Wild Edits easily one of the best goalie tandoms I’ve had the pleasure of playing in front of on a team. Bridgeport out, stay gritty!!
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