Xbox Commishski’s Five Players to Watch

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    I figured I might as well jump on the media train and do an article as well so below will be five players I’m going to be watching in the coming season.

    1. @Viktomize

    Everyone knew going in to bidding that if Vik did go in to bidding he would a premium commodity for any team and this resulted in him being the player with the highest contract this season. He definitely can preform as well all know but will he be able to carry the team to wins seeing as how he will be the focal point of many teams best defenders. It’ll be up to the Knicks to give Vik support in forms of other scoring threats so that the offense won’t be completely one dimensional and this will have to come from the Knicks low contract players. If this can’t happen, it will be a long year for @STG BEAST and the Knicks.

    2. @Beta Dreams

    The former Owner now turned GM is going in to his third season in the league. The guy is a proven PG who knows how to fill the stat sheet and will make sure you hear about it too. He’s working under the new owner in @SuBpeRBzSkiLLz and will definitely help him learn the ropes faster than other managers will. The main question for me about Beta is whether or not he can get over the hump and carry a team to the title. He has the MVP, he has the 1st team, he now needs that elusive title.

    3. @HoodieMerc

    The former PSN owner has now brought his talents over to the Xbox side. Merc was one of the first people establish the LGBA PSN. The man fell just short of a title over there in a very well fought finals. But the bottom line for Merc is that not only is he a successful owner, he also wins. This pick up is a very good one for the Nets team as he can give insights on how to run a team and just overall knowledge to a rather new management group.

    4. @LockDownJesus

    The Former NCAA manager has taken the next step and is taking a stab at managing in the NBA. LockDown has brought back some of the Marquette roster from the NCAA days to the NBA for cheap and with that saved cash they went out and got two very good scoring players in @TNTxFlacco and @EveryThingNike1 and with the luck of the Irish got blessed with some Grade A TC guys in @ele905 @Rico Suave TOS and @x Matic y If those NCAA guys can bring that same game to the NBA level and management does everything right, watch out for @LockDownJesus and the Sacramento Kings.

    5. @WiliestJester56

    Another NCAA owner turned NBA owner taking the leap and bringing along his UNC teammate as his GM in @Pr1me Dime . Now the interesting thing about these two is that they built a complete roster of people relatively unknown for the bare minimum salary similar to the Philadelphia 76ers of last year excluding the max offer on @im just a squid . 8 bids, 8 players and all at 500k. Maybe they know something we don’t and this will be an elite squad of future stars or it’s just another filler team but only time will tell. Either way, @WiliestJester56 and @Pr1me Dime you have my attention for this season.

    I thank you all for reading this and to everyone partaking in the league, I wish you nothing but the best of luck in this upcoming season!

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    Sooooooooooo many people bout to be salty... Love the content tho :popcorn:
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    Commishski o_O
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