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    Hello Everyone,

    The ESHL Leaderboard has been updated with 2 events
    • The CBJ Winter Stinger (100% Decay, reference only. However next CBJ Event will count)
    • ESHL S14 - Kings Coast Cup #1
    The top 3 team spots are heating up as Entourage and Olympia are in a dead heat!

    We've also added a really cool new feature you guys will love called "Roster Mania".


    How this page works is we compare the rosters of teams from one event to another. In todays example its from the CapsGaming S2 to ESHL 14. We will update this next week to ESHL s14 to ESHL s15. This page what moves each team makes and where those players go.

    Couple notes for the Kings Coast Cup and its points. The formula is this

    • Points for Qualifiers: 20 points for a team in each qualifer game win. +10 for each GP
    • +50 if the team makes the group stages
    • 10 points for each win and + 1 point for each gp in group stages
    • Playoff table below
    • [​IMG]
    There is a lot of cool data in the ESHL leaderboard including individual player leaderboards, so give it a look!

    Enjoy everyone!
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