HeadLine Inside The 18: PortugeeKilla93 & OSGUNNERS

IT18 sits down with the two Portuguese rookies on Wolverhampton!

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    Inside The 18: PortugeeKilla93 & OSGUNNERS - IT18 sits down with the two Portuguese rookies on Wolverhampton!.


    Today we get a special look at two of the rookies in the LGFA. Two new members that started their career at the Molieux for the Wolves. The Portuguese tandem, OSGUNNERS and Portugeekilla93!

    Prince: First we will ask Killa, then Gunners will answer. Thank you for joining Inside The 18. Gentlemen, this is your first season in the LGFA. How do you like it?

    Portugeekilla93: Well, when I was asked to play LG, I was really thrilled and excited after all these years of playing FIFA that I finally got to take my skills to another level. I also really did enjoy the competition in my first year in LG.

    OSGUNNERS: I like LGFA. It's great competition. This is my first season and definitely not my last. I can't wait to play more seasons to come and hopefully try to expand the league and get more people involved.

    Prince: It's always nice to hear the rookies enjoy it and want to help the league for sure. How have you guys liked your time so far at Wolverhampton?

    Portugeekilla93: For our first season I think we have exceeded expectations being the newcomers in this league. The management has done a great job in organizing the team and making sure everything has been run smoothly. I already can't wait to start my 2nd season with these fine gentlemen.

    OSGUNNERS: I have the same answer to that question.

    Prince: That is great to hear. If you guys could make any changes in the league, what would you change about it?

    Portugeekilla93: One of the main things I would like to change for this league is adding more teams and expanding. I also would like for some teams to take this league seriously and that the LG games to actually start on time.

    OSGUNNERS: There really wouldn't be anything in particular to change in the league. I think it's been going smoothly but I would just want for the league to expand more and have more teams.

    Prince: Boys, last question for the both of you. What is your team of the season as of right now?

    GK: Bauer
    LB: Kwsta
    RB: PortuggeePrince
    CB: Mort Ragnarsson
    CB: Moreno
    CDM: Osgunners
    RM: Messi
    LM: Maestro
    CAM: Brisan
    ST: Lazer
    ST: Mbappe

    GK: Sugarb
    D: Mort Ragnarsson
    D: PortuggeePrince
    D: Moreno
    D: Pavard
    M: Brisan
    M: AGingaNinja
    M: Maestro
    F: Lazer
    F: Mbappe
    F: Accursed Eagle

    Prince: Gentlemen, Muito obrigado pela entrevista! you guys have been playing very well for being rookies in LG! Good luck the rest of the season!

    Thank you Killa and Gunners for doing this interview for Inside The 18! Don't forget to Like and Comment!

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