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    Hey everybody, I am PortuggeePrince and welcome to Inside the 18. This is the first interview I am conducting and keep an eye out periodically as there are more to follow for sure. Today we will be talking with the head of the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, AGingaNinja12.

    Prince: CJ, first off I want to thank you for being here today. To say your LGCHL managing career has been underwhelming is, an understatement quite frankly, what made you think you could manage in the LGFA?

    AGingaNinja: Thank you Prince for this opportunity. I switched from the LGCHL to the FIFA side of things, mainly because I understand the Beautiful Game more than I do hockey. Not to mention I am much better at FIFA than I am NHL... Just look at my plus/minus it is abysmal.

    Prince: And it definitely shows as you've been one of the better holding midfielders in the entire league thus far. Currently in the standings the Wolves are second, only to Liverpool FC, by one point of a difference. Being new to LGFA, how do you feel your team has done through the halfway point of the season?

    AGingaNinja: At the beginning, we were reserved and wanted to have realistic expectations going in. We scouted many players and ended up finding some gems through the process. We may not be the best offensively, but our defense has been lockdown at times, The Wolvo Wall we call it. I hope that OSGUNNERS and myself can continue being the dominant anchors in the midfield. Gunners deserves much more credit than what he is getting. He has played phenomenal. Also, our $21 Million Center Back pairing has been well worth it. Interestingly, Moreno signed up for LG because of a friend of his, TIMBO on Chelsea. We were worried he would not enjoy his time at the Molineux, but has done the exact opposite. One of the better locker room guys and a leader on the team. Moving forward with the season, I expect us to challenge for the league and hopefully win it. It's like we said from the beginning: We are not here to take part, we are here to take over. Forca Wolves.

    Prince: A nice reference, of course to the former former UFC Champion, Conor McGregor there. Speaking of fighting. Liverpool FC, led by Criminal Lazer and Pavard, have built an absolute buzzsaw and a force to be reckoned with. Do you think the Wolves of the Black Country have enough to stand toe to toe, trade Heavyweight-type blows, with the Monsters of Merseyside?

    AGingaNinja: We did it once earlier in the pre-season. I feel like if we come out and are well prepared for the relentless pressure they play with and spread them out we can beat anyone. I also know that it will take a couple lucky bounces and for SugarB to stand on his head. Also if AirBullseye, Sease and PortugeeKilla can find Accursed Eagle in the box we will always stand a chance.

    Prince: It should definitely be a fun one between the two top clubs in LGFA. One last question for you here CJ. Who is your LGFA Team of The Season right now?

    AGingaNinja: GK- SugarB. Defense- PortugeePrince, Moreno24, Pavard and Mort Ragnarson. Midfielders - OSGUNNERS, Brisan, Maestro. Forwards - AccursedEagle, Evo, Criminal Lazer.

    Prince: No shortage of Liverpool and Wolves players for sure in that lineup! Thank you for the time CJ and good the rest of the way!

    AGingaNinja: No problem. I appreciate it and I hope we can continue this form. WE ARE WOLVES!

    That's all we have time for today Inside the 18! I want to thank AGingaNinja for taking the time out to do this interview! keep an eye out for the next edition of Inside The 18 with Andre Pereira aka PortuggeePrince!
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    Nice write up man. Excited to see more work
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    Fuckin awesome work Dre
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