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    Welcome to Season 4 of the Leafs Gaming League! Please read this information carefully.

    Join the LG Discord
    All league communication will happen via the Leaguegaming Discord, please join it today!
    Full Rules, Eligibility, and Dates

    Banned Player List
    Important Information for the NHL 23 World Championship
    • This event does not count as one of the 4 events you can play in.
    • To be put in the bracket, you must check-in to the league 1 hour before the event starts (Check-in time 12:00-12:59pm Sat March 11th)
    • Anyone already a NHL WC rep, can not play in this event
    • The highest-finishing North American player, who is currently not already representing an NHL club will become the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 23 World Championship representative. For exact details refer to the rules document above.
    Qualifier Format & Dates.
    • This event will be limited to the 1st 256 players who sign-up and check-in
    • The event is Sat March 11th at 1pm ET. Check-in is 1 hour prior (12:00pm ET). The event continues Sunday to complete all the brackets. There will be an Xbox vs PSN final Thrs March 16th at 7pm ET.
    • This bracket stage event is a single weekend, BO1 double elimination bracket. Players will be split into 1 of 4 64 player brackets. If there are under 64 players, we will goto a single bracket of 64 (double elim)
    • For exact dates please see the reference image below

    In Game Rules

    Game Settings: If any game settings are not mentioned in the list below, they shall be left at the default
    • Game Mode: Online Versus
    • Difficulty: All-Star
    • Period Length: 4 Minutes
    • Game Type: Competitive
    • Rules: Custom
    • Fighting: On
    • Penalties: On
    • Injuries: Off
    • Offsides: Delayed
    • Icing: Hybrid Icing
    • Tie Break: 5v5 Continuous Overtime
    • Control Goalie in Shootout: On
    • Both teams must use the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1v1 VS