League Gaming Policy : Quitting Leagues

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    We have determined there are three types of Leagues that have existed at League Gaming

    Third-Party Leagues

    These are Leagues that have been devolped and created by third parties. These league have been invited or have requested use of LG's various League devices (scraping, scoreboards, rosters, forums, etc.) LeagueGaming does not assign Commissioners, develop or enforce rules. Player invites, removals, discipline in the League are not contolled or monitored by LG.

    Prospect Leagues

    This League is created by LG and Commissioners are appointed. It is not a full blown league. It is a league where someone tries to prove that they are worthy of being in the full blown league.

    LG Sanctioned Leagues

    These are Leagues that have been developed and created by LG. League Gaming assigns Commissioners, develops and enforces rules, player invites, removals, discipline and all other Admin duties.

    With that in mind, here are the standards at League Gaming for determining sanctions for Quitting a League.

    Third Party Leagues
    League Gaming will not monitor participation in these Leagues. The reasons behind a player quitting or removed is outside of the scope of what LG requires from these Leagues, Where League Gaming has not established and approved rules, removals, quitting, or other matters in Third Party Leagues - quitting or removal from a Third Party League will not be considered a factor in participating in League Gaming Leagues.

    These Leagues are self-governing - and without direct admin involvement with the League - we will not enforce a standard for something outside of our control.

    Prospect Leagues
    This is an audition for a LG Sanctioned League. Many factors may factor into a persons trying prospect league - scheduling, learning the game, availability, etc. It is a try-out. It may be determined you don't wish to participate in a full-blown League, or it is determined your gameplay or other issues should not allow you to play in the full-blown League.

    If that happens, a players Quitting or being removed from a prospect league does not interfere with the LG Sanctioned League. Therefore, quitting or being removed from a prospect League will not be considered a factor in participating in League Gaming Leagues.

    LG Sanctioned Leagues
    These are the full-blown LG Leagues. Quitting or being removed from a LG Sanctioned League interferes with the enjoyment and operation of the League.

    Therefore, quitting or being removed from a LG Sanctioned League will result in the following minimum consequences:
    The member will be unable to participate in any LG Leagues until the beginning of the new Season of that League, or a period of 4 months (whichever comes first).
    At the discretion of the other LG Commissioners in other Leagues, the member may be removed from any other current League they are participating in.
    League Gaming Administrators may, at their discretion, extend or modify this punishment.
    All players who are being removed, or quit shall be notified by pm from the League Commissioner of the implications for quitting (a copy of which shall be sent to Lg Admins).
    Player shall have 7 days to respond in a manner satisfactory to the Commissioner and/or LG Admins, otherwise the 4 month prohibition will take effect.
    LG Admins will notify all Commissioners of the prohibitions including details of type and duration of suspension.
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