LGBA S5 Round 1 Playoff Predictions

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    The playoffs are here, and it wouldn't feel right if you guys didn't have someone's opinion to argue over. I have unselfishly decided to sacrifice myself & my well-being to give the LGBA PSN community my 100% controversial opinions on how each playoff series will go round by round. Let's kick this thing off with Round 1.


    Brooklyn Nets :team95: (4) vs. Toronto Raptors :team105: (1)

    PREDICTION: Raptors :team105: in 5

    ANALYSIS: I'm being as objective as possible with my picks, which is why I believe the Raptors will win in 5. The Raptors simply have 2 lineups that can be viewed as 1st lines if they were on any other team.

    Both of these lineups are very efficient in running a 4-out offense. PGs @StayFarAway_ATR and @Browness- make up the majority of the offense, and they are both very good at scoring and creating plays with the ball. Lockdown defenders @ONeill_5 & @Cmojames13 also make things tough for opposing PGs as they are skilled defenders both on and off of the ball. This Raptors team is stocked with solid shooters around both of their PGs (@Bigshots_ATR, @iTzShoooK), so open shots are rarely squandered. As a whole, the Raptors are the highest scoring team in the league coming into the postseason, averaging 75.3 PPG. They also average the least amount of turnovers as a team, only turning the ball over 6.7 times per game. All the Raptors need to do in this series is steal one game from the Nets top line, which is easier said then done.

    I say this is easier said than done because of a recent newcomer to the Nets team. Since @BUMPED-OFFLINE was called up from TC, he has rejuvenated this Nets team and has provided solid offensive play that can stand toe to toe with any lineup. His chemistry with center @thetuffiest30j on the defensive end has also caused fits for opposing teams. However, the Nets are reliant on this top line, which is tough going into a series where the opposing team outmatches the 2nd line. This probably means that the Nets 1st line will have to go 3-0 in order to win this series. The Nets are solid when they are on the same page and locked in, but focus has been a huge issue as of late. When focused, players like @Steven Hernandez, @KayvoonDurnt, @yoMayblu and @JimHarden_ are consistent shooters and provide lockdown defense. Overall, I say this series comes down to which team's 1st line plays better.

    PLAYERS TO WATCH: @BUMPED-OFFLINE :team95:, @thetuffiest30j :team95:, @StayFarAway_ATR :team105:, @Browness- :team105:

    Charlotte Hornets :team254: (3) vs. Chicago Bulls :team81: (2)

    PREDICTION: Hornets :team254: in 5

    ANALYSIS: This is the hardest series to judge in my eyes. These 2 teams are similar in almost every team statistic (seriously, go look for yourself!), as well as style of play.

    On the Bulls side of things, @Kingdeydey_ is a solid PG for their 1st line. It'll be interesting to see who they put around him for the playoffs. @ttp-21- is also a solid PG, which gives the Bulls 2 competitive lineups. Both of these PGs are keen at creating shots for themselves off the dribble and hitting open 3 point shots. The Bulls have an interesting style of play, as they tend to use taller/bigger players to gain an advantage on inside scoring & defense. They look for their guards to shoot most of the threes, while keeping up in scoring by having good inside finishers (such as @coolviper__ & @Chizzy-Skywalker) around them to take high % shots under the rim. The only potential weakness I see is at the center position, as the only player who averages more than 10 RPG is @Whystheboozegone, who has only played 9 games this season.

    The Hornets are also a team who utilizes bigger builds in order to play better defense. However, I think they execute this style of play better than the Bulls. The Hornets are arguably the best defensive team in the league (1st in team SPG & BPG). These stats come from great defensive play from @BIGMIKECLICKBOOM, @Furix24, and @MrSellout1834. It is hard to get open and make layups when they are constantly in the passing lanes and have defending builds everywhere. The steals and blocks they generate lead to most of their offense coming off of fast-break opportunities. The huge tradeoff with this strategic philosophy is that their half-court offense struggles. The Hornets 3 point % as a team is towards the bottom half of the league (44.7%), which is indicative of their lack of floor spacing. @I--Cross--I 's ability to create shots in a half court set is what bails them out when all else fails. It'll be interesting to see how these 2 similar styles of play clash head to head. The 2nd line led by @Devil_Clutch1 & @R3my_martin10 need to steal a game from the Bulls in order to advance to the next round.

    PLAYERS TO WATCH: @Kingdeydey_ :team81:, @ttp-21- :team81:, @I--Cross--I :team254:, @BIGMIKECLICKBOOM :team254:


    Phoenix Suns :team100: (4) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder :team373: (1)

    PREDICTION: Thunder :team373: in 3

    ANALYSIS: I feel that OKC is the most well-rounded team in the west, and will have no problem against the Suns.

    OKC is coming into this series as a huge favorite over the Suns. They have received excellent PG play all year from @THEKIDDKEL & @Royaltyx860, who both make up the majority of the on-ball offense. These guys can both create space off the dribble and score at will. What is even more dangerous is the fact that they have reliable players around them, such as scoring guard @RIPAsap27, big man @SayTito99, and defensive mastermind @vClassiCz_MeRkz. OKC are 2nd as a team in PPG, top 5 in FG%, top 5 in 3P%, 2nd in SPG, and 2nd in least amount of turnovers. THIS is how you succeed in this league. It is clear that the other members of OKC play their role accordingly and have bought in. @MpLs Anderson, @Tetsuie, and @Drewl24l are examples of players that might not have the flashiest stats on paper, but are important cogs in the machine that keep this team on a winning path.

    On the surface, this is the situation in Phoenix: the Suns are a .500 team on a 5 game losing streak that limped into the 4th seed in the West. The Suns as a whole are also mostly middle of the pack in team averages. The 1st line is led by PG @Jlm1410 and C @Navyynick, who each do most of the ball handling and playmaking. @Trev766 is the go to scoring option off-ball on that line, while @JJJACKSON and @NEWFIEBOY94 provide solid 3 & D play. The problem with the Suns is the concerning lack of depth that is the 2nd line. @BOHIO-_- is the best scoring option for the Suns, but he hasn't seen action since December 5th, whether it be due to availability issues or management's decision. It is yet to be known if he will see action during this round of the playoffs. He could be the boost that the 2nd line needs to remain competitive. With all that being said, I still do not think the Suns are strong enough to matchup with either of the Thunder's lines. They lack a true scorer who can create scoring off the dribble, as well as a sound defensive presence as a collective unit.

    PLAYERS TO WATCH: @THEKIDDKEL :team373:, @SayTito99 :team373:, @Jlm1410 :team100:, @Navyynick :team100:

    San Antonio Spurs :team103: (3) vs. Los Angeles Lakers :team90: (2)

    PREDICTION: Lakers :team90: in 3

    ANALYSIS: The Spurs are known for their good defense, but the Lakers explosive offense makes it hard for even the best defenses.

    With PG play being the most important aspect of a 2k team, having 2 elite PGs is a luxury. @MintOverMango & @GEE5iVE04 are undoubtedly the anchors of this team, as they lead the team in both PPG & APG. The next most important aspect would be good center play, and they get that with @DaGoatRod and @DEMBURGHBOYZ412. @DaGoatRod is a top center in this league, and is averaging 14.5 PPG & 16(!) RPG. @RR_smooveJ & @MaceoParker55 are solid defenders who can score inside when called upon to do so. @GETEMBINO & @Rhady_rhad are solid secondary scoring options to accompany either PG. The Lakers as a team are top 5 in PPG, top 3 in FG%, and 1st in 3P%. They can flat out SCORE, whether it be in the half-court or transition. While they aren't as well-rounded in my opinion as OKC, especially defensively, the Lakers are still as explosive of an offense as any team in this league.

    The Spurs are an interesting case. @OTFLefty, @NOVA_Balla856, and @xxGotti do the majority of the playmaking, and are great combo guards, but they lack that killer instinct/aggressiveness needed to be top scoring guards in this league. Sometimes you need your PG to go off for 30+ points and look to shoot more than facilitate. Regardless, the shooters around them also need to step up if they are looking to take down this Laker squad. Center @King-strict makes things easy for the Spurs 1st line under the rim (15.5 PPG, 13.9 RPG, 1.5 BPG), as he is a calming defensive anchor for their team and looks to continue to play great. The defense is the strong point of the Spurs, with @xxGotti & @Ynw_belly17 averaging over 3 SPG each. @Parklock_, @xKenraqs__ , and @manEATgod are also nice pieces that have high defensive IQ and can provide spot up shooting when needed. The Spurs will need to continue this great defensive play if they want a shot at upsetting the Lakers. However, I think it won't be enough in the end.

    : @GEE5iVE04 :team90:, @DaGoatRod :team90:, @xxGotti :team103:, @King-strict :team103:

    If you made it this far, thank you for reading. Please comment your predictions down below, and tell me if I need to improve anything.

    (Let's go Nets :team95::team95::team95:)