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    LGFA S14 Award Winners - LGFA S14 Awards.



    League Gaming Football Association, Season Fourteen Honours:

    Ballon d'Or (Golden Ball) : Criminal Lazer (Liverpool FC)
    GP: 21 AMR: 9.2 G:44 A:8 Record: 20-1-0

    So this one wasn't particularly difficult. 21 games played for the Merseyside club this season. The talisman scored 44 league goals and notched 8 assists. The LGFA All-time leader in goals made a statement this year for sure. In the FA Cup, he finished with 6-0-0 and scoring 9 goals with 3 assists. For opposing defenses, it was quite simple this year. If the ball made its way to Lazer in the 18 yard box, get in front of it or foul him because the chance that he would bury the ball in the onion bag is exceptionally high. No other player more fitting for the coveted Ballon d'Or than the Liverpool Lazer. Congratulations!

    Franz Beckenbauer (Top Defenseman): Pavard x21 (Liverpool FC)
    GP: 21 AMR: 8.1 INT: 61 TACKL: 33 BLKS: 10 Record: 21-1-0

    Pavard goes home after this season with, yet another, Franz Beckenbauer trophy to add to his case. The player formerly known as Wanyama, was a dominant centre-back at Anfield this season. It is not a surprise to see him receiving yet another accolade for his defensive prowess. Liverpool was an absolute buzzsaw offensively, however, it cannot be overlooked that the defense for the club was nothing short of stifling. Leading the league in tackles and interceptions, with a 8.1 AMR for a centre-back is certainly, nothing to scoff at. Congratulations Pavard.

    Rookie of the Season: The Mastro (Manchester City FC)
    GP: 14 AMR: 7.5 G: 23 A: 3 Record: 9-1-4

    The Mastro stepped in at Manchester City and was nothing short of fantastic for the Citizens. 14 games in the Premier league, scoring a whopping 23 goals and 3 assists. The Mastro was a big reason for a resurgence this season at the Etihad. Quickly, the league found out who The Mastro was and how dangerous he was to every team he faced this season. Surely, everyone now know about Mastro's skills and finishing ability. Congratulations on winning ROTY!

    Lev Yashin Award (Top Goalkeeper): PuRe TeMpAh2709 (West Ham United)
    GP: 16 SV: 90 GA: 32 SV%: 73.3 CS: 5 Record 6-4-6

    One of the few bright spots on an otherwise less than stellar season for West Ham, PureTempah was an excellent Guardian of the Goal. 5 clean sheets as well as 90 saves in 16 games. For the amount of games played, he was tested consistently and did his job superbly for the Hammers. This is PureTempah's first Lev Yashin award as the best netminder for S14. He will have a pair of Golden Gloves to his name and would be a vital addition to any team needing a great goalkeeper! Congratulations Tempah!

    Sir Alex Ferguson Award (Best Management Team): Wolverhampton Wanderers

    The Wolverhampton Wanderers became the league’s breakout this season as they are rightfully awarded the Sir Alex Ferguson for their results from S14. Taking the Preseason Cup from the dominant Liverpool, this team has been managed so well by three great managers. PortuggeePrince bringing a new level of excitement not only to a group of new faces, but being a huge impact to the league. Keep in mind with this being the first season of managing for these guys, things will only get better. Just like wine, the guys will get even better over time. Congratulations to Wolverhampton.

    Special thanks to @PortuggeePrince for the write ups, and @DanielleJesus33 , @KCNightshade , @Dangs92 , @L3git Diego10 and @Pavard x21 for being a part of the award committee!
    Award Winners : @Criminal Lazer @Pavard x21 @PuRe TeMpAh2709 @A GingaNinja12 @PortuggeePrince @AirBullseye23

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