HeadLine LGHL S29 Playoff Race Update: Eastern Conference

A look in to all the east teams in the playoff picture this season!

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    LGHL S29 Playoff Race Update: Eastern Conference - A look in to all the east teams in the playoff picture this season!.

    Metropolitan Division

    [​IMG] New York Rangers

    43-23-6 92PTS 187GF 156GA 3-7-0 Last 10 games

    Hendry has done a fantastic job of keeping the Rangers trending upward after a horrible start to the season which saw the likes of Clamps retiring and two of their anticipated stars in Gren and Hopkins being shipped out of town. At that point most teams would have been aiming for a wild card at best, but with great trades over several weekends the Rangers are still a favorite to come out of the Eastern Conference. Their 3-7-0 Last 10 is a bit rough but this final week against divisional teams should indicate whether or not they're ready for the playoffs.

    [​IMG] Philadelphia Flyers

    41-28-3 85PTS 185GF 164GA 6-4-0 Last 10 games
    Another team that started out rather poor, Philly has managed to win 4/9 games every week since week 1. Even with the managerial changes they've stayed somewhat consistent, at least consistent enough to get a divisional spot. They will likely need to pull out a huge week to get ahead of New York for the number one spot in the Metro, but with how the two teams have been trending as of late you may just see them atop the division.

    [​IMG] New Jersey Devils

    36-27-9 81PTS 170GF 153GA 3-6-1 Last 10 games

    Ever since week 2 the Devils have been really struggling. Only one 6 win week through weeks 3-8 is a very surprising statistic to have as a 3rd seed in the division. From their team stats it just appears that they are average at both sides of the puck and it leaves them in a situation where both sides have to click every game to win. They are no sure lock to get into the playoffs, as they are battling Pittsburgh (who's in 9th overall) with only a 2 point lead going into the final week. Pending how the Atlantic does this week the Metro may be looking at only three playoff teams, and one of the two being left out of the dance.

    [​IMG] Pittsburgh Penguins

    37-30-5 79PTS 187GF 194GA 5-5-0 Last 10 games

    This situation isn't a new thing for Brando, he was in an almost identical spot last season as the team looking from the outside in. This has been a really quiet season for them even with the acquisition of SamDelisle. SBass has had an off season but so has almost all of the roster. Even with their woes they are still in a position to make it in. They have a roster filled with veterans and should not be a team to look underestimate this week or if they make the playoffs.

    Atlantic Division

    [​IMG] Boston Bruins

    47-17-8 102PTS 200GF 140GA 6-4-0

    GiveMeDings has built another solid team that really didn't get the respect it deserved at the start of the season. With some surprise goalies manning the posts Boston has been one of the best teams in the east throughout the whole season. They've clinched a playoff spot along with Ottawa, but it is still unknown as to where they will place in the seeding. If they maintain their current pace they are all but a lock for a divisional seed at the least. This will be a week to try out their playoff lines and see how they look.

    [​IMG] Ottawa Senators

    47-18-7 101PTS 182GF 141GA 7-0-3

    They have had a bit of drama at the deadline moving away star goaltender Kerns in favor for Bones and Delosh and it's been a great payoff for them so far. They are coming into the last week as the hottest team in the east with 0 regulation losses in their last 10. The winner of this division is likely to face the weakest team in the east (the second wild card) and they could do with playing whoever that is rather than a hot Detroit team.

    [​IMG] Florida Panthers

    43-23-6 92PTS 203GF 155GA 7-2-1

    This team is still a surprise to me as to how well they're playing with their best player in Hriiz not showing up and the removal of Jim Benning. They are a mix of a lot of depth players from other teams of seasons past that have meshed to make a team that is going to be hard to predict. It's a big week for them in terms of if they are a wild card team or that third divisional seed and they'll be expecting to see continued success from their star rookie in Capitalize.

    [​IMG] Detroit Red Wings

    43-23-6 92PTS 184GF 141GA 8-1-1

    Sweet Lou built another playoff contender, it's not a new thing. And on top of that they're getting hot at the right time with a 8-1-1 streak going into the important final week. They have stayed mostly the same throughout the season other than being a part of the HTH trade deadline commotion and they will be looking at the chemistry formed over a long season to push them forward in the playoffs.

    [​IMG] Toronto Maple Leafs

    38-31-3 79PTS 167GF 167GA 7-3-0

    Toronto ended week 8 off with a couple rough loses to Detroit and Minnesota, leaving them without any kind of cushion going into week 9. With Pittsburgh, Tampa, and Buffalo hot on their heels they are going to have to channel back to what worked on their 7 and 10 game win streaks throughout the season to secure what will be a contested position in the playoffs. For such a streaky team this is either going to go really well or downhill rather quickly. Keep an eye on their games come Sunday against Philly and Tampa.

    [​IMG] Tampa Bay Lightning

    34-28-10 78PTS 198GF 197GA 7-1-2

    This team has been all over the place. Major players coming and going and through the whole thing Bossy was saying it's all for a playoff push. Many thought he was going off the deep end. Yet here we are with one week left and Tampa is 1 point away from being in the dance. This team has done two things throughout the season, score goals and give just as many up. You know they're going to go out guns blazing every game and don't be surprised to see both the goals for and against being over 215 this week.

    [​IMG] Buffalo Sabres

    34-32-6 74PTS 195GF 178GA 8-2-0

    The Sabres have been one step behind the pack for most of the season and have been trying to find the players that click by making plently of big moves over the course of the season. It appears they've finally found the lines that click, but it could be too late for them. Sitting 5 points out and battling 3 other teams for 1 spot leaves them at a significant disadvantage to make it in. They're going to have to have a lot of things go in their favor on top of winning games to make it but you cannot count them out.


    Index: Z- Clinched Conference, Y- Clinched Division, X- Clinched Playoffs, W- Clinched Wild Card, E- Eliminated


    1. :team12: New York Rangers (Y)
    2. :team4: Philadelphia Flyers (X)
    3. :team78:Pittsburgh Penguins (X)
    4 :team7: New Jersey Devils (E)


    1. :team20: Ottawa Senators (Z)
    2. :team2: Boston Bruins (X)
    3 :team10: Detroit Red Wings (X)
    4. :team23: Florida Panthers (W1)
    5. :team1: Toronto Maple Leafs (W2)
    6. :team21: Tampa Bay Lightning (E)
    7. :team18: Buffalo Sabres (E)​

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    1. :team4: Philadelphia (Y)
    2. :team12: New York Rangers (X)
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