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    League Gaming Rocket League PSN


    Match - a set of 3 games to be played against the same team.

    Game - one 5 minute game of Rocket League.

    Mutators - in game options to change how the game is played. Mutators are strictly prohibited for league play.​

    How to Play

    You can either run your own team or you can be a player.

    Owners will be bringing in a General Manager PRIOR to bidding at NO cost to the team's salary. At their election, owners may select a Assistant General Manager from their roster after bidding is completed with no salary limit. The roster cap space will be set at 6.5 million this season.

    Matches will be played Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursday. Match times will be 8:00pm and 8:30pm eastern. Each match will consist of three 5 minute games with each game counting as 2 points for team standings. Each game counts toward a team's point total.

    Scheduled length will be 5 weeks long plus additional weeks for playoffs. Top teams (depending on how many, possible 80% go to the playoffs) will be in the playoffs at the end of the season.​

    League Rules

    Section 1 : League Wide Rule Set

    Click HERE for a link to the LG rulebook that is followed from league to league. Ignore section three as that refers to in game rules of hockey and interpret the rest into our rules for rocket league; punishment for failure to comply with the ruling will be dealt with similarly.

    Interpretation Example: Section 5.2. Invalid Roster. Hockey- Described as having over 17 players on the active roster. RL- Having more than 6/9.

    Section 2 : Signups

    2.1 : Community Discord

    If you are expecting to play, in order to be included into bidding you MUST join the community discord. All team chats will be found here.

    Team chats in the community discord will be mandatory.

    2.2 : Signup Requirements

    All PC players MUST include their 17 digit community ID in the gamertag or notes section when signing up.

    ALL players MUST include their MAIN account with their current/proper ranks. Players signed up with spoofs or second tags will be ineligible for bidding.

    2.2.1 : Alternate Accounts

    You CAN use alternate accounts as long as that account is linked with LG. Be sure to include a link when signing up using THIS website with your ranked account.

    Section 3 : Roster

    3.1 : Roster Players

    Each roster will have a total of 9 players per team. One owner, one GM and seven players.

    The Owner and General Manager will be selected PRIOR to bidding to build their team.

    3.1.1 : Assistant General Manager

    At the owner’s selection, they may bring in a Assistant General Manager after bidding has been completed at no additional cost to help run the team.

    3.2 : Roster Lock

    There will be a weekly roster lock deadline on Sunday at 9PM EST.

    This is NOT the same as the weekly line deadline. After 9PM, all players listed on the active roster will be guaranteed to play the week.

    3.2.1 : Roster Lock Violation

    If a team has more or less than the allotted 9 man roster after the deadline, management will be forced to to make a transfer move to make the required roster amount at the expense of a penalty point for the infraction.

    3.3 : Random Assignments

    Each team will be allowed TWO RA per active roster.

    There is not a limit of RA “call ups.” Send RA's up and down freely.

    IR (injured reserve) can be used to exceed the two call up limit; see IR below for restrictions.

    3.4 : Waivers

    A team is only eligible place a maximum of one players at any given time on waivers.

    Teams are ONLY eligible to place a claim on a player that the team intends to use as an member of their active roster.

    If any player is claimed off of waivers and put back onto waivers before a single game has been played, said player will be returned to their originals team's roster, unless proof is shown to the league intent to play the player.

    • Once a player has been moved to their former roster, they'll we need to be placed back onto waivers.
    • The team who originally won the claim that failed to demonstrate their intentions of playing the waived player on their active roster, will not have their waiver priority reset.
    Players listed on the waiver wire are INELIGIBLE to play until he or she clears waivers OR is claimed.

    General managers CANNOT be placed on waivers.

    Teams are eligible to place a claim that will put their roster over the cap and or roster restrictions as long as a corrective transaction is made prior to the roster lock deadline.

    3.5 : Injury Reserve

    Any player requesting to be placed on IR must be brought to the team management's attention.

    Team management must provide proof of player ineligibility to play to the league's commissioner.

    3.5.1 : IR Time Frame

    Management is responsible to inform the league staff of when to add and remove a player from IR.

    A player is only eligible to be placed on IR before the start of games on Monday and after the end of games on Thursday; likewise, a player will not be eligible to be removed from IR during the playing week.

    3.5.2 : IR Limitations

    Any single player will only be allowed a MAXIMUM of two weeks on IR per season. The weeks do not have to be consecutive.

    Any single training camp player will NOT be allowed more than a two week temporary call up per season.

    Any RA on Training Camp will NOT be allowed more than a single week temporary call up per season; can still be called up as a temporary replacement with an existing RA on the active roster.

    Section 4 : Trading

    4.1 : Time Frame

    Trades can be proposed and accepted by either team at any time throughout the week.

    All trades will NOT be processed during the week, only after the games Thursday and before the roster lock deadline.

    The trade window will close on Sunday at 9PM EST at the end of week listed on the season timeline thread and the wire wire/transfer window will close the week after.

    If a trade is processed around the time of the roster lock and upsets the max/min roster limit, the team will have till the line deadline of the following day to fix their roster.

    4.1.1 : Pre-Season

    The trade window will open during the week of pre-season.

    Only TC trades will be allowed during this week; can be processed any day of the week.

    All roster player trades accepted during this week will have to wait until the end of week 1 of regular season for it to process.

    4.2 : Salary Retainment

    Click HERE for the complete list of instructions.

    All trades utilizing the salary retainment feature must include all retainment details in the “notes” section of the trade.

    Trades utilizing the retainment feature but not explicitly listed in the trade itself will be disapproved and asked to resubmit the trade with proper salary details listed; to be officially documented on LG.

    All trades without specified details in the notes section will be perceived as non salary affecting trade, unless otherwise mentioned to the league staff.

    Section 5 : Player Scheduling

    5.1 : Line Deadline

    The weekly line deadline will be set on Monday at 5PM EST.

    Team management must schedule their players for the weekly games before the set deadline.

    Failure to comply and repeated offenses can result in penalty points.

    5.2 : Player Min/Max Games

    5.2.1 : Roster Players

    Out of the 21 games weekly, any single player can play NO MORE than 12 games.

    All players must be scheduled to play AT LEAST 6 games weekly.

    • League staff reserves the right to inspect said player for falsification of information.

    5.2.2 : Training Camp Players

    Any single TC player can play NO MORE than 3 games a week. For a maximum of 15 games played throughout the season (excluding playoffs).

    5.3 : Line Changes

    In the event a player cannot make their games teams will have the opportunity to make line changes after the weekly line deadline.

    5.3.1 : Substitutions

    A substitution is the action of replacing one roster player with another.

    Utilizing a substitution will count as a game played for the roster player being subbed in. The roster player that was replaced will need to be rescheduled if said player has not yet met the weekly game minimum.

    A team can make a maximum of 1 sub per game. All other line changes will have to be a ECU.

    5.3.2 : Emergency Call Up

    A ECU is the action of replacing a roster player with a training camp player to fill for the player unable to make the game.

    Utilizing a ECU will count as a game played for both the ORIGINAL player scheduled as well as the ECU. A player replaced by a ECU will count towards their weekly games played.

    A team can use a ECU player any time during the week; a full scheduled line can be ECU'd, other than not breaking the 3 game max weekly per TC rule.

    Section 6 : No Shows

    6.1 : No Show Options

    If a player is not able to show up for a game, a team has two options.

    A team can sub out or ECU that player.

    The team can request to play 2v3 and if agreed upon, the game will count.

    • 2v3 must be agreed upon PRIOR to the start of the game.

    6.2 : No Show Punishments

    If a player does not show up to a game they are scheduled for without any notice to the team, the management is to issue a “missed game” warning to said player.

    If a single player receives 9 or more “missed game” warnings within the same week, team management is to issue that player a “league removal” warning.

    If a player receives a “league removal” warning, at the staff’s discretion depending on the situation the player can be removed from the league and be issued a seasonal ban.

    Section 7 : In Game Rules

    7.1 : Mutators

    Mutators across the league are strictly prohibited.

    If any team is found using mutators during league play, that team will be punished.

    Any games found to have had mutators will be overturned in the away team's favor.

    7.2 : PC Cross Play

    This is a PS4 AND PC league.

    The league is open to PC players and will not tolerate anyone trying to force issues with them.

    Disabling PC cross play will be looked at the same type of punishment as mutators.

    7.3 : RL Quick Text Chat

    Rocket League has a in game chat, it can be used during games but offensive chat will be punished.

    Using any quick text towards the opposite team’s missed play will not be classified as “offensive.”

    Section 8 : Penalties

    8.1 : Player Serving

    The player at fault is to serve the addressed penalty.

    • Photo evidence will be required when submitting complaints.

    8.1.1 : Management Error

    If no player was at fault other than management error, then the team management is to serve the penalty.

    If multiple managers are in the same game, the highest of the team managing hierarchy will be taking the penalty.

    8.2 : Game Served

    The game a penalty is to be served will be the next available game against the team the original penalty was issued.

    If the penalty is of management error, a manager is to be scheduled to play for the next available game and must take the penalty.

    • UNLESS, a team complained against the management for rule violations, then, the game the penalty to be served will be against the team that complained.
    In the event that a team cannot take a penalty on the addressed corresponding team (Example: Final week so they are unscheduled to play until playoffs), the penalty will be served the game of the next team in line.

    Section 9 : Player Etiquette

    9.1 : Website Etiquette

    Signing up for this league enacts you to comply to the league’s Code of Conduct as well as entitles you to be conducted similarly by every LG member. Click HERE for the CoC link.

    If you are the victim of a LG CoC violation or witness of any such, please report the incident immediately to the league staff or file a complaint via action center.

    9.2 : On and Off the Field

    Player etiquette and LG CoC is expected to be followed both on and off the field. Not only including LG and in game but any private messaging off-site.

    9.3 : Non-Violation Complaints

    Signing up for the league will expect you to have a tolerance for mature behavior. LG is not a PG site therefore, petty complaints will be void.

    Nightly Procedure

    The schedule will show which team will be the host team. The host team is to have the lobby up and ready 5 minutes prior to game time. If a team's roster is not all in the lobby by 5 minutes after the game start time, the opposing team may call a forfeit.

    Private Match Create/Join Procedure

    Steps when setting up a lobby from main menu :

    Team on the Match Info Page as the Home team will host the private match.

    Host selects “Play Online” ⇒ select “Create Private Match”.

    Make sure “Joinable By” option is set to “Name/Password”.

    Host creates a Name & Password (use team names as best you can) for players to enter. Password will be LG1 for all games.

    Host’s teammates and opposing team select “Play Online” ⇒ select “Join Private Match”.

    Players enter the Name & Password.

    All players must be in the private match lobby before selecting teams.

    Home team will select team first.

    Home team choose Orange Team, Away team will choose Blue Team.

    The match will then begin.

    ***If you are wanting to spectate please wait until the game has started to keep any confusion about teams being ready to play***

    Teams are expected to be ready once all team member join the lobby. Once the first person chooses their team, everyone else has about 10 seconds to join before Rocket League starts the faceoff timer, whether all the players are on their respective teams or not. It is the duty of the players to be ready once they join the match, if all 6 players are in the lobby and the match starts without all players being on their respective team the match is to be played.

    If a player gets disconnected from the game, before any players join a team and the match is started before the player gets back in the lobby is to be restarted.

    Settings for a lobby :

    Match Settings

    Game Mode: Private match

    Arena: Champions Field

    Team Size: 3v3

    Bot Difficulty: No Bots

    Accepted Region Servers: North America (US-West/US-East)

    Name: LG Home v Away

    Mutators are strictly prohibited

    All games are to use Champions Field.

    All games will be 5 minutes as Mutator settings are off limits

    All team abbreviations can be found HERE

    Since we are including Steam players this season we have a set lobby naming system to keep teams from having to message each other to find out what a lobby name will be. Communication between Xbox and steam may be difficult in between game times and players need to be able to go out of a game and into the next game quickly. Failure to follow the lobby naming procedure in an effort try and get a forfeit win will be treated with severe punishment.

    After Game Procedure

    Both the home team and away team is required to screenshot the game stats. Only one picture per team is required after the game. The picture required to be taken is the "SCOREBOARD" tab. To screenshot on your Playstation, just press the share button on your controller and click "△". To screenshot on Steam, just hit "F12” steam default screenshot button. PC users will have to manually upload it to a thread we have created on the main LGRL forum..

    Stats will need to be in by 24 hours after match completion. We will consider match completion to be 30 minutes after the game's scheduled start time. Repeated offense of late stats will result in penalty points.

    If either teams missed pictures for a game, the management is to reschedule that game amongst themselves so the rescheduled game works best for all the players. All players confirmed for the original game must be used; only the average line change limitations will be in effect. The rescheduled game must be completed before the end of the week on Saturday at 9:00. At 9:00, all unentered stats will be inputted as a 0-0 loss for both teams.


    In the case that a player(s) disconnects, the player is allowed to attempt to reconnect, if the player can not reconnect the team has to continue to play the match down a player. If a player disconnects and can no longer continue the match, a sub can be used. the player who played the majority of the match is the one who the game counts for.


    If a match was incorrectly reported by your opponents, your team can protest the match. Match protests must include media evidence clearly showing the results of the match/series.Teams are responsible for providing proof of match results in case of disputes.


    Forfeiting at any point during a match will result in loss of the game and possible penalty points.

    Forfeits are not acceptable and will be punished harshly in accordance with frequency of the event. Teams that forfeit regularly will be required to provide explanation to Staff. At the LGRL's discretion, Staff may remove and replace existing management to correct the issue.

    A player leaving a game early (before the stats page show up) will be classified as a forfeit. Leaving games early will not allow the team management to record proper stats.

    All forfeits, winning or losing team, will count as games played for the scheduled players.

    Penalty Points

    Penalty points will be given as a punishment for infractions. They will be issued for abuse of any known or unknown in-game glitches, use of any mutators, offensive In game chat, or any other actions detrimental to fairness of the league. These will accumulate over the course of a season and will get worse in severity the more a player accumulates.

    1 Penalty Point - the first infraction will be a warning with the possibility of 1 minute penalty(starting a match down a man for 1 minute.)

    2 Penalty Points - 2 minute penalty(starting a match down a man for 2 minute.)

    3 Penalty points - the second infraction will be a 1 match suspension

    4 Penalty points - the first infraction will be a 1 week suspension

    5 Penalty points - the first infraction will be a ban for the rest of the season.

    Penalty Points will be served to all of the following but NOT limited to:

    • Late Lines

    • Late Stats

    • Illegal Line Played
      • TC Overplayed

      • Roster Player Overplayed

      • Illegal Substitution
    • Illegal Roster
    • Forfeiting

    • Offensive In Game Chat
    • Excessive Faulty Complaint Filing

    * Every Round will be a Best of 7 series, consisting of seven 5 minute games.

    *ALL players listed on the main roster, MUST be scheduled for one game in the first four games, and two games if the series goes to game six. Game seven anyone can be used.

    *In the event two teams are to tie going into playoffs, the two teams head-to-head record will be the deciding factor. If their record is tied, the next factor will be the most goals and in the rare occasion that both their record and goals are tied, it will be a play in game to decide the victor.


    Monday-2 game 8:00pm and 8:30pm EST

    Tuesday-2 games 8:00pm and 8:30pm EST

    Wednesday-2 games 8:00pm and 8:30pm EST

    Thursday-1 game 8:00pm EST

    Total 7 games

    The full list of playoff rules can be found HERE.


    * During any seasons this constitution might be changed at any given time to benefit league play. Any new changes that are made will be posted in the forums so all the players are made aware of the changes.

    The league reserves the right to rule against an individual or party who is not acting in the best interest of the LG even if it's not specified explicitly within the rules.
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