PSN LGRL Season 1 Awards (Warning Pic heavy thread!!!)

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    Hello everyone Today we are presenting the awards for the first season of LGRL on PSN. I want to personally thank everyone who played this season, Management, roster player, or TC huge thanks to all of you. I also want to send a huge thanks to @sam000mx for doing the awards write up so if you want to thank someone for this give it to him, I just added the shiny things.

    LGRL CUP v206.png
    LGRL Cup Champions - BOHICA

    First award is of course the first ever LGRL PSN Cup. This here is awarded to the one and only Bend Over Here It Comes Again. Extremely strong and coherent team from the beginning of the season to the end. All thanks to the team owner @stay_at_homed to pulling through the rough difficulties of the beta season and putting the best team together for season 1 of PSN LGRL. Shout out to all the players that made it happen @Hammer Old, @ded279, @IXI Ein IXI, @Dyno Mike, and @Biggimpin57. Without a single trade or RA call up, BOHICA maintains its exact roster from bidding and still comes out on top. Not to forget, the team that put up a stellar performance during the final week of playoffs, OverDrive. With an unexpected turn they claim an upset win against Momentum in round 2 then goes into finals and takes BOHICA into game 7 before getting knocked out. Congrats BOHICA on the very first season 1 LGRL PSN Cup!!!

    LGRL PSN On Point Award – IXI Ein IXI

    Second award we have is the LGRL PSN On Point Award. Given to the player who finished with the best regular season record, based off winning % and 20 games played minimum. Ending with a unbelievable record of 31 wins and a total of 1 loss the entire 5 weeks for an average of a 96.9% win percentage, congrats to @IXI Ein IXI . Not only is he a great player but an even better commissioner. Personal shout out to Ein for not only running the Xbox league but help our staff team on the PSN side run a successful beta season.

    LGRL PSN Perfect Presence Award – Hammer Old

    Now we have the LGRL PSN Perfect Presence Award, given to the player with the best playoff record. Congrats to @Hammer Old for having a total of 8 games played and winning 7 of which ending with a 87.5% win percentage. Not only helping his team take the Cup but to end the entirety of season 1 with a total of 2 losses.

    LGRL PSN Hero Award – Hammer Old

    Making a second appearance, @Hammer Old takes the season 1 LGRL PSN Hero Award. Given to the player thought to be the MVP of regular season, he led his team in points and directed them to the victory of the Cup. Based on a handful of factors, we thought Hammer deserved the Hero title.

    LGRL PSN Diamond Club Award – Dalilaama

    Up next is the LGRL PSN Diamond Club Award given to the playoff MVP. Congratulations to the one and only @Dalilaama, based on who we thought deserved this award, Dali played a solid game every appearance during the playoffs. He definitely contributed to his team and helped take BOHICA to game 7 in the finals. Although NOT based off score, he did indeed also lead the highest score during playoffs ending with a 4,535.

    LGRL PSN High Five Award – Hammer Old

    This award is given to the highest score total over the regular season. Taking home this virtual trophy is @Hammer Old with a whopping score of 11,360 with only 24 games played! Averaging about 470pts a game!!!

    LGRL PSN Chief Closer Award – Hammer Old & ded279

    The Chief Closer Award is given for the most goals over the regular season. This being our first tie in the series of awards, unsurprisingly both players from BOHICA, congratulations to both @Hammer Old and @ded279 for tying season 1 with the most goals at a phenomenal number of 73.

    LGRL PSN Playmaker Award – IXI Ein IXI

    Next we have the LGRL PSN Playmaker Award, given to the player with the most assists during regular season, returning to the charts is @IXI Ein IXI. Ending his season with a total of 37 assists, only narrowly leading his teammate Hammer Old by 3 assists. The sweet dishes by Ein, gobbled up by his vulture like line mates, Hammer and ded ending their season with the most goals.

    LGRL PSN Constant Contributor Award – Hammer Old

    Up next is the Constant Contributor Award, like the title says, constantly contributing to their team both in goals and assists otherwise known as points, @Hammer Old ends regular season with an incredible number of 107 points. Following close behind him at 104 his teammate ded279. If there was an award for the most end of season awards, Hammer would be receiving that one too.

    LGRL PSN Savior Award – ryno1354 & sam000mx

    Not one but now two ties in awards, the Savior award going to the player or in this case, players, for the most saves made during regular season. Congrats to @ryno1354 and @sam000mx for tying the end of the season at 39 saves. Ryno a crucial player to his team MAFIA, stats show he anchored down the defense coming in clutch to tie with Sam the final week of season.

    LGRL PSN Sharpshooter Award – Domsquad100

    Lastly the final season 1 award, the Sharpshooter. Given to the player who had the best goals to shot ratio with a minimum of 20 games played, congratulations to @DomSquad100. Ending his season with 12 goals and 18 shots in 23 games played, he sets a difficult record to break having a shooting percentage of 66.7%. Special thanks to this guy for putting the crew together and getting Rocket League for PSN started.

    Notable Mentions – jaredrox1103 & claytonking17

    Although there is no award to give out for the following, I thought it was necessary to make a shout out for these two fellas. These guys are the saviors to NAS and PNR. Directly from training camp both became owners not knowing the first thing to running a team nor knowing how to use any of the management tools. Despite that, they were the only ones, on both teams that decided to step up and get their team back on the right track after their original owners disappeared. Even though neither team was as strong as they once were, they still showed up to every game and didn’t go down without a fight. Special thanks to @jaredrox1103, Claytonking17, now know as @kingggermaan17, and their management.

    That’s it for all of Season 1’s awards, congratulations to all of the awardees. Season 1 was a blast and hope to see everyone returning next season to fight for all the claimed titles.​
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    If there was an award that, i'd give it to you.
    @l Kerm l
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    Thanks for taking the time to do the write up Ein. It was well written and I'm glad I looked for it.

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    Wheres our trophies!!!!! :)