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    Hey guys its johnny here again to bring a little more info to our upcoming UFC league. The league is back in action and we are aiming to start the season somewhere in the middle of march. The season will last up to 6-8 weeks :)

    Here is a sneak preview of our Constitution.

    Note - This is worded different , and trying to just state the concepts

    All Sign Ups
    - Every fighter that signs up is required and has the right to fight Four times a week.

    - All trades are valid when two people agree to the trade. Ranking points will carry over to your new division

    - As soon as divisions are decided there will be a draft randomizer with all signups. There will be a draft schedule right after to pick our fighters!

    Fight Camps(possibility)
    - If there is in fact fight camps we will have a owner application thread. As soon as we have owners we will do a second draft in which the owners will draft there players (Users) . More info will be added

    - We will start the season of with a grand prix tournament bracket for each division to determine our first champions. Each title holder will be required to defend there title once a week.

    Waiver Wire
    - Each person is allowed to drop their fighter for an available fighter one time in a season! The fighter has to be in the same weight class.

    Ranking System

    -To make the ranking system unbiased and Fair we are implementing an elo style ranking system which will be determined by a point system as shown below in the examples

    Ranked ( Wins ) (Loss) (No Contest)
    +2. -2. -1 (both fighters)

    The full constitution will be up real soon guys :)
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