NASCAR Heat Evolution League Interest?

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    Hello LG Community,

    I'm looking to start-up and new league for NASCAR that would begin towards the end of September! Feel free to contact me about anything as far as questions or how to be a part of it through LG or xbox messaging. Our rulebook is a bit lengthy but it covers a lot of things. Thanks for your time.

    SECTION 1- Basic In-Game Race Rules:

    Seeing that NASCAR Heat Evolution is expanding lobby size is it very important to follow instructions! To make sure things are running smooth in-race officials will be involved to help people get organized to restart and make sure the cautions procedures are carried out. Their will be 2 officials including league staff to make this flow.

    Cautions may only be called for a one car spin that was accidental (after caution is called for this incident you will be asked to fix your car) and for any wrecks involving 2 or more cars. If you wreck intentionally or take someone out of contention to win intentionally the race will be reviewed and a decision will be made. When caution is called please listen to your official for all the information needed to be said so you can go back to green quicker.

    **IF A CAUTION FALLS WITHIN FINAL 5 LAPS the field will have an opportunity to run 3 laps to decide the winner. No pit stops will be allowed during this portion of race! You will only have 1 lap to line back up and restart.

    **IF A CAUTION FALLS WITHIN UNDER 4 LAPS the race is to keep going as you will only have time to line up but never actually be able to have a green flag lap.

    SECTION 1.5- In-Race Courtesy to Other Drivers:

    If you have a car that is fairly loose, about to run out of fuel, or a tire give out please move underneath the white line of the race track to keep the race going.

    If you have a car that is laps down or is fairly loose please let the lead lap cars move past you to avoid a wreck/caution. If you have a car you can’t handle please hit the pit-road IMMEDIATELY!!

    SECTION 1.75- Intentional Wrecking or Cautions:

    If you are accused of intentional wrecking or causing a caution to occur through driving backwards, driving into another driver slowly to have them spin-out, etc you will be asked to leave the race and be assessed a penalty after league review. This could even result in an automatic ban for a season to a 2 race suspension. No points will be taken away from team nor player.

    SECTION 1.9- If Section 1 is Violated at Any Time:

    If the 1st Section of the RHSRL Rulebook is violated by any member the following penalty unless it's listed already will be a drive through penalty in the next race the driver runs in.

    SECTION 2- Text and Voice Communications During Races:

    Before you join the league it most important that you have a mic because you will need to be able to hear when a caution occurs and when the restart is plus everything in between. You must also be able to call a line for the pass you make for position to avoid cautions.

    If you don’t have a mic you will be disqualified from the race and suspended for the next race you participate in.

    SECTION 2.5- In the Event of A Lag-Out:

    If the race has past 40 laps on tracks under 1 miles we will continue racing. If the race has past 25 laps on tracks between 1-2 miles the race will continue. If the race has past 15 laps on tracks 2 miles and above the race continues on.

    In the event, that half of the 16 car field which is 8 lags out the race will resume at the lap the 8th player lagged out on. All drivers that had lagged out have a chance to return to finish the race but must go 1 lap down before the race returns to the green flag.

    SECTION 3- The RHSRL Standings and Team Standings:

    During the Season, players will receive points towards a championship. If you win a race the minimum amount you will receive is 40 points. Bonus points will be given out for the driver who has a lap lead, the most laps led, and the fastest lap. If proof isn’t shown of what driver has what stat from the race, bonus points will not be given out. Screenshots with an XB1 are preferred.

    To win the RHSRL Championship you team must have the highest points over all the other teams! That’s right your individual points will no longer matter comes the end of a season. Although, the individual who has the most points will be recognized at the end of the season. However, to win the ultimate championship you must have the most points combined with your 4-man team.

    SECTION 3.5- Post-Season Chase Grid Playoff Structure:

    The Chase for the RHSRL will stay the same with the exception of some minor things. Since this a team-based league the team with most points or a win after each race will be able to move onto the next round. In the final the race the 4 teams still alive in the chase will battle it out for a championship. The person with the max points will be recognized as our Individual Champion even though the highest honor is our Team Championship. The Chase races will more than likely be the same way as the 2017 Chase Schedule is now.

    All violations that occur against your team in the Chase will count double against you!!! Whether it's suspensions, bans, or penalties. Remember if you need help a Commissioner is always available to make sure you don’t get penalized.

    SECTION 3.75- Beginning of Season Races

    To start our first season of racing, the Season begins at Daytona. To qualify for the HighSide Invitational you MUST be chosen by your owner to compete. For our Duels, all drivers are involved but determines what lobby you will be sent to for the first race. THIS IS ONLY FOR DAYTONA!! After Daytona, your owner will be able to choose what lobby you run. Your position will be chosen by the game since qualifying isn’t an option. If you win in the duels or the invitational it does NOT count toward clinching a chase position for your team.

    SECTION 4- Taking Ownership of Your RHSRL Team and Expectations:

    First off to own a RHSRL team you must fill out an application located in the forums on the league website. To qualify for a position you must have league experience whether it's owning your own league or driving for more than 2 seasons in someone else league. You must also prove that you will not quit as an owner during the season being that you will have to make sure you have players racing for you each night.

    Your job as an owner this position requires you to sign your players up for races, take screenshots of the results, and all stats from the race. You may also have to but you don’t have to trade players to other teams.

    If you fail to live up to your ownership you may be banned for up to 1-2 seasons.

    SECTION 5- League Availability:

    During the season we plan on running 3 nights a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) excluding some holidays. 1 race will be ran each night using all team members. We will be running 2 lobbies at the same time at the same track so half your team will be in 1 race and the other half will be in the other. It is up to your owner for which lobby you race in.

    **In the event of not all 4 drivers being online you are allowed to use drivers off the Free Agent Pool as long as you let a Commissioner know. Even if you have to replace more than 1 player. The player that replaces the Roster player will receive points under the Substitute Row in the Standings Doc. Also, you may schedule your 5th driver if you take him in the draft this pick will be optional. If you need a 5th driver if you don’t use your 5th pick you may select a guy off the FA Pool for your roster permanently.

    SECTION 5.5- Scheduling Your Players:

    Each night a race is on a forum thread will be created with the name of the race and date it's on. Only Owners and AGMs will be allowed to post which driver is running in what specific race. These lines must be submitted by 4 PM EST each race day! No exceptions.

    The penalty if you fail to do so will be a drive through penalty in the next race the owner of the team runs in.

    Although, if you're unable to contact someone to schedule them for a race you may reach out to a Commissioner to give you more time so you can avoid being penalized. If this is abused the owner of the team will face the penalty stated above.

    SECTION 6- In-Eligible Cars:

    Seeing that NASCAR Heat will be releasing other cars besides the original 40 there are some cars that unfortunately won’t be allowed to be used for the season. Those cars will be all of the NASCAR Next Drivers, Ben Kennedy (96), Michael McDowell (95), Bobby Labonte (32), Regan Smith (7), Matt Tifft (11), AJ Allmendinger (47), and Erik Jones (20). The Brad K Motorsports cars driven by Reddick and Hemric will be allowed for the league. Other 2 or more car teams will be eligible for the upcoming season.

    If this is violated your points you used that car in will not count toward your total points for the season. If this occurs more than once you will be suspended for 1 race. It doubles after each occurrence.

    SECTION 7- Team Alignments:

    Teams must have 4 drivers before each race day. If you have a roster under 3 drivers you will disqualified from the race for that night. The only way you can acquire players to trade them. You will not be allowed to release them. The one loophole past this is by using a Free Agent in place.

    Teams that have 2 cars for that team will have 2 people using 1 number and the other 2 using the other number. Example, Penske has Brad K, and Joey. Basically 2 drivers will be allowed to use Brad and the other 2 will be allowed to use Joey. If the 2 drivers that use the same number in a lobby together one of them would have to move to the other scheme on that team. Meaning if you schedule the two drivers under Brad’s car one of them have to move to Joey’s car to avoid confusion.

    Teams that have 3 cars for that team will have 2 people using one number and the other 2 drivers must use separate numbers. Example, Front Row has Chris, Cole, and David. 2 drivers can use either of the 3 drivers, and the other 2 must use either of the 3 drivers but can’t be on the same car. If the 2 drivers use the same number in the 1 lobby they were scheduled in 1 of them would have to move to a different car number which in this case if Cole was used by the 2 drivers the other driver would have to move to Chris or David.

    Teams that have 4 cars for that team will have 1 person on each car. No one driver will have to share the same number nor will be asked to change cars.

    SECTION 8- Transactions and Player Movements:

    All trades made this upcoming season will be requiring you to make 1v1 trades or 2v2 trades. Anything uneven numbered trades such as 1v2 or 2v1 will not be allowed! Keep in mind that their is no signing for players that land into the Free Agent Pool they’re there for the season if not picked in the draft but can be used as a Sub for someone who can’t make a race. Please be smart when you draft to avoid this issue.

    No penalty will be assessed to the management team that makes the mistake of doing uneven trades it will just be a message sent from the Commissioners. Although, if it gets out of hand a penalty will be handed out as severe as a drive through penalty at the start of the next race.

    A trade deadline will be put into place and all Owners will be notified when the deadline will be. In all trade talks it must be restricted to Owners and AGMs in a conversation. If a player is caught brokering a trade all parties involved will be suspended for a maximum of 3 races. You will have to use subs in place of suspended players.

    SECTION 9- Conclusion:

    Thank you for selecting the Running the High Side Racing League and we hope you enjoy the experience! Your recommendations will help us be successful so please feel free to contact a commissioner and will visit it. If you ever need a commissioner at anytime please fill out the form in the forums. Don’t forget the team with the highest points will win the highest honor in the league not the individual champion for NASCAR’s current chase format. Yes, we will still run that chase format but the person with highest points will win. May the best team win!