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    Players of the Week Spotlight - Week Two - Power Rankings Spotlight.


    Thumbnail: @Kev_F88


    :team23:@Po1andsFinest 3-0-0 6G 8A 14P +9 C

    :team77:@King_Anze 3-0-0 9G 4A 13P +12 LW

    :team4:@iTsKingJayDee 3-0-0 6G 6A 12P +5 LW

    @Po1andsFinest comes in at number one in forwards with 6 goals, 8 assista and 14 points on the week along with the 3-0-0 record. I can see @Po1andsFinest being first over @King_Anze because of the strength of schedule. I believe Nashville had an easier schedule vs people with low APR and that is why @King_Anze is second. @Po1andsFinest still finishes off the week strong though with a very nice 14 points leading into next week. @King_Anze helped out Nashville this week by scoring 9 whole goals, and I am pretty sure four of them were on me. He also finished the week with a +12 which is pretty impressive, but then we go back to the point of whether or not it was a strong schedule or not. @iTsKingJayDee comes in at 3rd with another 3-0-0 record and 12 points. He also scored 6 goals and helped the Flyers achieve their record this week of 7-2-0 which is impressive considering how the team started off.


    :team18: @Ball-17- 3-0-0 1G 6A 7P +6 RD

    :team23:@j483beale 3-0-0 0G 3A 3P +9 RD

    :team21: @WrightDizzy 3-0-0 2G 3A 5P +3 LD

    Our first star in the defensemen this week is definitely one that I expected to see this season at some point. @Ball-17- looked to have a strong week with 7 points this week and a 3-0 record while also going +6 for the week. Looks like that big contract is paying off right now. @j483beale coming from the AHL last season looks to be already fitting on Florida. Florida had a great week going 6-3-0 and it looks like @j483beale was a big help to that week considering he went +9 this week with also the 3-0-0 record. Might not be the last we see of him unless Florida somehow falls off the face of the earth. @WrightDizzy is coming off this week with a 3-0-0 record after the Lightning went 5-4-0 this week so it seems like @WrightDizzy is getting the wins when and where they count. His plus minus was down a little then the other lads but his point production probably helped out Tampa Bay this week by a wide margin.


    :team7:@Yoshi_swagger 4-0-0 0.50 GAA 93.9 SV% 2 SO

    :team8:@Cage 6-0-0 1.33 GAA 85.2 SV% 2 SO

    :team7:@bNYCe83 4-1-0 1.27 GAA 82.9 SV% 1 SO

    Looks like New Jersey is starting to ramp up as they went 8-1-0 this week with strong starts from both @bNYCe83 and @Yoshi_swagger having both 4 wins. It looks like they are currently splitting starts in New Jersey and it looks like its working. @Cage sits between both these goalies for his second player of the medal so far this season. He had a 6-0-0 record behind that wall of a team Colorado while also having 2 shutouts during that stretch.

    That concludes week two of the power rankings! Week 3 should be up around the same time again next week.​

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    Don't lie. I came in second only because i'm Armenian!
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