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    **For those Requiring Vetting, Please Read carefully to stream line and speed up the process and have an understanding of how the site works in regards to accounts.
    • make a careful and critical examination of (something):
    • investigate (someone) thoroughly, especially in order to ensure that they are suitable for a job requiring secrecy, loyalty, or trustworthiness:
      "each applicant will be vetted by police"
    Not everyone has to go through the vetting process. Only created accounts that fall into a certain criteria need to go through this process.

    Important Notes;
    The site does not typically allow shared accounts to register on the site or play in leagues. This is basically in place as a means to protect the integrity of the site and leagues. Being able to play on PSN live does not mean your account is "PS+", if you are not using a primary paid account, it is not a PS+ account.

    Information you should have ready for vetting;
    In every vetting situation staff will require you to give us a picture of your PSN Switch User screen, showing all accounts you can sign into your PlayStation on. Provide the picture as seen here (upload all images to and give the link)...


    From that picture we can see how many accounts you have on your PlayStation. Unfortunately, on PS the username shows up on this screen instead of gamertag. Therefore, in order to complete that previous image, we will need the picture of all the accounts with the username and the gamertag. To do so, simply sign in on the account and then go to the profile page. NEED PICTURES THAT SHOWS ALL THE ACCOUNTS ON THE SYSTEM AS WELL AS PICTURES THAT SHOWS THE GAMERTAGS ASSOCIATED WITH EACH ACCOUNTS


    Other Helpful links to manage your account related to linking and maintaining a valid GT

    To link your gamer tag, change your gamer tag, change your user name to match your update gamer tag, etc., hover over your name in the upper right of your screen and in the drop down, click on the "External Accounts"


    To change your username to your gamertag, simply click the


    We will also need you to tell us what were your previous gamertags (PS3/PS4) and where did you hear about LG

    Once that is done, it is time to verify your account
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