(S1) Lobby Naming/Inputting Forfeits/Goals+Score Issue

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    Pre season was a good way to get familiar with how regular season will go and have some casual fun while doing so. In order to have all games running smoothly during season, we are addressing a few issues we saw there were occurring amongst this past week of pre season.

    1. Lobby Naming
    This was a big one amongst quite a few teams and is highly important to get it right. There is an exact lobby naming and password set up stencil for everyone to follow, in order for games to be started on time.

    This is the link for such stencil along with all proper abbreviations per team that will be used.

    This stencil is used to get games started quickly and without any need for communication between management. Not saying its a bad idea to contact management before a game but perhaps none are available. If they have lines set, their roster players should be able to search and/or create the lobby without any hiccups. If there is a delay in the game past the 5 minute mark due to lobby naming, the team with the proper lobby naming setup can potentially call a forfeit since they are unable to join the correct lobby. Players, make sure to abide by the correct lobby naming to prevent forfeits, point it out to your management if they happen to be doing it incorrectly.

    2. Forfeits
    Forfeits can be claimed after the 5 minute mark as the rule book explicitly states if one team is not ready. It is up to the team if they're willing to give more time but keep in mind your match 2 competitors might not be so lenient if you start your first match late and are late going into match 2. Some rocket league members are still participating in hockey, so it is a necessity to get games going on in time.

    If you are unfamiliar with the stats system for lg, forfeits might come across confusing for a few. Your first step should be putting "1" for your team in the goals tab and this should have a "mark as forfeit" button pop up. Click the button, this lets the website know the game was a forfeit. The second step is to put "1" under your score tab this will give your team the official win for that game. If you forget step 2, it will automatically give you a loss for that game.

    3. Goals/Score Issue
    Remember when inputting stats, goals and score are two entirely separate team stats. Goals is obviously goals, score however, if the addition of each of the players separate score that starts the stats page from left to right. It is important you input the score correctly and not as goals otherwise when comparing team stats, the difference will be off by the thousands.

    4. Confirming Lines
    The rule book states that lines are to be in at 9pm Sunday night, make sure to have them done generally around that time. It is understandable that pre season wasn't taken very seriously so lines weren't confirmed till late or not at all. During regular season all lines for every team and game will need to be done a fair amount of time in advance. Waiting 5 hours before every match every day of the week will be unacceptable and if abused it will be dealt with accordingly. If proper line confirmation isn't inputted in the website before the start of the match, the opposing team can potentially claim a forfeit.

    If you have any questions concerning how pre season has played out, or any issues revolving around it you feel should be brought up, ask away. We will do our best to answer your questions.