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    Ok, ok, ok, ok. Listen, I know I'm late. Like 2 weeks or so. It's been that kind of season. 6 extra league games, 4 extra cup games... Cut me some slack, will ya? I kid of course, but I do apologize for being so late with this. Everyone's been so busy with life kicking right back in post COVID-19 (Well this will vary by location of course) and well, it's not easy to just post 1 thing and not have everything else ready for the show. What a season though, congrats to Bayern Munich for winning the Bundesliga (stop me if you haven't heard that enough IRL) and to Bayer Leverkusen for winning the DFB-Pokal. It's time to reward a few people for memorable moments in the season. @lCerbl is the man in charge of doing all the sorting, interviewing, making the cards and doing the write-ups, that it's only fair that I let him take over for the remainder of this post. @lCerbl , the floor is all yours.

    TOTS Moments Season 10

    Hello everyone, it’s Cerb here bringing you your LGFA Team of the Season Moments! Every team has had some stellar moments this season, but let’s go in reverse order of the standings. Before I start, I would like to thank Blues and the rest of the media team for letting me lead on this project, and a thank you to all the owners/players who suggested moments to me. Looking at you, @AZEVEDO2002 .

    Also to note, Borussia Dortmund will be excluded from these honors, for their refusal to put in stats. Blues has harped on this too many times for me to put in the effort to find performances in what was a largely lost season for what was a storied club in LGFA PSN.

    Without further ado… we head to Freiburg.

    SC Freiburg – 5-5-17

    MOMENT 1: @CoLoMbiAn_FLaCo - 1 G, 1 AST vs. Union Berlin

    In what was a rough season for Freiburg, they had a few bright spots to be happy with. There was a solid stretch during the season where their attack was pretty scary. Flaco stepped up here against a solid mid-table side in Berlin and was able to bang one in and assist another in a 2-1 win.
    MOMENT 2: @Pheonixx-96 - 1 G, 1 AST vs. Wolfsburg

    Pheonix and I are good friends from playing in other leagues, and he was able to flourish against us in a match-up where we had lost full composure, finishing one and setting up his lethal strike partner in Naxvyy for another, resulting in a big upset 2-1 win.
    FC Union Berlin – 6-7-14

    MOMENT 1: @HazeyF steps in net and delivers during the stretch

    Hazey’s one of my close buddies in the league from our time last year on Wolfsburg, and he had some crazy performances in net when Berlin needed him. His total keeper stats for the year are highlighted by saving 82% of his shots and only conceding 0.26 goals per game.
    MOMENT 2: @Argo2315 's Cup

    Argo stepped in for Berlin and came out the gates hot, ending his season with 9 goals and 5 assists, including one critical goal in the cup semis over Bayern Munich that helped propel the Union into the finals.
    RB Leipzig – 7-6-14

    MOMENT 1: @Misterroot84 's Brace vs. Koln

    Root’s had a much quieter season this year compared to last, but his Leipzig team still had some very solid moments, and they’ll be a force for years to come. This moment comes against Koln, where the owner steps up and bangs two in for his club to get some points.
    MOMENT 2: @bo_money1 's improvement

    In the same game, left back Bo_Money had a solid performance, and Mayor was actually the one to highlight him to me. He told me that Bo had taken a lot of steps from where he began the season, and this performance was a highlight, with him having 8/8 passing, 2 tackles, and 2 interceptions.
    Borussia Monchengladbach – 10-8-9

    MOMENT 1: @xBadr93 steps up when @Fabian I. Rodriguez is absent.

    Badr to Gladbach made too much sense. Badr’s an elite striker that can both facilitate and score at will, and so is Fabiolo. Not to mention they had Fuxion as well. In Badr’s final 5 games of season 10, he had two goals and an assist, solid numbers for the striker.
    MOMENT 2: @Fabian I. Rodriguez scores 4 on Leverkusen

    Can’t go an awards post without mentioning Fabiolo. He took over this matchup with Leverkusen and put 4 by Alisson, resulting in a 4-2 win for his side.
    FC Koln – 11-7-9

    MOMENT 1: @EL_PARAGUAYO gets 3 assists vs. Wolfsburg

    Pain. Paraguayo was elite off the ball in this game, with a hat trick of assists highlighted by an elite run through. He was just everywhere this game, even if the CBs were eating well.
    MOMENT 2: @TheArabTaco 's elite performance vs. Wolfsburg

    Taco’s a great person, and they managed to grab an assist in the same game, as well as completing 2/3 of their passes and grabbing a few tackles to add on to a 5-1 spanking. Yeah, we lost full.
    Schalke 04 – 13-8-6

    MOMENT 1: @ZackAttacks11's hat trick vs. Leipzig

    I was talking to Blues about Schalke’s best moments, and he told me that this was “Peak Zack”, and I honestly couldn’t agree more. Zack showed up big time, netting three in a 4-3 thriller over Mayor and the rest of Leipzig.
    MOMENT 2: @TyPeCoRp actually tries vs. Wolfsburg

    The party chat in the last game of the regular season was a SCENE, you can hear type screaming at the rest of Schalke to clear the ball every time they won it back. The stats don’t really tell the story, but Type should be given the MVP for Bayern on their title run. That, or Dortmund for the FF, probably.
    Bayer Leverkusen – 15-7-5

    MOMENT 1: @Defti_95 steps in net and delivers

    I was talking to Callum for the Leverkusen moments, and he told me that the Leverkusen party went ballistic with each of the 10 shots that Defti saved. 2 clean sheets for him, and considering they were against Bayern and Koln, it wasn’t an easy task for anyone, let alone someone who was stepping in net for his first time in LGFA.
    MOMENT 2: @djalbanian – Outcast to Cup Star

    Callum also spoke very highly of DJ, who I had known primarily as a striker only, but he had adapted very well to playing as a wide attacking mid and was crucial in the 13 straight wins for Leverkusen. What made this even crazier is that DJ sat inactive for Borussia Dortmund, until a trade got set up and he was freed to play at a top level for Leverkusen.
    VFL Wolfsburg – 17-2-8

    MOMENT 1: @abundanceofbuns gets Revenge on Bayern

    I’d be stupid not to include what Buns was able to do against his former club. In what was a crucial match for the title hopes in Week 7, Buns stepped up and got some finish, scoring three in what was a great moment for the striker.
    MOMENT 2: @Twiztid7886 finally connects vs. Bayern

    Twiz is one of the most underrated players in LGFA. Even if you don’t see him on the stat sheets, the guy does the dirty work necessary to help a team to the top levels. Twiz is known for getting FIFA’d a lot, and he had managed to finally connect on one and score a nasty goal versus Bayern in that same week 7 matchup.
    Bayern Munich – 17-4-6

    MOMENT 1: @xSJ_9 's Hat Trick vs. Koln

    Unfortunately, Koln just keep getting beat up in this post, and it continues with SJ’s dominant performance in a 4-0 rout of Koln. SJ was able to put away three of his own and assist his GM Kevin for the fourth. Truly a masterclass out of the forward.
    MOMENT 2: @Goes171 's two-way effort vs. Berlin

    Goes showed up for Bayern this season, as arguably their strongest defensive presence they’ve ever had, partnered with Paticki. This 3-0 win over Union Berlin saw Goes head a goal in, as well as picking up 4 interceptions and a 6/1 possession won/lost ration en route to a 9.1 match rating.
    What were your favorite moments this season? Comment down below for what you think should have made it in. Thank you again to Blues, the Media Team, and the owners and players who helped me select their team’s moments.