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    THE BEST PLAYERS WHO ARE NOT THE BEST PLAYERS (not all of them, just some of them)
    This list is weird. I’ve probably put the most thought into this because it’s actually interesting. “OG is really good, and so is Rick” isn’t exactly world class journalism, but they deserve to be recognized none the less. I want to dig into some players in this league that might not be as well known or talked about, but are vital to their teams success. I will be omitting Corn, Ching, Xans and Beardo as I have already talked about them previously. They are still really good role players to this day.

    Berry Grizzly
    – I could put him on here for party presence alone, as long as its not during a holiday that calls for fireworks. Either Berry has the best mic of all time, or people were literally exploding Black Cats in his lap. Mute your shit Berry. Damn. Anyways, past party presence he’s also as good as you’re going to get coming from the PF position. Regardless of the overall worth of this position, it’s still nice to know you have an option from it. If you do anything from the role, being able to take a defender out of rotation is key. Berry can do this with above averaging perimeter shooting and excellent slashing ability coming from the corner. He’s a big body too, so you have to have a big body on him. Although his last public appearance was getting absolutely embarrassed by Savage in the All Star game, don’t sleep on this bear.

    ItsDashDummy – Not that people don’t know who he is, but he was often overlooked this season. Vik tossed him aside like an expired loaf of bologna earlier this season, leaving him to fend for himself in Chicago. I think my favorite part about his season is he did not….outwardly…diva this team, raising my respect for him 10 fold. On top of that, he was actually able to take one of the worst rosters I’ve ever seen and make them competitive, actually giving them a chance at the playoffs in a Do or Die game at the end of the season that garnered 45+ viewers (which is excellent for LGBA!) He’s a more-than-capable scorer who is a pretty Good first line PG and a scary second line PG. Next season his stock will be higher for sure if he sticks with the league.

    STG BEAST – Rough season for the kid. He had a lot of things go wrong that were out of his control this season, but I think the biggest one was being 8-4 and having teams start to first line him. I don’t know if it was a lesson in humility…he came down to earth…I don’t know…but STG seemed to think he was much better than he actually is earlier in the year. He isn’t a bad point guard. He’s a starting caliber point guard on most teams, but I feel like he would be better suited to be a SG because of his ability to score being so much better than his ability to facilitate. He disagrees and will continue to be a Point Guard I’m sure. We can all have a laugh and say he isn’t good, but he really is a pretty good 2k Player and by all accounts a good manager. I don’t think their were complaints about his management as much as frustrations with the situations they were handed.

    Zero Choice – The most shocking All Star game vote in. Not because he made it, but because it was damn near unanimous. Zero is a great lock and a great scorer, but I don’t think he’s every been viewed as one of those “Game changers”. I’ll admit, I didn’t watch much Lakers basketball this season, but I can promise you playing strictly second lines didn’t help his case as one of the best players. It should not have helped his case as a unanimous All Star player either. But, like others listed, we can’t look past the fact that he is an upper level player at the least. Having him on your line is never going to be a detriment.

    D Andoo – Should probably be on the list for best players in the league. I’m not perfect and Im sure I missed more than just him. But I’ll also stick to my guns here and say if he didn’t pop into my head when I was thinking of the best players in the league he hadn’t made much of an impression this season. I have played with him quite a bit and know how good he is, so I’m going to say it’s because D Andoo changed his role up this season compared to previous. He became much more of a facilitator this year. He had an elite lock with him to defend, lessening the need for D Andoo to make as many plays on defense. He was just really in a much more team oriented setting this season and it payed dividends. That’s not to say the talent isn’t there to take over when he needs to. Like previously stated, look for D Andoo to make a splash in the playoffs.

    Flems – This is funny because this list is the Almost Best players and Flems is widely considered to be the best player in the league. By widely considered, I mean by just him. I could argue he isn’t the best player in the league, but I’m not sure I could argue he isn’t the best second line PG in the league right now, so I will give him that. What’s scarier than the Heat first line? Knowing their second line isn’t far behind. That’s because of Flems. This actually physically hurt to type.

    NflTim – Another player that could have easily been on the list for best overall players. The hand he was dealt with underuse on offense and the competition he played this season stunted that a bit. Still can’t deny this guy is a monster on defense. Another player that would never be a detriment on a line. That ego though! Yikes!

    Squid and Hinkie – I just want to throw out there that these guys are stone cold badasses. They have to know what they’re getting themselves into every season and they don’t falter. They should be able to have a custom name for their team and it should be “For the Boys’. Also, they’re both pretty good 2k players.

    Icey Sneaker – Good scorer playing in a position that doesn’t really get a lot of credit, SG. He tried his hand at PG and it looked promising, but went South at seasons end. If he spend the offseason practicing PG I could see him being a solid second line PG, or an upper level first line SG.

    ItsFroggy – lol. Look attem over there in Utah. Lulz

    Kobsos – The 8 million dollar kid. The “you can do it too!” LGBA Phenom. Was a tough season for Kob for whatever reason, not reaching the expectations you’d have in a second season 8 million dollar player, but people are getting silly. He’s still very good. At the end of the day, this is a team game regardless of how much we blather about how the only thing that matters is the PG. If people sleep on him and he goes cheap next year it will be a yikes from me dawg.
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