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    If you are easily offended, please read on, and harass me in chat as your tears are my fuel. If you are looking for an honest list, that doesn’t spare feelings or consider fake internet friendships, please read on and be educated. I am not better at this game than most of you, but I am smarter than most of you. And that is setting the bar low.

    OG – I know he did not play this season, but he is still in here and he is coming back for the Cup according to the rumor mill. He is also an advocate of this league whether you like it or not.

    OG possess the rare ability to be an elite PNR point guard as well as 5 out point guard. We have elite PNR guards (Rick), and we have elite 5 out point guards (Bwitt), but we only have one Elite Overall Point guard and that’s OG. Not only that, but this has transcended to into other leagues and even levels of comp, all the way to the top when he won the Scoring Title and led his team to a top 4 performance in WR. He checks off all the boxes when it comes to what I consider to be a top player in 2k. Party presence – As long as you are winning (with him you usually are), he is great. If you are losing, particularly if it is your fault, he can be a fucking nightmare. I have graded him out twice by how bad I was playing, so I would know. It is not his fault; he is a competitor. Skill in the game – Not many can match it. Knowledge of the game – Not many can match it. Add on to that the fact that he almost never talks in this chat, but someone goes at him out of nowhere or references him in some way one every fortnight…and players literally use him as a barometer or how good THEY are (corn) and you’ve got a pretty good case this guy is the best LGBA has to offer.

    Raynor – Down season? Hard to tell as this guy has clearly lost interest this season, opting for more pressing matters such as urging players in the league to kiss to solve any problem that comes up. But it is playoff time, and he has been incredible in 10s lately because he is focusing. In one weeks’ time, he went from laying back in a recliner playing on a 70 inch TV, to buying a 400 dollar monitor and set up to make sure he’s locked in for the playoffs. When it comes to best players in the league, I am one of the few who does NOT just sort the stats by scoring. Many people in this league could learn a lot from that tactic, but most of you are ball watchers and your opinion does not matter anyways. What sets Raynor apart for the most part is he is a difference maker. If he is on your team, your team automatically has a better chance to win. If there are four around him who have thumbs and a higher basketball IQ than the watermelon I am currently eating. Btw, do y’all put salt on your watermelon? Come to Texas and lemme teach you how to eat a fucking melon, ingrates. There are few locks in the league that cause teams to play keep away, and Raynor is one of them. Even if that is all he did, your offense is likely out of flow and he is going to catch you slipping enough times to turn the tides in the favor of his team. Whether or not they can capitalize on that is a different story, but as far as one person making a difference…who is not a point guard…you cannot get much better than Raynor.

    Wall – Just read above and substitute Walls name in for Raynor. Widely considered the best lock on offer and nearing in on adding 40 badges to his player…. Wall is a problem. I rate Raynor a better lock than Wall because Wall can struggle with 5 out PGs. On the other side, he absolutely devastates PNR offenses usually, so really were talking 1a and 1b. He is also a fucking sweetheart, and one of the best dudes in the league.

    Denham – See the last two, add in some psychotic shit talk. Boom, Denham. Welcome back.

    Easy Mac – Adaptability. This guy drips it. He’s damn near elite on every build he plays on, and he plays on whatever build you ask him to or his team needs. He’s also a hell of a manager, salvaging the shit show Vik created this season and leading previous teams to great seasons. It’s great to have a guy that can sub in for whatever you need. It’s another level when you can have a guy sub in and be top 5 at any position.

    Westie – Adaptability. He’s Mac dealing with EU server lag, with a bit of weird dashed in. Maybe not as good as Mac, but his knowledge of the game and his ability to play multiple roles makes him an incredible add on to any team. Take the Wolves, where he’s the second line Point guard and a game five forward….and he can do it on the same build if needed.

    Snype – The All League PG turned All League Lock who actually wanted to run PG with a C before the season started. Some people just get it. Snype is one of those guys. An outwardly great guy and personality in this league. He’s the type of guy that draws in new players and shows what the league could be. He’s also smart enough to take advantage of whatever he can to get a win, so be weary. If you play with him, you better be playing to win, not have fun.

    Bwitt – The best 5 out guard in the league and it wasn’t really close in my opinion. He can create, he has great court vision, and he’s a great leader and party presence. He needs to work on his grief, as audibly whispering under his breathe how much a piece of shit you are is not usually conducive to “rallying the troops”, but other than that the guys a joy to play with and he’s going to get you wins. He also pumps your tires when it’s deserved, so its give and take.

    Extreme – The only center I’ll put on this list. The LGBA doesn’t have a lot to offer in the way of centers. That’s not to say there aren’t good centers, but in a casual league based around a game that centers so heavily on guard play, its not surprising that there aren’t many game changers. Also, before you centers cry, IM a center but I’m adult enough to understand I’m really just a role player hoping Witt will pat me on the head after the game, so calm down. Extreme on the other hand seems to have gotten the PNR offense down the best and that satisfies this years meta which makes him the most valuable at his position in my opinion. As a center who can’t fucking figure it out, there must be something to it. (though I still do think it’s A LOT of holding B and sprinting at the basket). Rick is one of the best players in this league, and to Extremes credit I don’t know if he would be without him. Of course, I don’t know if Exteme would be without Rick, but this piece isn’t about What Ifs, it's about who's doing the damn thing this 2k. Another great player with a great personality to boot, you’d be hard pressed to find a better big man to anchor your front court.

    Venom – Kid Legend. He’s an insane scorer with 40 more badges than anyone else. Also a pretty damn good lock. Also a fuckin weirdo. Love him though.

    Corn – Corn didn’t choose this life, this life chose him. While we have had our differences, I’m not an idiot. When it comes to role players who play well and help your team win, Corn is at the top of the list. He understands the game and he understands his role. I don’t know if it’s the fact that he’s so vocal or the fact that he plays power forward, but either way he’s become the target of a lot of hate. Is this justified? Eh, most of the time. He’s a troll. Does this mean he’s actually not good? Be smart people. If you are not a PG, you you’re a role player just like he is. That doesn’t mean I won’t tell him he’s a shitter that could be replaced by the likes of Jbone if he pulls some Diva shit again, but come on…. be smart.

    Ching – Even more slept on than Corn, to the point that Ching shouldn’t be a role player. He should be a secondary scorer on his team, but Venom has a 27 shot quota to achieve every game. Imagine a player that has a top Defensive IQ, can play make when needed to, can shoot from anywhere, including hash….and I mean HASH – LIKE AT THE HASH MARK – not standing on the corner of the 3 line, knows how to defend and facilitate a PNR AND 5 out. Theres not much that Ching cant do. Unfortunately, he scores like 4 points a game and he’s truly…weird. He’s more weird in party than in chat, and that’s an accomplishment. Once you get past that, hes BIG CHANGUS. If you know you know.

    Xans – Not a premiere on ball lock because he’s not asked to be. More of a secondary lock who PLAYS HIS ROLE (see what I did there). By this I mean he plays in a team defense and doesn’t have an ego big enough to make him want to play on ball all throughout. A true team player. He also stands in corner and shoots 3 better than pretty much anyone in the league. With a 50 3 ball.

    Beardo - A championship second line center transitioning to a capable on ball lock in the span of one offseason, Beardo definitely fits the script here. Violently gay in chat, he's also a great moderator, and more importantly, motivator.

    Rainy - If for anything other than this guy is going to focus so hard on being one of the best next year its going to drive him insane. After claiming to be one of the best and being proven wrong time and time again, I have a feeling he's going to come out blazing next game. He's talented. He just needs to take it to that next level. It may be too late for this season, but I would bet he's going to be a monster next year after the psychological beating he has taken recently.

    Habsguy - Someone who has already found his way onto a starting rotation on a playoff team, expect Habs guy get better if he starts at the beginning of 2k21 instead of coming in mid way through.

    Viktomize - Don't let the self loathing act fool you. "I know I suck" yada yada. This kills Vik. He went from an 8 million dollar player to a running joke in the chat. It's really not that he's even bad at all, it's more that he was once an 8 million dollar player and now he will pay for that for the rest of time. I think he's probably done experimenting with managing, and in 2k21 I bet he gets back to his roots and comes with a chip on his shoulder. At the same time he will probably have to go back to work at sometime, right? His full time job is 2k right now. So maybe he gets even worse. Idunno. Will be fun to watch.

    Im Tom - Similar to above. Tom was at one time the best we had. Now people actually say things like "he sucks" with confidence. We used to call this "peasants throwing rocks at the throne" In my old Madden leagues. I'm interested if he plans on putting in the time to be elite again.

    Ching - I'm almost positive Ching is done playing 3rd fiddle to Venom. It seems he's ready to venture out from beneath his pubescent wing and see whats out there for him. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    These are all my opinion. I already know I'm not good at this game and it doesn't mean anything. At least I made your shit a little more entertaining.

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    You forgot to list favorite people you love even though playing with them can be difficult sometimes
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    Solid write up, appreciate the shout out. Don’t really have the time to put in anymore but keep up the great content!
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    I feel robbed of best C again
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